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  1. kscha2017

    Snow Zombi

    I'm a fan of the original Zombi as well as Frostbitten Zombi, so I had to get a bottle of this, too. The snow really amps the rose! It's strong in throw, but soft and powdery, a remarkably gentle and pretty scent in this form. As it dries and dies back a bit, the moss comes out as well as what I sense as dirt and wood.
  2. kscha2017

    Cranberry, Honeyed Sandalwood, and Patchouli Root

    What an unusual scent. The tart bite of crisp, cold cranberries mixed with a dark, forest honey. Even though there are no common ingredients, it reminds me strongly of Frozen Chypre HG from 2017 & gives me the same nostalgic imagery of Christmas Eve.
  3. kscha2017

    Dead Leaves, Boot Leather, and Sweet Grass

    On me, this smells like a freshly opened bottle of saffron. It manages to be both warm and cool simultaneously. Warm and dry from the boot leather, cool and wet from the leaves and sweetgrass. I will need another bottle.
  4. kscha2017

    Bobbing for Zombies

    I am a fan of Zombi and think it has a slightly sinister vibe underlying the beauty. Adding apple softens the sinister aspect for me. In the bottle and wet, it's very apple-forward and juicy. Then it tones down to Zombi with the apple just hovering in the background. Very pretty and positive in this form.
  5. kscha2017

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    When I was a teenager, I had a lilac perfume. Can't remember the maker. I loved it and wore it all summer for a few years. We had lilacs in our yard then, too. Happy memories of hot summer nights, looking at the stars, full of hope for my future. This smells just like that perfume (but much higher quality) and those memories. BPAL so often makes me cry. Thank you.
  6. kscha2017

    A Robe All Red With Dripping Gore

    Soft and dusty, ancient power. Red musk dominates with a sweet undercurrent of honey and a little spice of saffron. Gorgeous. No "dripping gore" at all. Perhaps a bit of sadness.
  7. kscha2017

    Entwined With Swarming Snakes

    In the bottle: reptilian green, sharp and foreboding. On the skin: fresh, juicy green apple, soft, musky, inviting.
  8. kscha2017

    The Montauk Project

    Happy to a snag a bottle from BPAL Etsy, apparently 11 years aged. I'm a huge fan of Traipsing Through the Crop Circles from this same group, so thought I'd like this one too. I love piney scents and this opens with a blast of fresh piney goodness. It quickly fades and I swore I next detected something that gave the impression of concrete. Then came the spicy florals, herbals, and something sweet but slightly slightly sinister. Perhaps it's just my mind knowing the storyline that makes it sinister, but I'm fine with that. I delight in the scents that move and change and provide a visual. This one does exactly that.
  9. kscha2017

    Peppermint & Pine

    Somewhere, I thought someone had reviewed this and mentioned how it smelled something along the lines of "not the nice kind of peppermint and pine". I didn't understand that concept. I love pine, I love peppermint. I could be happy smelling either/both all day long. But I sniffed the bottle and totally understood: this is not happy peppermint, not happy pine. This is death and desolation peppermint and pine. I get a strong, vivid vision of dry white bones sticking out of the frozen mud under a snowy pine tree in mid-January. Dark, a bit foreboding, slightly creepy. Love it. Quite strong on both scents, blending perfectly.
  10. kscha2017

    The Wellerman

    Omg, pretty sure I can't pass a breathalyzer for awhile. Took a huge whiff from the bottle and my mouth and throat were immediately full of deep, dark, strong, piratey rum. Good rum. Old rum, in oak barrels, carried across the sea. Thick enough to eat for breakfast, sweet and fortifying. Strong and bold and in your face! I want to slather this on and find my nearest Ren Faire. Or lay on the beach. Definitely want to drink this.
  11. kscha2017

    Gula Bath Oil

    Dark, rich, warm, luxuriant. Sophisticated, not sickly sticky sweet like candy. I can smell each element. Normally not much of a foodie fan, I do love vetiver and this strikes my nose as having a strong vetiver undertone, although it's not listed.
  12. kscha2017

    The Woman at the Edge of the Woods

    On me, it goes on as a light, soft, comforting scent of dry woods and vanilla, tending towards a masculine cologne. Then it flips to strong, bold, bitter and menacing. Then back to gentle, then back to bitter, repeat. Perfect. Glad I bought two bottles. This should age beautifully.
  13. kscha2017

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    I screamed out loud, sorry. I smell cinnamon French toast fried in butter, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, drowned in sweet sticky syrup. Could almost hear the sizzle, somehow the frying is going on right as the scent touches my skin and slowly fades. It "feels" hot, very much an experience of being right there as the treat is made. Reminds me alot of BPAL's King Cake as I seem to be picking up some almond too.
  14. kscha2017

    Vetiver, Patchouli & Apple Peel

    Light, bright, and refreshing. All three balanced perfectly, none dominates. Crisp juicy green apple. Patchouli and vetiver are gentler than anticipated. However, it fades fast and completely on me with nary a tell it was ever there. Probably will use it in my locket. Oddly enough, I would love this scent as a deodorant. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  15. kscha2017

    Beeswax, Lavender & Acacia Honey

    My new favorite, flat-out orgasmic. Thick, rich, bold, not-too-sweet, sun-warmed, overpowering honey (just the way I like it) and cool, sharp lavender. The beeswax is a light background note, holding it together. Bought 2 bottles so far, likely to get another. Can't praise it enough.