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  1. GeorgeJr


    Ok , I could make this short & sweet . I think this is my new favorite BPAL ever . Seriously , I could bathe in this . It's just amazing & just how I want to smell . All the notes are perfectly balanced & all I really want to type while smelling it is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . It just smells that good .
  2. GeorgeJr


    Something about this scent is very green to me . Not sure what it is , but it's sweet as well . As far as smoky scents , this is not up there with other , smokier blends I love ( Devil's Night & others ) . It's mildly smoky at best . Dammit , what is that green I'm getting ? It's not the tea , I think . Though I suppose it could be . In all honesty , this isn't what I would envision Evil as smelling like . But then again , my idea of Evil no one would probably wear It's quite sweet for one thing , maybe the better to lure in the unsuspecting ? It is quite dark as well . I'm not getting the musk as strongly as others seem to be . Gotta love different body chemistry's . I am getting the tobacco underneath other stronger notes . Over all I'd give this a 3.5 out of 5 . Not bad by any means , just not great for my personal use .
  3. GeorgeJr


    Man , this really is reminiscent of my try out of The Caterpillar . Very smoky & full of incense , but flowery as well . Oddly I don't seem to be getting either the sandalwood or the benzoin here . I've had allergies lately so that may be not helping me . This is nice , but I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy it ( this was a frimp ) . I prefer the aforementioned many legged , hookah smoking bug to this . this is just a little too sweet smelling for my liking . Would probably enjoy sniffing it on a lady though . Letting it settle in good and proper on my arm & yeah , too much rose & nyrrh for me . Sorry .
  4. GeorgeJr

    The Devil

    I am so glad I took a shot at this , won on EBay from the Lab . As a fan of musk , after reading the other reviews , I figured it would be a pretty safe bidding item . Little did I expect to like it as much as I do . So , yes , there is a musk here . And a dark variety at that . But , it is balanced out by other notes . There is a lightness to this . It's almost like pine but it is neither as sweet or as green as that . Not sweet smelling , at least not sweet in comparison to some of the other musky blends I own . It is just a tiny bit sweet , like the sweetness of the smell of freshly cut grass . Or hay . Not like baked goods . This is just a really lovely blend . Now I'm curious about what else I missed in the Tarot . Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for the next auction
  5. GeorgeJr

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    First new review I've done in a while . In the bottle this is very dark , sweet , slightly fruity & spicy . Fresh on my arm it's more of the same , but spread out nicely . No one note really beating me over the head , which is a very good thing . Mmmm , love the red musk & vanilla combo . Just works so good together . The pomegranate & plum are in the background , keeping things nicely balanced . And I swear the patchouli leaf doesn't smell so much like patch as much as it does a very green leaf of some kind . Maybe tomato . So yeah , this is some kind of wonderful . More feminine to me , but might work for the right guy . It's fairly strong , so a little goes a long way . As it's drying I'm getting more darkness in the notes . Just f'n fantastic .
  6. GeorgeJr


    Ya know , I didn't care much for this when I first got the frimp of it years ago . I'm seriously not a fan of dragon's blood . However , at this time , the patchouli & smoke in this are blending wonderfully with the other notes . Making things so that no one note is dominating . And man does this really blend well now . Still could do with a hint less DB , but I can live with my frimp until it's gone quite easily .
  7. GeorgeJr

    Lord Ruthven

    Wow , I don't get aftershave or cologne from this at all . I do get soap , sadly . With just a bit of spice of some kind underneath . But over all , this one is pretty disappointing for me . About half way through the day it get to a point where it wasn't so much soap , and the spice was quite nice at that time . But the it faded out all together . I don't get blood or leather from this at all either . Oh well .
  8. GeorgeJr

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    Villain . Do it , don't even think about it . Thank me later .
  9. MINAMOTO NO YORIMITSU CUTS AT THE EARTH SPIDERToasted sandalwood, tobacco flower, teakwood, castoreum accord, bourbon vanilla, and patchouli. Holy cow , I'm writing the first review for something So , this is smoky . Not overly so , but it is pretty noticeable . I am next picking out the teak and the bourbon vanilla . The tobacco flower is there , but doing a fine job of hiding behind the more powerful notes . Now , as far as the " beaver butt " goes I do get another note here , but I can't really say it's leathery . Not to my nose at least . Maybe it is , but I'm getting so much more of the bourbon & teak / sandalwood that I'm just not getting that kind of vibe from it . It's a sharper scent then I would have expected . Not sure that I'd call it leaning toward either sex either .
  10. GeorgeJr


    My bottle just arrived last night , & it was seriously cold , so I'm not sure how settled down it is . What I'm getting from this more then anything is the labdanum , the rum & maybe a little of the wood . Other then those , I'm not really getting any of the other notes . Which is a bummer , cause I love musk . And vetiver . So I'm hoping that with age / not being affected by extreme temperatures this will settle down & more of the notes will come out & play .
  11. GeorgeJr

    Love's Torments

    I wish I could say this one blends evenly on my skin , but all I usually get from this is the neroli . Which is a bummer cause I love the other two notes . This one is more miss than hit for me , sadly .
  12. GeorgeJr

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    I am fully recommending picking up a bottle of Panther Moon if you can . It's just getting amazing as it ages already .
  13. GeorgeJr

    Cloister Graveyard in the Snow

    I know that there are no woods listed in this scent . Then why am I so picturing a walk in the woods through a good snow ? This one has the classic BPAL " snow " note to it . Very much so . The musks are not the hit you over the head kind . This is a very clean , cool scent . Very nice on this cool winter day .
  14. GeorgeJr


    This is easily the spiciest BPAL I've ever encountered . It was also a frimp in the first order I ever made . I have to be in a certain mood to wear this . I like it a lot , but I think it can be too much on certain occasions . It's lightly boozy , almost honey like in it's sweetness . But after the initial application , the spices come out to play big time . Before you put it on , try sniffing it in the bottle . If you can't handle it there , you probably won't like it much on your skin . It does smell tea like , but not so much like chai to me . The spices , yes they are chai like . But there's more going on here then just the spices . I do get a little of the wood that others have mentioned , but only a tiny bit . The wood is something of a base note , there but not really a major player . It's more booze & spices up front . Do NOT slather , a little will go a long way !
  15. GeorgeJr

    Worm Moon 2008

    Don't get the fruit so much , but do get earth & some floral for sure . This one stays with me pretty good throughout the day , but is not crazy strong wafting . Not a bad scent , but not in my favorites . Nice to have on those days I'm feeling like parading my oddness to others