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  1. Ted really shoulda called this one The Actor Ichumura Meeting a Big Ass Pile of Beeswax Candles and Honey with Just a Smidge of Lavender. But maybe that wouldn't have fit on the label. This is definitely one for the beeswax lovers and I'm one of them so that works out. This has replaced TKO as my nighttime linen spray. I find it super calming. I do wish I got more vanilla and tonka but maybe that will come with age. Oh and it lasts and lasts and lasts. Like it sinks into my quilt and stays there for 3 days strong.
  2. GlowJob

    Vampire Seraglio Atmosphere Spray

    This is Crimson from the Crimson Peak line in atmosphere spray form. Maybe a little more sharp and spicy but very similar. I said Crimson was like a sexed-up Nag Champa and I'd say that exactly applies to this too. Has pretty good lasting power too. Love!
  3. GlowJob

    Lycanthrope Brown Hair Gloss

    I was hoping for the coffee to have a more dominate role in the mix but honestly, all I'm getting is Enraged Groundhog Musk in hair gloss form. Like it's a dead ringer for EGM so if you like that, you're gonna die for this. They don't even share any direct notes except for the cacao link with the chocolate cherry but it's uncannily similar to me. It's nice but not what I was expecting. Another one that I'm going to try aging on. Hopefully it brings out the coffee and oudh a bit more as well as makes it last a bit longer 'cause she's a quick one.
  4. GlowJob

    Pistachio Pumpkin Cupcake Bath Oil

    I really thought this was going to be my holy grail bath oil. It's nice, don't get me wrong but the pistachio note fades into the background of the generic holiday baked goods bonanza. Why do all spicy pumpkin scents seem to simplify down to CINNAMON BROOMS on me? Anyone else get this? I used it as an after shower body oil and it smells amazing in the bottle and for the first few minutes on: like a lightly spiced pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting that's studded with real pistachios. I'm going to try and age this one for a year and bust it out next Halloween in hopes that the nuttiness is up and the cinnamon down.
  5. GlowJob

    Eat Me

    I wish I got a bit more of the cake that's everyone else is getting because this is straight up black currant candies on me. It's very sweet indeed but I really can not stop huffing my wrist over and over. It's like breathing in a box of Nerds. Remember Nerds? Well yeah, like that but more complex and luscious. Definitely for the black currant lovers. I don't know about wearing it as a perfume for me but I'll try and keep my eye out for it in atmosphere spray or hair gloss versions.
  6. GlowJob


    This is a musky dry version of liquid marzipan on me and I could not be happier about that. The almond note mellows out with wear and that's my only qualm with it because I LOOOOVE me some bitter almond. Medium throw and lasting power. I've been buying BPAL for 11 years and somehow I've been missing out on this GC wonder. Don't be like me.
  7. GlowJob

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Does anyone have pictures of the label designs for the Post's Spirit Board scents (No, Yes, Goodbye)?
  8. GlowJob

    Départ Pour Le Sabbat (Aufbruch Zum Hexensabbat)

    Initial smell this was cloyingly sweet, like liquid caramel. I could almost swear this had the lab's buttery (ie Jack) pumpkin note in it just sniffing from bottle. It morphs quite a bit on the skin. Don't get me wrong-it stays fairly sweet throughout but this is all about the WOODZ rather than the foodz. It's warm and dry and every once in a while I get a hint of powdery honey. I would swear this has oak in it but maybe I'm just misinterpreting the oudh. This wears close to the skin and disappears in less than two hours on my skin. I don't dislike it at all, it's quite pleasant, but I might not find it interesting enough to keep the full bottle. Well, actually I probably will because the label art is perfection. I love me some Pénot!
  9. GlowJob


    Crimson makes me want to burst into tears because it's such a limited run and I know one day it won't be available for me to appreciate. This is pure sexier, heady Nag Champa. To me, this doesn't actually bring to mind a visceral crimson red but rather a warm poppy red. It's amazingly well blended and I can't really pick out the individual notes other than an initial blast of musk. If you're avoiding this because of the clove-don't! It's subtle and doesn't overwhelm anything at all. Crimson has medium throw and lasts much longer on me than almost any BPAL I've tried before. I love it so, so much!
  10. GlowJob

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    I was given a squirt of this with my last Trading Post order. It's definitely not something I would have ordered myself but I was hoping that I might get more of the black tea and orris but NOPE-this is straight-up stuffy tea rose. After a few minutes of settling into the linens I sprayed it on it also takes on a sort of generic Dove face cream thing hovering below the rose. Not my thing at all. But hey, if you do enjoy tea rose then get this ASAP because it's strong and it lasts and lasts and lasts.
  11. GlowJob


    At first the sweet orange in this is super overwhelming. It's got a sort of 'dollar store bathroom cleaner' vibe going on until it mellows into the skin. The copal then comes out to play and adds a creaminess that kinda works. I'm not sure I've ever tried another blend with plumeria in it before so I can't comment on whether or not that's present but the florals are more subtle and a bit jucier than most. I don't mind it but I don't think I'll be wearing it myself.
  12. GlowJob


    This is one of the most confusing blends I've ever tried...and I kind of like it. At times it's like dirt/soil, then there's a hint of heavy florals and when I sniff deep I actually get something that reminds me of a spicy artisan cola. I think this would smell great on my fiance.
  13. GlowJob

    Samhain Atmosphere Spray

    I first fell in love with Samhain in 2005 and I'm surprised I didn't snatch up a matching atmos spray when it was available in past years. But I smartened up and got a bottle this year and I'm so glad I did. I'll be straight up: this does have a sort of "craft store near Halloween-tide" vibe going on but it isn't fake or cloying or unpleasant AT ALL. I can smell every single individual note in the blend. It's very woodsy but also borders on foodie when you get a whiff of the warm spices. It's a lovely quintessential fall scent and it lasts longer than most of the other room sprays I've tried from the Post.
  14. GlowJob

    Licorice Whip Atmosphere Spray

    Black leather and black licorice. Mmmm...this is delicious! It's pretty much exactly 50/50 between the licorice and leather. It's sultry and sweet and might be my favourite new atmos choice for the bedroom. Smells a little pungent in the bottle so make sure to spray it into a room before you decide if it's for you or not.
  15. GlowJob

    Boo Hair Gloss

    Boo ended up in both last year's and this year's 'weenie orders but I just realized I never gave it a review. When I first spritzed this one, I was super heartbroken. It had this sharp laundry detergent scent and very little vanilla. Once this had settled for a day or so after it arrived the vanilla started to emerge. This isn't foodie at all on me. It's just white and creamy and very clean. It was medium throw but it lasts for a very long time so it's a great choice for wearing to work.