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BPAL Madness!

What do bottles and labels look like?

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I got the new Dragon's Milk bottle, too, tallan! I think it's adorable!


Nathaniel, so beautiful as always! Oborot has such a cool label!

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Love the new "Dragon's" labels!


A Blade of Grass



The Gilman House Hotel






The label art on A Blade of Grass makes me want to go find a bottle right now....



nathanielhebert - The lab should hire you for photo shoots!! Your pics are GORGEOUS!

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As a newbie, I've really enjoyed looking through this thread at all the pretty pictures, so I decided to make a small contribution in the shape of the only two LE bottles I've gotten my hands on (though I lack nathanielhebert's photography skills!)



Dyan Moon (June 2008)



Night's Pavilion (Lupercalia 2011)

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Can anyone post pictures of 2015's Thirteens. I have a few bottles and I don't know which ones they are. Thanks in advance!

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Curious if anybody knows the evolution of the Dragon's Milk labels through the years? I know there was the plain black and white label (the first label), the black label with a red dragon and purple lettering on it, and a newer (I think?) with a green dragon wrapped around the name. I am mostly wondering what years these labels all spanned? I have two bottles of the second (red dragon) label, and am curious about rough age on these.....

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Does anyone have pictures of the label designs for the Post's Spirit Board scents (No, Yes, Goodbye)?

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Hello! Hope this is in the right place.

I'm going through my collection and cannot remember what a particular bottle contains. Primary scent I can identify is a spiced apple/apple cider. Any ideas?


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On 8/7/2014 at 10:33 AM, zankoku_zen said:

Help, I think I've identified almost all the BPAL 13 labels, but I am missing one:


13 2005 (original) - White Label


13 October 2006 - Orange Label


13 April 2007 - Purple Label


13 July 2007 - Green 13, Pink Label


13 June 2008 - Green Label


13 February 2009 - completely black label


13 March 2009 - Deep Red Label


13 November 2009 - MISK Valley - background falling snow, tentacle green 13


13 August 2010 - black/white gothic picture, black 13 on the corner


13 May 2011 - large cutout 13 with roses inside the cutout on black background


13 January 2012 - ???


13 April 2012 - Orange Label, large 13 cutout with sunflowers inside the cutout


13 June 2012 - 13 in white, image of Tyche spinning the wheel


13 September 2013 - black cat and black 13 on orange label


13 December 2013 - has date, 13 with two lovers on a horseshoe


13 June 2014 - floral label, with 13 in red


13 ad Lunam - picture with a black cat and a moon, 13 in white


Do you have a current list up to the present?  :)  I haven't been able to buy BPAL for a long time so I didn't buy any thirteens, but someone just sent me a few and I need to identify year.  (dark blue with white numbers.)



edit:  dark blue with white numeral 13 is September 2019.  

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