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  1. sunreon


    i'm getting slammed with musky buttered popcorn. i'll let it see how it does on my skin, and maybe try it again some other time, but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. hunh. this is a strange one. maybe it's contaminated (def not a new from lab imp)
  2. sunreon

    Improv Zombie Scene

    definitely bright sparkling apples, honey playing along gently in the background, I agree about the possible floral note? theres something soft and pink at the edges. I've never tried lab "brains" or "cerebral fluid" notes so i have no idea if that actually affects the scents. maybe the faintest hint of skin musk? there's something very soft in here. and zero grapefruit on my skin. :< he floral note is getting stronger. plumeria does seem a strong possibility. sigh. the grapefruit quest continues.
  3. sunreon

    Telling age on imp labels

    I'm sorting my imps and i've noticed that some of them have a more blue tint to the labels! The black is a blue-tinged black, and the shading around the names is more purple than red. I've also noticed that the fonts sometimes have the faintest difference. Some are a little clearer and bolder, maybe a fraction of a point bigger. (between multiple copies of the same scent) Is this a known way of dating your imps? Is it merely that they were running low on toner when printing those labels?
  4. sunreon

    Voyeuristic Monkey

    It was…….. golden and filthy. I didn’t actually bother to read the description before or during while i was wearing it? but that’s kind of the only way i have of describing it. I know the dirty scent was the patchouli. Me and patchouli get along very well but we smell very wet dirty. very patchouli. and it was….. golden. golden oil. golden dirty. musky. animal and rich. like wide sunbeam patches shining down on lazy indolent creatures. i didn’t get anything green from the galbanum, or woody at all, and no spiciness like i would have associated with cumin. The image that kept coming to mind was a lion tamarin monkey (maybe specifically a golden lion) absolutely dripping with mildly dirty motor oil All day I thought about gaga’s Beautiful Dirty Rich.
  5. sunreon

    Luke 10:25-37

    it’s good. i smell rich. like. i smell like it’s the year 500BCE and i’m made of money. and or maybe i’m a very lazy djinn or a wizard's apprentice that just got sent to fetch very important expensive ingredients. seconding the observation that it dries to a beautiful, skin-close golden amber. it's been on me for over twelve hours and i can still smell the amber. i like it i need it i’m gonna get a bottle. (now all it needs is oudh and honey. If there was a scent with those six notes and only those six, I'm pretty sure I would buy like ten bottles.)
  6. sunreon


    I didn't get very much citrus blast from this. I was really hoping for it. It was sweet and soft and sugary (but not sickly syrupy so) when i sniffed and first put it on but as it dried it turned into the softest vanilla cream skin scent that I swear was more like a skin musk than foody vanilla cream. At the end of the day a friend sniffed it and said I smelled like a fruit salad made with whipped cream. Great staying power, but it was a good close scent. It didn't shout loud or haunt me in a cloud, it stayed close and lasted long. I can still get the faintest whiff of it the next morning. It's nice but I really was looking for more citrus than I got out of it.
  7. sunreon

    Queen Alice

    This was very sweet and spicy at first, threatening to go to that icky sticky spiced holiday realm I have no love of. It must have been the wine, and perhaps the spices from the cider. I like applying the scents without rereading the description first, so that I don't let my brain look for things with a bias. At first I thought it was berries and cinnamon. That was the wine. The spicy cinnamon scent was really annoying at first but unlike Alice's Evidence, it went away after about a half hour. The carnations were trying to pop through but just not quite making it. Now that it's dry, the scent has really calmed down and schlorped right up into my skin. For something that was so loud at first, it's been very short-lived. Might have to try some lotion first next time. Now it's lovely wooly and amber, but light. The tiniest hints of apples, and perhaps a very faint floral in the background?
  8. sunreon


    All I got was the heavy overpowering scent of wet wet lush wet flowers. Drowning in flowers. Thick, heavy, oppressively vibrant exploding with life and clouds of scent rolling off of them flowers. Not sure if it's the muguet (LotV doesn't like me at all) or the tropical blossoms (they usual have indole in them and that doesn't like me either) but eeeeeeeeeeg. I had to use the rubbing alcohol to get it off.
  9. sunreon


    I don't know if it was the coconut or the rum, but Elegba did not like me. Fake buttered popcorn all the way and it only got worse as I wore it. Couldn't get any other notes at all.
  10. sunreon

    Alice's Evidence

    YIKES so much cinnamon. I've yet to try a cinnamon note that didn't turn to those gross cinnamon-scented pine cones from christmas time or red hots on me, and this one seems to be no different. Hubs says the dab on my neck is really fruity, no cinnamon scent up there. I can tell the sweet fruity smell is underneath, fighting to get out, but oof. so much cinnamon. Right after application, I was getting a strong sense of "black spice" which must have been the black ginger (it felt peppery? but once i reread the description I think it's the black ginger) but now it's... almost all just sweet fruity cinnamon. It's not burning me or driving me crazy though so I'll let it dry down and give it a chance today. edit: well the cinnamon did go away with the drydown, which is good, but i spent all day smelling like everything i hate about "christmas" or "holiday" scented candles. Thick syrupy overly heavy fruity with a touch of spice. bleck. not for me.
  11. sunreon


    Today I wanted to feel more comfortably me. Went with something that was likely to be deep in my comfort zone. I forgot the description when I went to put it on. I thought it would be one of the Ars Moriendi scents. so I was very surprised when it was really foodie. but now i’m not. and btw I love it. It’s threatening to go plasticky on me but I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine. i can really smell the vanilla and the sassafras, right front and center, slow and .... somebody earlier in the thread said dusty? yeah. Dusty. The wood is just barely peeking through. I'm hoping it will come out more as it dries. If it doesn't I might have to set it aside in favor of my beloved woodsy scents. Or try layering it with a wood-scented lotion or something. That sounds like a lot of work.
  12. sunreon


    Eeheehee. I couldn't wait to try this one. Bottle/Wand: SPICES. AND ALMONDS. HOLY WOW ALMONDS. Wet: SPICES. CLOVE. ALMOND. CLOVE. CLOVE. Rum. Butter. Mmmmmmmm, spices inna buttered rum. I love this. Drydown: Buttered rum is coming out. So is the bay. Ohgod, I love bay. Bay rum = one of my favourite scents. Oh god, I want to eat myself. Ooooooooooohhhhhhh. I want to have sex with my imp bottle. OOOOOHHH this is so good. I CAN'T STOP shoving my nose into my arm. Ohsogood. Oooh, the sassafras is starting to come out. Just a little. Bay. Butter rum. Sassafras. Clove, hiding. Almond, also hiding, but less than the clove. Dry: I <3 THIS SCENT. THAT IS ALL. Final: I am buying this, I am buying this, I am SO BUYING THIS. In a giant bottle. And Imma slather it on. Because ohmygod so good.
  13. sunreon


    Bottle/Wand: Wow, flowers. Honeysuckle? Definitely honeysuckle. LOTS of honeysuckle. And jasmine. And yeah, buttercup. Not as much buttercup? I've never really smelled TONS of buttercups, because, well, buttercups don't spit out scent like jasmine and honeysuckle does. Wet: Mmm, much less sweet. Not so much honeysuckle anymore. The first note is the skin, and then... jasmine. Drydown: I think the buttercup is starting to come out. The honeysuckle is REALLY fading into the background, which is nice, because it was very overwhelming on the wand. It's much more sweet now, in a white-scent way. The jasmine, methinks. It smells white-yellow. Pretty faint, though. Not much throw. Gotta put my nose right in it. And. Um. Why is my wrist starting to itch? Dry: Ooh, the honeysuckle's back, just a little. The honeysuckle and the jasmine are the first notes. Mmm. I smell the skin, somewhere back there, and there's the buttercups, a little... This is nice. It's sweet. It's... flowery. But faint. I wonder if my skin just sucks the scent up? This is nice. I like the flowery. Final: Mmm, flowers. I'm so keeping this imp. I don't really like the scent enough to buy a bottle, but I will totally keep the imp. Maybe buy more when I run out.
  14. sunreon


    Two reviews. One from the very first time I opened the imp, and one from when I actually put it on to review. First time In the bottle, it smelled like... it smelled like the beach. The kind of beach we have here in Oregon, where there's wet, rotting sea vegetation on the beach all the time. It kinda made sense. It was very wet, and salty, yeah, but there was this crazy green scent. I totally understand why people say the whole bit about "Smells just like after a hurricane, with the green scent of wood from broken trees." I accidently got some from the cap on my finger-and-thumb tips, and it instantly turned HELLA green. It smelled..... almost like pine-sol, but more ocean-y and more wet. It smelled just like ocean pine. Beach trees. The trees on the dunes around here. It smelled JUST LIKE THAT. Second time, actual review Bottle/Wand: What a strange, sharp scent. I've never smelled it before. Is that the vetiver? Holy cow. That's different. Wet: WHOA. What IS this. Holycrap. That pine-scent that was on my fingers when I first got the imp and had just opened it? Nuh uh. Not this time. What the hell, this is weird. Drydown: Changing, shifting..... not nearly as sharp as wet. Not so strange, either. Um, yeah. I don't know what "China" rain smells like, but this makes me think of the smell of flooding. Or... ozone. Very ozone-y. Sharp, electrical charged ozone. That's what it is. And now it's changing again... It's sweetening. Just a bit. Wow, this is such a contrast to Eos, which is the last one I tried. Mmm, my skin is REALLY toning this scent down. I'm starting to get the rain. The ozone is starting to go away. Seriously, that sharp scent must be the vetiver. It's going away. Yay for my skin? Dry: Ozone is back. Not as strong... it's more of a second-thought body note + final tone. First note is DEFINITELY the rain. Very nice. But then it gets kind of green -- that must be vetiver. I smell... I smell salty-wet, slightly rotting beach-vegetation. Like... beachgrass. Pines that are sprayed constantly. Broken limbs. I DEFINITELY smell beachgrass. Final: Hmm. Green. Interesting. Very, very interesting scent. I kind of like it, but I don't think to wear. It's just too... green. It is very interesting though. I think I'm going to give it another try, maybe, in a few days. It's very addictive right now, though. I can't stop shoving my nose in it; I've never smelled any perfume like this before. -- This was one of my first BPAL reviews, almost a year ago. I tried it again later a few times, and it just didn't work. Vetiver does NOT like my skin, and it was just too sharp and green on me. The "ozone" feeling hurt my nose -- just like real ozone does. As far as being a scentification of a Hurricane, it sure is spot on! Genius, Beth!
  15. sunreon


    I got my imp from another BPAL'er, but, well, my review is not positive at all. My body hates Imp. In the bottle Open the lid, and I'm flooded with this sickly-sweet scent, and oh god, there's cherry. Uck uck uck. It's a ......a slightly-spicy cherry, but mostly just sickeningly sweet cough-syrup cherry. On wet OH GOD. CHERRY. I'M GOING TO BE SICK. Conclusion I couldn't even bring myself to sniff this as it was drying. There is no way I'm wearing this one, ever again. EVER. All I got was cherries, the whole way through. I don't know if it was the peach, or if there actually was a cherry note in there. Tamora doesn't do this to me, so I'm not really thinking it was the peach. Ugh. Cherries. Nasty cough syrup cherries. I hate cough syrup.