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  1. kscha2017

    'Tis Not Madness

    Sweet, rich, deep, and bright. So lovely and as I am a fan of each element separately, so perfect.
  2. kscha2017

    Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

    Very strong on incense when wet. Almost had to wash it off. One tiny drop goes a long way. After several minutes, I am getting the stone and lavender smoke. I think the (very faint) beeswax is blending in with the lavender smoke.
  3. kscha2017

    Overlooking the Garden

    This is beautiful. I got a decant but need a bottle. On me, it smells like daffodils and apple blossoms, and sunshine on raindrops. Very spring/summer, youthful, hopeful, positive.
  4. kscha2017

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    In the bottle, and wet on skin: no scent Dry, a couple min later: faint copal A few min later: nothing A few min later: faint dessicated earth and/or dusty stone A few min later: faint dust and gold with a hint of copal It's extremely faint, almost non-existent, on me which is surprising since incense is usually overwhelming. This smells "quiet" and "underground" which I suppose means it captures the essence of the scene perfectly, while being, perhaps oddly, warm and comforting.
  5. kscha2017

    Goblin Workshop: Yule Chaos Atmosphere Spray

    Mine smells like honey and beeswax, with maybe touch of almond, and perhaps a hint of macadamia. Rich and yummy.
  6. kscha2017

    Frostbitten Zombi

    Everything that Nepthys said ^. This is surprisingly different from my "cold Zombi" expectations and wholly gorgeous. Very sweet, the snow must amp the rose and I thought I was imaging sweet pine sap but it must be there if someone else detects it too. I really was not expecting to want a backup bottle or two.
  7. kscha2017

    Shattered Silence

    Unearthly howls reverberate in the shadows of a darkened wood: black cedar, yew berries, juniper and frost-crusted moss, crushed beneath a shaggy spectral black musk. Frostbitten Malediction and Skadi had a baby in a pine forest. Love it! Goes on sweet, slowly turns dark.
  8. kscha2017


    I'm a patchouli fan, so I remembered that was an element. I forgot about the honey and lavender. Omg, this combination! I dabbed a little on my wrist and the overwhelming feeling was of just stepping out of a long, hot bath - relaxed and slightly sleepy, utterly devoid of worry, warmed through and through, a soft lingering scent of the sweet bubble bath I used during a very happy/hopeful time in my life 25 years ago (must be the honey & vanilla?) . I swear I could smell warm, damp skin. As I was reeling with delight, I thought "If this was shot up into the atmosphere, we could achieve world peace." I would buy this in a 5ml, bath oil, atmo spray, bubble bath, soap ... I can still smell it 12 hours later. I'm going to dab some on again before bed and see if it helps with my insomnia.
  9. Gleaming black and green! Dark chocolate rum and chilly mint! I think I am getting tipsy just sniffing this! Dark chocolate rum, the very best and most expensive; icy cold crème de menthe; mixed with the richest chocolate ganache. So delicious! I need a backup bottle or two.
  10. kscha2017


    Thou didst smite the head of Keila, Smash Kjallandi altogether, Ere thou slewest Lútr and Leidi, Didst spill the blood of Búseyra; Didst hold back Hengjankjapta, Hyrrokkin died before; Yet sooner in like fashion Svívör from life was taken. Hringhorni, Baldr’s ship, was the largest of all such vessels and was to serve as the god’s funeral ship. When Loki murdered Baldur, the gods built the funeral pyre on his ship, Hringhorni. Hringhorni was massive, and none of the Aesir could move it, so they begged help of the Jötun, Hyrrokkin. Fire-smoked and flame-haired, the giantess arrived on a gargantuan wolf harnessed by reins made of live vipers. Hyrrokkin was able to push Baldur’s funeral ship out to sea, but the force of her strength caused the earth to quake and the rollers to burst into flame. Thor, angered by the quake and the conflagration, was intent on murdering Hyrrokkin until the Aesir stayed his hand. Viper-green and smoldering: smoke-swirled black pine, patchouli leaf, coriander, and sweet green vetiver. I get pine, patchouli, and green vetiver, nicely balanced. I was worried about too much smoke or coriander but I don't sense either too much at all. It goes on strong but fades quickly on me. It feels powerful, dignified, sombre, awe-inspiring, a tad frightening ... just as if I was witnessing the jotun herself arriving. I wore it when I went out to vote yesterday because I needed her presence.
  11. kscha2017

    Dead Leaves and Coffee Beans

    I have tried this numerous times now and I keep getting a deep dark mocha vibe from it, like chocolate-covered coffee beans mixed with dead leaves. I like it, but I wasn't expecting that, and I wonder how it will age.
  12. kscha2017

    The Hare

    I am amping the honeysuckle but as it dries and fades, I think I can pick out a little sage and/or grass. It is pretty, delicate, joyful, youthful, and very Spring-like. I keep picturing an Easter hare, and I really like the message of hope it evokes. Tried again 3 weeks later: now getting the warm fur and dandelion in the foreground, like an Indian summer afternoon in the sun. So lovely.
  13. kscha2017

    Dead Leaves and Red Carnations

    My nose is amazed to only just now realize how similar the scent of cold wet carnations are to wet autumn leaves. I cannot pick out one scent over the other - they blend seamlessly. This is gorgeous and elegant. I got a decant as an afterthought, and so glad I did. I will be ordering a couple bottles. This scent should age into something perfectly devastating.
  14. kscha2017

    The She-Goat

    This smells like a very specific spot in my area (far from CA) where pine, cedar, birch and oak trees give way to juniper and grasses, then sun-warmed sand dunes leading down to the cool lake. We used to visit this spot on field trips in grade school and it takes me right back to those memories. Love it.
  15. kscha2017

    Fuck This Heat

    I'm getting vibes of BPTP's A Fling in the Lagoon bath oil, one of my faves. Wet, I get lavender and lime. As it dries, I get mint and lime with a hint of lavender, maybe a splash of appletini.