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  1. highgarden

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thank you! I think my nose can confirm that the Beaver Moon is 2013 but the Worm Moon is harder for me to pinpoint.
  2. highgarden

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I received two frottles in a previous order and they're both Lunacy perfumes. One is a Beaver Moon I and the other is a Worm Moon, but I'm not sure what the years are. I'm having issues directly uploading a picture, so please click here for a picture of the labels! Can anyone help me with identifying which scents these are? Thank you for any assistance you can offer!
  3. highgarden

    Tahitian Vanilla, Mysore Sandalwood & Bergamot

    In the bottle, this just smells sweet and dessert-like. I might be getting a hint of bergamot, but there's nothing that screams citrus. I've been distracted all day so I didn't make any notes for when it was wet and right as it dried, but for a while, it's been smelling like a very sweet, slightly boozy coconut. What's up with my skin today? 🤔
  4. highgarden

    Sugar-Dusted Chocolate Cardamom Truffle

    Delicious! Rich cocoa and milk chocolate with a hint of spicy cardamom. I love the consistency of this, too--it arrived a bit melted/separated due to the weather but with a little bit of stirring was back to greatness. This rinsed off nicely and didn't slick up the tub, thanks to the emulsifying wax.
  5. highgarden

    Bikkuri Sa Seru Hair Gloss

    I don't know what happened with this, but all I could smell was lemongrass. It was citrus and green and reminded me of the lemongrass my mom kept around for cooking purposes. I think there was a hint of coconut under all of that, but it was like a lemongrass bomb and it covered up every other note that I wish I'd also gotten.
  6. highgarden

    In Omnibus Caritas

    This one was my favourite of the three Black Friday imps--sweet and just a bit foodie but more comforting in its sugar-coated way. I got a hint of mallow flower, loads of vanilla but not necessarily a foodie sort, and a touch of honey and sugar cane. I think the orris kept it grounded but I couldn't really pick it out. This one lasted ages, even when I accidentally washed some of it off!
  7. highgarden

    In Necessarias Unitas

    Definitely echoing the men's cologne sentiment. It smelled very strongly of soap for the first hour and then was more of a vetiver/patch scent.
  8. highgarden

    Whiskey & Apple

    I didn't get too much of the whiskey throughout the wear time of this, though maybe I wasn't reading some of it as whiskey! On wet, this was a lovely sweet apple scent with just a hint of something smoky, which was likely the whiskey. As it dried, that smokiness came out more and a few hours in, it somehow read like men's cologne? But not in an unpleasant way, it just wasn't expected!
  9. highgarden

    Cedarwood & Smoked Vanilla

    I didn't get any pencil shavings from this cedar. It was just this lovely, gentle woody note that was tempered by the sweetness of a very light vanilla. I almost couldn't pick out any smoked quality until a few hours in, though by then, it was already very faint. Low throw, good wear time.
  10. highgarden

    Birthday Surprise

    Wet: SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. It actually smells like lava cakes, with the molten center and everything! Dry: The molten part has faded but it's still all chocolate cake. Two hours in: Sometimes chocolate turns to sunscreen on me, which is the weirdest progression but that's what this one is doing, alas. However, at this point, a vanilla note is more prominent so I don't mind all that much. Low throw for me, but that might be because my skin burned through the delicious chocolate-y goodness that came through at the beginning. EDIT: Lasted all 13-ish hours between me leaving the house and getting home from work, though by the time I washed it off, it was just a faint trace of vanilla and a ghost of chocolate. Loved it.
  11. highgarden

    Candy, Chains, and Furball

    This bottle had little bits of cacao floating around in it, so shake it up! Freshly applied, this was almost all cacao with the slightest hint of patch. As it dried, the cacao already started to fade and the patchouli kicked right up--I think the peppercorn must be backing it up because it's a bit of a dirty, spicy patch, kind of like the one in Goblin. Two hours later, it's mostly patchouli and peppercorn, a bit woodsy, definitely dirty. Medium throw. I'm wearing this at work and it doesn't smell like the 60s, but it's definitely no wilting flower! EDIT: 13 hours after application, this was mostly a soft, dirty patch with a hint of cacao. LOVE.
  12. highgarden

    The Great Virgo Baking Show

    Wet: PECAN. FREAKING. PIE. Two hours after application: There's the honeyed cream! I usually amp honey so the fact that it wasn't the first and only thing I smelled on my skin is a testament to how deliciously strong the pecan pie smell is. The throw is medium--I get whiffs of it when I move my wrist, but it isn't overpowering. Will update at the end of the day with wear length! EDIT: By the time I got home 12 hours after first application, I could still smell both the pecan pie filling and the honeyed cream, though both were very light. DELICIOUS.
  13. highgarden

    Utter Sophistication

    Wet: Dorian! Lavender! A hint of Snake Oil! This is absolutely lovely. Two hours after application: Definitely getting Dorian, though it's made sweeter by the addition of the beeswax and the vanilla husk. I think the oak and popcorn are starting to peek through, but they're not very strong on me as I tend to amp vanilla and beeswax. It's definitely got that hint of theatre-goer and I love it. The throw isn't very strong, though that might be because I didn't put too much on. I'll update this with wear length at the end of the day! EDIT: 12 hours after application, I could still catch a bit of beeswax-y Dorian on my wrist. This is absolutely lovely.
  14. highgarden

    Do All the Good You Can

    I get the patchouli and a bit of almond/vanilla, but over two hours later and it smells like sunscreen. 🤔
  15. highgarden

    Horking Dragon Hair Gloss

    Crafted to be paired with Fair Maiden Side-Eye: a bushy plop of patchouli root, sticky molasses-clotted almond, tonka bean husk, tobacco absolute, and bourbon vanilla. I imagined this to be very sticky sweet, all brown if brown could be bottled as a fragrance, but surprisingly it's mostly just a clean patchouli, which is a contradiction in itself! I think the almond and tonka bean might be working in tandem to make the patchouli more office-friendly. I sprayed it on damp hair and couldn't smell it even an hour later, so I sprayed some more on this morning's dry hair and it was still all patch. It's been about three hours and I already can't smell it in my hair unless I really put it in front of my face and take a deep whiff. I've been really loving patchouli as autumn comes around the corner so I quite like this.