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Juicy fig, cocoa that reads as dry, earthy cocoa butter rather than candy, and a beautiful blend of woods holding the whole thing together. As it dries, the fig steps back a bit without disappearing, and we're left with something like a wood-forward blend that's dry and juicy at the same time. Gorgeous, and a testament to the lab's power of conversion through well-chosen notes. I don't like fruity or foody, but this I like.


Intrigue reminds me of the effect of Velvet -- a cocoa/sandalwood blend that loses the chocolate quickly and becomes an idea of wood chocolate. That, but with fig. It's comforting and calm, mysterious and luxurious. Sorta sweet, but not too sweet. Throw is about the same as other blends, longevity is on the shorter side.  


Wood lovers that want to gently venture into fruit and cocoa, try this one.

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In the imp: Woody and smoky, with a very subtle figgy sweetness. Leaving the imp uncorked, I get wafts of a fascinating sort of smoked cocoa butter.


Wet: At first, there's a blast of dry, woody notes. Then it settles into...the exact scent of a Lush store! That subtly fruity, herbal, sandalwood-y, cocoa butter-y smell is EXACTLY how it feels walking into a Lush. I can almost feel the texture of a bath bomb in my hand.


Dry: Less Lush, more definitively sandalwood. The cocoa butter is soft but still present, and I wouldn't be able to identify the vague background sweetness as fig without help, but it's still there as well.

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