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  1. whoahorsey

    Lady MacBeth

    This reminds me so much of BBW Sun-Ripened Raspberry, and I'm not complaining a bit! That was my favorite lotion in my 20s, before I discovered indie companies, and this scent brings that time in my life back to me thanks to scent memory. This is gorgeous. I want a bottle! This smells like picking berries in a sunny field on a hot spring day in Texas.
  2. whoahorsey


    I was so excited to try this because I thought it would be a tropical delight, but all I get is fabric softener sheets? I mean, nice enough in that really "clean" sort of way, but nothing that screams tropics to me. Sadness! I was so sure I would love this.
  3. whoahorsey

    Mr. Ibis

    This smells sooooooo good, but it's so faint that I can only smell it if my nose is resting against my skin. As I'm a slatherer that likes to move about in a cloud of my perfume (don't worry, I work alone, not in an office, so I'm not bothering anyone), this just won't work for me. Sadness! It really does smell good, just needs more throw.
  4. whoahorsey

    The Spectral Flower Girl

    I skin-tested this randomly, without looking at the notes first, and my first thought was "this smells like Lucille Sharpe!" When I looked up the notes and saw the combination of red roses and black lilies, it suddenly made sense why I was reminded of Lucille Sharpe. This isn't quite as complex as Lucille Sharpe. It's missing the plum musk that darkens Lucille, *but* it's a passable dupe if you're running really low on your beloved bottle of Lucille Sharpe and don't want to sell a kidney to get another.
  5. whoahorsey


    This was way heavier on the cinnamon than I was expecting. Wet, I get a hint of baked apples underneath a mountain of cinnamon. No strawberry cream to be found. It doesn't irritate my skin, luckily, so I guess I don't have a cinnamon sensitivity. I will say that the baked apple note is quite lovely. It doesn't go Yankee Candle on me at all the way most of the Lab's apple notes do. If you can get past the initial blast of cinnamon, this is quite lovely on the drydown.
  6. whoahorsey

    Pew! Pew!

    This one reminds me a LOT of Uncle Brian from a few years back, one of my favorite candy/slushy/supersweet perfume oils! Love it! Brings back childhood memories of Fun Dip, slushies and microwave popcorn while watching movies with my parents.
  7. whoahorsey

    In Hideous Darkness

    Oh my goodness. I nearly passed up this bottle because I was scared of the sage and cedar, but I'm so glad I gave it a test. This is everything I wanted Jacob's Ladder to be, but JL went sharp and perfumey on me. This amber is darkened and grounded by the tobacco. It's warm and sultry and just a teensiest bit musky. It's truly gorgeous! I'm so happy I was able to score a bottle from a friend who said it was all pencil shavings to her. It's delicious on me! This is going to be a favorite.
  8. whoahorsey

    The Moon Reflected in Every Rice Paddy Hair Gloss

    Oh my, this is nice. It's light and subtle, but when I toss my hair, I get a cloud of vanilla and rice that is pure delight. I only got a decant of this, but this is definitely bottle worthy. Must buy more! I think this would pair well with Hungry Ghost Moon. Don't be scared of the iris root -- it's not prominent at all.
  9. whoahorsey

    Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night

    This is a huge blast of strawberry and I love it! The first few minutes are a little overpowering on the strawberry, but it swiftly mellows to something creamy and fluffy and sweet. If Round Dance and Stekk were mixed together, this is what I imagine it would smell like. This smells like an expensive milkshake from a gourmet ice cream shop. I need a backup! This may be my favorite strawberry perfume ever.
  10. whoahorsey

    Beneath the Kotatsu

    I was afraid the cedar would make this smell like hamster shavings, but I don't get much cedar at all (yay!). The iris is subtle too. I don't normally go for florals at all, but this isn't screechy. It's nice! The golden vanilla is a good balance to the iris. This is very sophisticated and classy. Very nice!
  11. whoahorsey

    La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde

    I agree with Jenjin's comparison to The Bride. It immediately reminded me of The Bride, but with jasmine. I hate jasmine, but this is a soft, fresh jasmine that reminds me of the wild star jasmine that grows on porches all over the south. The non-foody vanilla keeps it from being screechy like some jasmine is. I'm not a floral fan AT ALL, but I love this and am glad I gambled on it. It's bottle-worthy for sure! I couldn't stop sniffing my arm.
  12. whoahorsey


    … The Master of Lightning’s ofrenda contains red apples, banana, chili pepper, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate and sugar cane. Soooo confused by all the reviews talking about how tropical and fruity it smells. On me, I swear it was red musk single note, although musk isn't even listed in the description. Red musk and I do not get along at all, so sadly, this went into the swap pile. Still searching for my perfect fruity scent.
  13. whoahorsey

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    This? http://www.bpal.org/topic/18255-pumpkin-patch-i-2005-2006/
  14. True, I totally forgot that their mascot is the Eagle, probably since that never made any sense to me. ha ha ha Ravens are way smarter than eagles. They even use tools! But I digress... Doozers does sound pretty perfect for Hufflepuff.
  15. Snake Oil or any of the Snake Pit would be an obvious choice for Slytherin! Or maybe Coiled Serpent or Serpent's Kiss? For Hufflepuff maybe either Badger or Badgers? Or how about "Against Idleness and Mischief"? ha ha For Ravenclaw there's Raven Moon, The Raven, Night Raven. Or you could rift on their studious nature with something like Scholar's Tower, or The Manuscript. I'm going for the low-hanging fruit with the really obvious name tie-ins. ha ha ha If you want to get more esoteric and less literal, I like a lot of the golden, amber-based scents for Gryffindor, like Lyoness or Bastet -- or hell, The Lion, which would be fitting both from an obvious name tie-in, and also the more abstract "feels golden" sense.