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  1. sunreon

    Sanju Rokkasen Atmosphere Spray

    MAN DA RIN MAN DA RIN Upon first spray, this is deliciously citrusy. sharp, too. it doesn't smell as much like mandarin (which i always think of as a very sweet, juicy citrus) as it does the bright sharp oil of a freshly pulled open lemon rind. i'm using it in my hair. the black currant is now pulling it slightly sweet, but not sticky thick. the incense and the tea are adding a grounding dryness. i love this. it's so bright and clean and lovely.
  2. sunreon

    Dragon Snack

    tried this on the bf and myself today im smelling grassy notes on us, maybe a hint of the backing of the moss. the patchouli and sandalwood are playing off each other most wonderfully. a grounded woodsyness i feel like i smell a touch of vetiver. that might be in the wild grass. and on the bf, i could swear at the tail end i pick up the FAINTEST tiny nudge of.... peanuts.
  3. sunreon

    Beeswax, Lavender & Acacia Honey

    it went on and immediately smelled like potpourri. bleh. it's now a very sweet floral honey with hints of lovely honey beeswax smell, but it's still too potpourri for me. i think i'd rather get this type of scent from pairing O with my lavender roll-on. it's such a nice bright honey-wax scent, much more light and "champagne" honey than the thick rich sweetness i get from O. i WANT it to be faintly herbal. but i'm just not getting any herbal, and i'm not getting any lavender either. unless that's what that fake floral smell is supposed to be. i'll leave the decant to age and settle a bit, although i did wait a week to try it after getting my package. it sounds like the sweet note is what is going too much for other folks and is aging better, so i have concern that it won't settle the way i want it to.
  4. sunreon

    Neko No Koi Hair Gloss

    For me this is a THICK sticky pungent honey at first. tobacco-honey. it's not buckwheat honey but it's very gloopy and ultra-sweet. the faintest hint of the toasted vanilla-ish of the tonka in the background. that scent lasts a few hours and then the honey tones itself WAY down and you get the tonka and the sweet soft golden muskiness of the amber. vague wafts of the clove drift in and out, and i agree with the "cat fur" comment. cat fur warmed from basking in the sun. once the sticky tobacco-honey wears off, the rest of the scent lasts for DAYS. it's glorious. ETA: apparently i had forgotten that i had already tried this. still S T I C K Y pungent sweet when applied. bit of a turn off. but i'm glad i came and read my review, cause now i know it'll tone down and smell really nice for a long time.
  5. sunreon

    Two Westeners

    i need to try this again and slather more, i was very very sparing in this first try. unlike the others, i get almost no salt notes the musk and mahogany are very backgroundy, and the moss is almost not there at all. it's providing the faintest hint of background dusty dryness to what is otherwise soft almost sweet, gentle, the bourbon vanilla, parchment, beeswax, tonka, leather, etc. it's like soft, soft, supple, thicccckkkkkk buffalo hide. soft dark brown. THICC. but so, so supple. and almost velvety soft. with vanilla wafting around it. and the scent of beeswax nearby cause you're using it to condition other leather. the musk blends with the leather. there are faint honey notes blending with the vanilla bourbon. it's like a sweet honeyed bourbon, but not boozy. a good woodsy note bourbon. not too smoky, not too oaky. and smooth. a very high quality, well aged drink.
  6. sunreon

    In Necessarias Unitas

    something in this is going very aquatic on me. I wonder if it's the vetiver. I can smell the mahogany, for sure. It's woodsy, but the aquatic is quite overwhelming the other scents. With my chemistry, it smells like fairly average store cologne with what i consider a characteristic masculine "blue" note. It doesn't smell BAD but it's not the level of interesting that's the reason i wear BPAL.
  7. sunreon

    Lady MacBeth

    i smell like grape koolaid. bleck. overpoweringly obnoxious sweet grape koolaid. mom says she's expecting the Kool-Aid Man to burst through the wall any second now. OH YEAH!!! oh no, koolaid man. no.
  8. sunreon


    Gosh this is neither sporty NOR energetic on me. I get the pink musk, and red fruitiness from the currant and the cranberry, but it's not very tart and tangy. I was hoping for more kick from the pink pepper! It's not sickly sweet, just... cute. It's very cute. Perhaps like how an adult views fraggles instead of how you might feel identifying with them.
  9. sunreon


    bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. the "fire red" tobacco ended up seeming a lot like it was "fire red" from cinnamon oil. Me and cinnamon oil don't get along. I smelled like fake christmas or potpourri. Bleck. No good. It did not particularly get better throughout the day, either.
  10. sunreon

    Basket of Abalone

    Wet, I got a nice smack of citrus, delicious and juicy sharp, with a tiny kick of the pink pepper to keep it exciting and not just acidic hell. But that basically flied out the door as it tried, and it became a soft soft powdery musk. I didn't get basically anything briny or salty or aquatic about the seafoam. Just sort of a .... soft foam feel. A nose texture of soft dense bubbles, but not a soapy smell. It felt like the smell of the color seafoam. (i'm from an oceanside town. Real seafoam is digusting.) The ambergris was very nice, and there was the tiniest weakest hint of something in the background trying to shout and add its voice in. Perhaps it was the grapefruit zest, perhaps it was the pink pepper. Either way, it was pleasant but not remotely what i wanted it to be. I need to try it on over lotion and in a scent locket, but as usual i'm pretty disappointed with how my skin makes lab grapefruit just goddam vanish.
  11. sunreon

    Honey, Balsam, Leather, and Bourbon Tobacco Hair Gloss

    oh gods i want to roll around in this. bathe in it. drown in it. it's sticky, sultry, sweet, spicy. musky, in a cloying animal way. I used to sell imported perfume oils from an egyptian shop and we sold red musk that this reminds me of that. It's SO cloying and thick and animal. Almost..... adjacent? to musky animal urine. The kind that's very sweet that makes you worry that your cat has diabetes. But it's missing the foulness of urine. And rich depth notes that you get from good honey. More than just the sweetness. The parts that make honey honey and not just sugar syrup. There's a dry spiciness that is the balsam. That came out more as the gloss and my hair dried, and the sweetness toned down. The soft notes of the leather and bourbon came out, a gentle muskiness but soft. Two steps from what amber usually is. Soft but not powdery. Grounded by the balsam. Spouse is going to let me put some on his beard. đź‘€ we shall see if it smells as good on him. ETA: on him it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. more spicy balsam. It doesn't do the sticky-sweet musk thing. more of the interesting notes like ellocentipede mentioned from a tobacco box. But amaaaaaaazing still. bbl face buried in spouse.
  12. sunreon


    i'm getting slammed with musky buttered popcorn. i'll let it see how it does on my skin, and maybe try it again some other time, but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. hunh. this is a strange one. maybe it's contaminated (def not a new from lab imp)
  13. sunreon

    Improv Zombie Scene

    definitely bright sparkling apples, honey playing along gently in the background, I agree about the possible floral note? theres something soft and pink at the edges. I've never tried lab "brains" or "cerebral fluid" notes so i have no idea if that actually affects the scents. maybe the faintest hint of skin musk? there's something very soft in here. and zero grapefruit on my skin. :< he floral note is getting stronger. plumeria does seem a strong possibility. sigh. the grapefruit quest continues.
  14. sunreon

    Telling age on imp labels

    I'm sorting my imps and i've noticed that some of them have a more blue tint to the labels! The black is a blue-tinged black, and the shading around the names is more purple than red. I've also noticed that the fonts sometimes have the faintest difference. Some are a little clearer and bolder, maybe a fraction of a point bigger. (between multiple copies of the same scent) Is this a known way of dating your imps? Is it merely that they were running low on toner when printing those labels?
  15. sunreon

    Voyeuristic Monkey

    It was…….. golden and filthy. I didn’t actually bother to read the description before or during while i was wearing it? but that’s kind of the only way i have of describing it. I know the dirty scent was the patchouli. Me and patchouli get along very well but we smell very wet dirty. very patchouli. and it was….. golden. golden oil. golden dirty. musky. animal and rich. like wide sunbeam patches shining down on lazy indolent creatures. i didn’t get anything green from the galbanum, or woody at all, and no spiciness like i would have associated with cumin. The image that kept coming to mind was a lion tamarin monkey (maybe specifically a golden lion) absolutely dripping with mildly dirty motor oil All day I thought about gaga’s Beautiful Dirty Rich.