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  1. Pyretta

    Unicorn and Ram

    I love to knit, so I was pretty bummed that Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting didn't work on me. The leaf note came out too strong (as it usually does), with only a little bit of that wooly fuzziness that a lot of people mentioned peeking through. So, with no leaves in sight, I had high hopes for Unicorn and Ram! Bottle: Musk and leather, with something playing in the background. It's slightly sweet but not really in a foodie way - more "cozy" and warm like others have mentioned. I think it's the cardamom? Wet: This is almost all musk, wool, and leather now. The spicy/sweet cardamom note is all but gone on my skin. It still has that cozy quality, though, and reminds me of knitting in bed on a chilly evening. Throw is low-medium. Dry: If you've ever blocked natural wool after knitting something up, you'll know wet wool has this distinct smell (not pleasant really, but not bad either). This has just a hint of that scent in the background and it's making me so tempted to start a new project. Not much has changed from the wet stage except that the cardamom came back, and the leather has blended in with the other notes. I was afraid for a moment it would go very masculine leather-and-musk but it's settled into something very snuggly. Verdict: This is pretty much what I was expecting AOMK to smell like, so it's a keeper for me! It's definitely a scent I'd only wear staying in at home, though - maybe if I layered it with Stekkjarstaur or De Vos' Unicorn (or a Single Note?) it would get some extra oomph. This has the same coziness as My Baby and a Baby Goat, which I love to bits, but none of the honey or goat's milk notes that I amp like crazy - also a good thing.
  2. Pyretta

    Night Snow at Kambara

    Bottle: A very sweet floral - mostly cherry blossom, with a bouquet of white florals underneath. Not as fresh as I'd hoped, and I'm also getting no snow here, sadly. Wet: Yikes. The cherry blossom is drowned out by loud, perfumey white florals. I think the lily's the culprit here - I have a feeling that it's one of those notes that just always turns soapy and overpowering. I hate using the term, but it has that cheap, old-lady vibe on my skin Dry: I'll admit that I washed it off after 10 minutes. It hadn't changed from that overpowering lily scent, and I think that any hope of getting Shunga-like wintry cherry blossom is shot. Verdict: I blind-bottled this one, hoping to get something sweet, fresh, and wintry, but I got old-lady cheap lilies instead. It seems as if a lot of other people got the intended effect, though, so probably just my skin chemistry going crazy with the lilies. Too bad - off to a better home for this one
  3. Pyretta

    Black Ice

    Bottle: The ice/snow note is different than the Lab's usual slightly sweet minty one I get - probably because of the vetiver mixing in? Definitely very masculine. None of the bouquets mentioned above so far! Wet: This is very cold, without the headache-inducing quality that I get from similar non-sweet mints. A little bit of vetiver in the background, and something... smokier? Almost like a hint of incense. Dry: This was 100% masculine in the bottle, but on me it mellows out to something more unisex. The blend of notes is very interesting here, with that sharp mint at the very top and smoke/incense lurking underneath. Verdict: Unusual and a fun experience, since this type of mint usually gives me headaches, but I can't see myself really wearing this!
  4. Pyretta

    The Magpie

    Bottle: The winter backdrop is mixing with everything else to produce very tart note - someone said lime above and I totally get it. Maybe the violet leaf has something to do with that, too? It has a weird, almost medicinal quality. Wet: It's not quite as sour anymore, but I'm getting a lot of the minty snow note. Sadly no black currant at all, which is what I was hoping would shine here. Dry: Wow, I really don't know how to describe this. The minty note faded very quickly (<5 minutes), leaving behind that note/blend that reminds me of lime, some sandalwood, and finally a little sweetness. It's not distinctly blackcurrant, just a faint berry. This is closer to what I was expecting! Verdict: It's not bad at all, but still pretty disappointing. I was expecting what some other people got, describing it as close to Lush's The Comforter, but I got a tart, limey scent with the minty snow note in the background. It definitely has something to do with my skin chemistry. I'll keep wearing my decant to see if anything changes, but that's it for now.
  5. Pyretta

    Gingerbread, Vanilla Sugar, and Pink Pepper

    Bottle: True-to-life gingerbread goodness, with a barely-there note of pink pepper in the background. There's also a general sweetness - I can't pick out any distinct vanilla but that's probably where it's coming from. Wet: WHOA pepper! I'm very pleasantly surprised, since pink pepper's one of my favorite notes and it usually takes a backseat on my skin. It's definitely more spicy than sweet at this point, and different enough from Gingerbread, Red Fruits, and Sweet Jam (which I got a bottle of, and am absolutely in love with). I can smell the vanilla now, but it's the type that's freshly scraped from a pod rather than "vanilla sugar", which is a good thing in my books! Dry: This doesn't change too much from wet to dry. The pepper mellows out a bit, but that's really it. Verdict: I don't know if I need a bottle, since Gingerbread, Red Fruits, and Sweet Jam really stole my heart. This is decidedly more spicy, though, so I might convince myself that it's different enough. I'll see if I fall in love with any of the other foodies from this release.
  6. Pyretta


    Bottle: I'm getting a whiff of cognac without the booziness behind it, with a definite sweetness from the vanilla. There's also a sweetness coming from something else that I think is supposed to be the porcelain note. It's almost cold, but not minty or "snowy". Wet: Very elegant! Not much different than what I got in the imp, but there's definitely a powdery quality to it. Think powdered vanilla sugar rather than baby powder. It's actually pretty faint on me, which is strange since a lot of the reviews mentioned it having very good throw. Dry: The tobacco is starting to come out! It blends in very well with the other notes - definitely perfumey but very classy and subdued. I love how prominent that vanilla sugar note is, but it doesn't come across as foodie at all. I have a lot of creamy vanillas in my collection and this is a welcome change. As it dries further I get a little more of the cognac, which definitely contributes to that slight astringency you get from a traditional perfume. Throw is still low-average, though. Verdict: I absolutely love this, though it evokes exactly the opposite of pediophobia for me. I'm imagining an expensive, heirloom doll with thick eyelashes, soft ringlets, and delicate lace gloves. I totally get the Edith Cushing comparisons, though EC has more of a cakey quality whereas Pediophobia is smooth and refined. I actually like this one way more! I'll definitely snatch up a bottle before it's too late!
  7. Pyretta

    Poor Monkey

    Bottle: This is a lot more oriental than what I usually go for, and I typically stay as far away from ylang ylang as I can, but in the imp this is really nice! Lotus is one of my favorite notes and it comes out here in a really comforting way. Wet: Annnndddd there's the ylang ylang. It's extra-sweet, too - it tickles my nose if I bring my wrist close. The other notes are very well-blended, though, and have a creamy quality to them. Dry: The ylang ylang won't go away, which is really too bad. Otherwise this reminds me of a warmer and spicier version of Blossoming Vulva, which is definitely in my Top 5. UPDATE: After 10-ish minutes... the ylang ylang is gone!!! It's all creamy fig and vanilla, with notes of warm, slightly spiced milk underneath. I'm still getting that wonderful lotus, too. It has all the good qualities of Fire Monkey from last year's Chinese New Year release. Very, very soothing. Verdict: I don't think I love it enough to buy a bottle at the moment, but I'll keep wearing my decant and see if I need more when I run out. I'll admit that this is partly because I like the 2015 label art way better
  8. Pyretta

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I'm not new to BPAL by any means, but I'm looking to try some more obscure scents that would fit my look/personality! I'm female, 19 years old, originally from Vancouver, Canada, and currently studying Finance/Business Analytics (with a minor in French) in Philadelphia. I'm planning to work in equity research or investment banking in NYC after graduating, but my dream is to get a finance-related job in the fashion industry someday. I'm a textbook ENTP, and my astrological signs are Leo sun, Aries moon, and Scorpio rising. I'm 5'6, have a very waiflike figure, delicate features, grey-blue eyes, and long blonde hair. My favorite colors are black, grey, pink, and blue. My style is quite Scandinavian, minimalist, and chic, and I own way too many turtlenecks. I love very feminine and pretty things but I'm an '80s/'90s goth kid at heart (see username). I also love exploring nature, yoga, skiing, and being in the water. I knit when I'm stressed. A lot of people tell me that I seem cold and intimidating at first glance - I have a really bad case of resting bitch face. I'm definitely an extrovert, but I tend to be a little more reserved in larger groups or when meeting people for the first time. I'm quite competitive and ambitious, but too down-to-earth to be a typical "Type A". My friends usually describe me as hilarious, easygoing, and very loyal. I love to go out and party, but I have chronic fatigue due to a few autoimmune disorders, so I'm very big on self-care. BPAL-wise, I love youthful, fresh, feminine scents that aren't too mature or floral. Aquatics and unisex blends also work very well on me. I'm not too keen on anything oriental or "warm". My top 5 right now would probably be Blossoming Vulva, Skadi, In The Wild North, Talvikuu, and Blood Popsicle. I'm so curious to see what you guys make of me
  9. Pyretta

    The Drum Bridge and Yuhi Hill at Meguro

    Bottle: I was hoping for a winter Shunga, and this is spot on! I can't identify any specific notes so far, apart from the snow, but it's a very well-blended floral. Wet: I can make out the cherry blossom now. It's so interesting mixed with that minty snow note, and I wish I could get more of it! Sadly, the snow is overpowering the other notes at this stage. It's still very sweet and feminine, though, which I love. Dry: A few minutes in, the mint's fading down. It's still floral, but definitely not in-your-face - I can just barely smell it when my wrist isn't up to my nose. I think I'm getting more ylang ylang now. It's usually a deal-breaker for me, but strangely enough it lends the perfect amount of oriental warmth here. I'm frankly amazed at how well-balanced everything is. It's a subtle scent, but no single note overpowers the others or goes crazy on my skin. It's such a unique mix of spicy, warm oriental scents and that snow note. Verdict: I blind-bought Night Snow at Kambara, and it's not just working for me - I amp lily like crazy apparently. I think I might just swap my bottle for a bottle of The Drum Bridge, since this one is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. Pyretta

    ISO *Perfect* Winter Scent!

    I just received Talvikuu (2005 version, in a cobalt bottle to boot) in the mail today, and with that my trifecta of snowy forest scents is complete! These are quite hard to come across, but for me they're absolutely perfect: Skadi: Icy cold, but very pretty and cheerful. I get sweet, snow-covered berries and a hint of pine. Holly King (v6): Skadi's big brother, bold and untamed. Like sticking your face in an evergreen tree, with some sweetness coming from the sap and a hint of chilly snow. Talvikuu: Skadi's little brother. Still sweet, but it's coming from mint and birch notes instead of berries. Definitely unisex, and much more subtle than the other two. I love how each of these has its own distinct personality, but they all have that gorgeous underlying feel of being in a sweet-smelling, snowy forest!
  11. Pyretta

    The Season of Ghosts

    I got a decant last year and I know I didn't love it, but I'd forgotten what it smelled like. Bottle: A lovely balance between citrus and rose. It definitely fits the theme - it's very cheery. Wet: Oh no... it instantly morphs into that nose-tickling cleaning supply scent. It's overwhelming citrus and lemongrass now. Dry: Thankfully after around 10 minutes the cleaning-chemical scent fades. I'm not really sure where to place this blend of notes. I think it's mostly frankincense and ginger, with a little bit of citrus mixed in? I tested it on one wrist about 20 minutes before testing on the other wrist, and the fresher one is much nicer. It's much closer to what I expected from looking at the scent description, whereas the one I've had on for a while has started to go a bit funky. I'm guessing that's the ginger. Verdict: I'll keep my decant. The early dry stage is actually pretty nice, definitely a cheerful smell. I'm just happy it morphed past that awful cleaning supply stage at the beginning!
  12. Pyretta

    Apple IV

    Going through all my apple scents, since after smelling this Halloween's Honeyed Apple, everything else seems to pale in comparison. Bottle: All apple. It reminds me of a very crisp and juicy red apple, a bit on the sweeter side. Wet: Wow, OK. It immediately did a 180 into exactly what it says on the label! The apple fades into the background and all the juiciness is gone. Not a bad thing at all - it's mouthwatering, like apples cooking with clove and vanilla bourbon. There's a hint of blackcurrant too, which is nice. Dry: I'm amping the clove and bourbon like crazy, though the throw is quite low. It smells like the most delicious apple cider when I bring my wrist close, and like cheery Fall spices otherwise. Verdict: I'm definitely holding on to this one! It's pretty much perfect for Thanksgiving, and I can see myself wearing it on a brisk Fall day. It has a completely different feel from Honeyed Apple.
  13. Pyretta

    Allegory of Chastity

    Bottle: Creamy rose petals - very classically feminine. It has a sugared quality that reminds me a lot of Hope from this year's Carnaval Diabolique release, but more "pink". Wet: So gorgeous! I'm getting some bergamot which is very welcome, since I have a ton of rose scents and I was worried that this wouldn't be different enough from the others to justify keeping a bottle of! The bergamot also brightens it a little and keeps it from going too powdery. Dry: It's very rare that I try a rose scent from BPAL that I don't fall in love with, and this is no exception! It's just sweet and creamy enough to be feminine but not at all girly. I started to notice the jasmine around half an hour in, and it's balanced out by a hint of vanilla. This is incredibly long-lasting on me - I can still smell it 10 hours after applying (and taking a shower), too! Verdict: Instantly in love! It definitely has a different feel than my other rose scents, and my boyfriend (who is usually sadly oblivious to these things) noticed it right away, saying that I smelled gorgeous. I'll take that as a win I also bought De Vos' Unicorn, and this one is different enough on my to justify keeping both!
  14. Bottle: True-to-life Belgian chocolate! It's decidedly rich but not at all cloying. Compared to some other bonbon/chocolate Lupers I've tried, this is probably the most realistic semisweet chocolate note. It's also much more prominent than I usually get from the bottle. After huffing it a little (ok, a lot) more, the chocolate comes across as darker, with the sweetness coming from the marshmallow. Jasmine and orange blossom are definitely in the mix, too - very well-blended! Wet: Wow, this has crazy throw! The chocolate steps back a bit - almost as if I'd bit in to the creamy liqueur center. It alternates between strong jasmine and strong orange blossom, with a hint of marshmallow in the background giving it extra creaminess and sweetness. Still impossibly true-to-life. Dry: The jasmine wins out, and the chocolate fades even more. It's much more wearable and less overtly chocolate-shop, which is pretty nice since walking around all day smelling like that would have been overkill. This is very happy and romantic, though - all pillowy marshmallows lifted by jasmine and orange blossom. I'm generally not a fan of heady white florals but the chocolate keeps it from going too sharp. Verdict: This one morphed from being absolutely decadent in the bottle to a lovely, sweet floral on drydown. It's not as in-your-face romantic as The Initiation (which is my favorite of the Lupers this year), but still very much a special-occasion scent. A real winner, but I'll try out the other chocolate-themed decants I got before committing to a bottle.
  15. Pyretta

    Hidden Pearls

    I'm kind of on a mission to get better at recognizing certain floral notes, since I don't usually like them but some blends have been serious winners - just can't put my finger on what's in them that I like yet! So here we go with iris and orris... Bottle: Pretty much straight coconut, and more the beach spray kind than creamy coconut milk. Sweet is definitely spot-on, though. I can pick out something floral in the background. Wet: Coconut sometimes goes funky on me but it's not doing that here! It settles down a lot on my skin, as well, and turns more delicate. The vanilla is coming out too, which is surprising as it tends to get overshadowed when it isn't the primary focus of a blend. Dry: This is just lovely. It's incredibly well-blended and - yes - pearlescent! I'm getting a slight floral note but it's not anything I can identify. A little bit of the pear stem comes through at this stage. It gets a little powdery on drydown, but in the soft, vanilla icing-sugar way. "Baby pink" is the best way I could describe it. Not creamy necessarily (I associate cream with a heavier sort of base) but milky. Verdict: So many of the Lupers this year have been instant loves for me, and this might join the pack! I'll wear my decant once or twice more to see if It's worth an upgrade... but I'll probably cave in the end ... still don't know what iris and orris smell like, though.