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BPAL Madness!

Beeswax, Lavender, & Acacia Honey

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When this first arrived a few days ago, all I got from the bottle was the honey. I let it settle for a few days, and it made a difference. The lavender and beeswax became more noticeable from the bottle sniff.


On my skin, the honey remains the star, accompanied by a sweet lavender. It's a golden, syrup-y, sugary honey, like honey with little sugar crystals in it. I think it may be most reminiscent of the honey in Harlow's Lace, but I'd have to do a side-by-side comparison to be sure.

The beeswax in this is not the type from The Light's of Men's Lives, and it doesn't really become noticeable on me until after several hours of wear. And even then, it is not a main player. But that may be because it melds so nicely with the honey?


If you are looking for that kind of beeswax, you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for a really nice honeyed lavender, you will probably enjoy this. 

I like this a lot more than C%^T, which also features honey and lavender, but different varieties.


A keeper for sure! 

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The initial play of this on my skin is a joyful burst of herbal lavender soaked to sweetness in a balsamic and sugar-crunchy honey. This is a sort of floral-balsamic golden honey that almost needs reheating, because of the sugar formations, but can be spread one more time. Actually, I think with the beeswax, this makes me think of chewy, sugary honeycomb.


Lavender and sugary, balsamic, honeyed honeycomb. Yum.


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Honey is probably my best and favourite note and honey blends are normally a sure bet, so I was surprised when this went so sideways on me. It takes on the same high pitched, burning, on the razor’s edge of pee tone that make caramel and brown sugar not work for me. Maybe it’s the beeswax? 

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