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Ina Garten Davita

You get what Anybody gets-You get a Lifetime

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An unimaginably ancient scent, older than time. The gentle, fluttering embrace of oblivion:

myrrh and blackened champaca blossom, attar of oudh, black amber, Casmir wood, and dried fig.

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Something old and known that lingers with us all. We try to deny it. Try to shy away from it until it comes. Yet the meeting is comforting and sweet. A needed release that comes with an embracive smile. 


Old and ancient woods waft into the foreground. Seems nearly primal and always present in a way. Like something we cannot remove ourselves from. Layered with this is an honored and sacred scent of myrrh and  black amber that gives a sense of reverence. The cumulation is something sincere and beautiful in a way that we all need. 


Wearing this scent is a potent and lasting fragrance. It holds a throw that is medium to long and give a pleasant wafting for any that are nearby. 


When it is first applied to the skin, it is somewhat jarring and surprising in a way; 40-60 minutes after the dry down, it takes on a sweeter and more subtly pleasant appeal. I will admit that at first I was not certain I would want to wear this fragrance often, yet after a weekend of wear I can confidently say: this scent is most definitely something I needed in my lifetime.

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