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  1. Galen

    What Scent Is This?

    ivyandpeony - thanks for the suggestion! Given the similarity in names, that was my first thought too, but I've been following Possets since it started and they have never had anything with that name either... Still a mystery (or a mis-labelled Snow on Bare Skin!) Thanks!
  2. Galen

    What Scent Is This?

    I have a decant that is labelled "Snow On Bare Shoulders" - I've had it a while, so I can't remember the history of where I got it, etc. but I was pretty sure that it was BPAL (although it doesn't actually say so on the label). However, I can't find a review page for "Snow on Bare Shoulders" - it the decant mis-labelled or is this not a BPAL blend at all? Thanks for any help you can offer about my mystery imp!
  3. Galen

    Dandelion and Clover.

    I have both "One to Tie, Two to Win" and Roadhouse; One to Tie is more green and grassy, while Roadhouse is bright dandelions and one of my favourites!
  4. kyaatje, I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but I think that Masquerade smells like a Lush shop (see my comment to that effect below!) although I associate the "lush smell" with orange blossom and neroli, so you could maybe try oils that are heavy on one or the other.
  5. L'Estate is mostly a soft blend that's all about the Nepalese Amber on me - I can't remember if I've found/tried any other blends from BPAL containing nepalese amber, but I've tried a couple from other e-tailers, so I do recognise the note.
  6. Yemaya has been mentioned above; I'd like to add the fresh juicy melon-ness that is Earth Rat!
  7. In general there's probably some batch variation year on year for the blends that return more than once. Having said that, I don't find much difference between the two different decants of Midwinter's Eve that I have from different years.
  8. Bordello is close but not exactly the same - it's also plummy but much warmer and deeper than Midwinter's Eve which I think is slightly cool and sparkling. If you search for Midwinter or Bordello in this thread (and here) you'll see lots of other people's comparisons of the two. And who knows, Midwinter's Eve could come back again for Yule 2008; it's been released more than one Christmas in the past.
  9. Pickled Imp reminds me very much of Chimera - hot spicy vanilla!
  10. Galen


    To start with: Fresh and crisp with a slight undercurrent of a spring bouquet of herbal-smelling flowers. In fact, the smell association I get is juicy green apples Continues to smell fresh, clean, and herbal - like the kind of scent that is put into shampoos to make you feel CLEAN! Although there's now a warmer darker scent underneath that I catch glimpses of if I smell my wrists closely. A little later: Fresh herbal scent with woodiness underneath. As it dries down, it becomes a soft, fresh yet powdery floral blend with a hint of woods.
  11. Galen

    Driving Test

    Thanks, everyone for the advice. In the end, I threw a few favourite imps in my film cannister last night and on the train en route to my driving test I just dabbed multiple things at random - Snow White, Australian Copperhead and Morocco in different spots on hands and wrists. On the test itself my driving was fairly shambolic, although I did stay calm and collected even after I made stupid errors all along the way. I didn't really notice what perfume I was wearing because I was too focused on what was happening but I like to think that the nice smells helped me feel comfortable enough to not panic unduly. Well, that and the fact that this was my third attempt. When my test was over, I had totted up 14 minor faults and no majors. Which is just enough to still count as a pass! The examiner said those stock words - "I'm glad to tell you that you've passed your test" - and I just looked at him and said "You're kidding, right?!" So yay for third time's the charm!
  12. Galen

    Driving Test

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, heartlily and paperrose I don't have either of those Panaceas, but using a favourite scent to relax with is a good shout. I'm fickle enough that I don't have a clear favourite, but will go through my bottles and pick something that I love out. Maybe Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo or Morocco or Australian Copperhead. thanks! I don't think Schrodinger's Cat or Cathode worked particularly well on me, so I don't have either around. I don't have Ultraviolet to hand either, but I might be able to dig out an imp of Cheshire Cat - need to check! Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo verges on citrussy and always cheers me up, so that's looking like an option. I also have some citrussy Aizen Myoo, or Lick It One More Time for the mint. Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. Galen

    Driving Test

    Nope - tis all BPAL, no TALs
  14. Galen

    Driving Test

    Is a driving test the same as sitting any other exam? I don't know, but I certainly fail far more driving tests than I've ever failed written exams! The first time I was too nervous and my driving was slightly erratic as a result, with my playing it too safe leading to a fail, and the second time I was too confident and sat chatting to the examiner instead of focussing on the road, as well as blowing my nerves to small pieces when things went slightly wobbly... I have attempt number 3 at a driving test coming up next week, and one (hopefully) final lesson tomorrow afternoon... Can you recommend scents to inspire cool, calm, collected focus?? I have a fairly large choice of LE/GC bottles 'n' imps so I hope that I already have something appropriate in my collection. It's a little late to ask now, but should I wear the scent I intend to wear for my test on my lesson tomorrow? Thanks in advance!
  15. Galen

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    What Delirium 1009 said ooh, and the Ars Draconis collection also have a different label. Links from forum gallery : General Catalogue : http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...=si&img=291 & http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...=si&img=625 Ars Draconis : http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...=si&img=538 Rapaccini's Garden : http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...=si&img=623 Chakras : http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...si&img=1273 A Picnic in Arkham : ... Salons & Carnaval Diabolique : look like the paintings on the site Snake Oil : http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...=si&img=540 Schrodinger's Cat : http://www.bpal.org/index.php?autocom=gall...si&img=1630 Jolly Roger : ...