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  1. Don't know if you ever found Wolf Moon 2014, but it's up on the BPAL etsy now! 



  2. Kytha

    Snow Moon 2019

    This reminds me of a slight floral apple cider slush — less like a scent of emerging spring and more like the last hurrah of fall, a state fair’s grounds caught by a surprise early flurry of snow. It starts clear and brisk with a lot of yuzu’s bitterbright grapefruitiness and then settles down to a sweeter, faintly boozy apple against the skin. How similarly this settles on you may depend on how much your skin loves to amp up apple and snow, which mine does. I like it! It probably won’t be a go-to scent, but on the dry down especially it’s a fine complement to my Eve’s Big Apple III, which I’ve been skimping on. Looking forward to how this changes.
  3. Kytha

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    Ellocentipede described this as sparkly and perfumey, and I would have to agree. On me, someone whose skin LOVES to pump up sugary notes, this turns into what I can only describe as peach champagne, like something a ingenue might keep in her dressing room (along with her perfume). It isn’t light stuff, either — I walked out of the room I initially applied it on and walked back and boy, the peach hit like a punch of lovey goodness to the nose. The amber just rides the edge of turning powdery without tipping completely over — just enough to evoke the image of a pale, creamy thigh. It is *exuberantly* feminine, with a lot of throw to match, though the lightness of the scent keeps it from being overpowering. I don’t know how Beth got ‘moist’ in a bottle, but it’s most certainly there, like a refreshing mist. Obviously, I’m smitten. Glad I took the chance and wandered from my usual beloved apple scents for these!
  4. Kytha


    We do lie beneath the grass In the moonlight, in the shade Of the yew-tree. They that pass Hear us not. We are afraid They would envy our delight, In our graves by glow-worm night. Come follow us, and smile as we; We sail to the rock in the ancient waves, Where the snow falls by thousands into the sea, And the drownd and the shipwreckd have happy graves. Thomas Lovell Beddoes Yew berries and cypress boughs, ropes of kelp and sea spray. I haven't tried any of BPAL's other sea/themed scents, so I can't say how this stacks up to them for comparison. I tried this at New York Comic Con with no plans to make a purchase, but I ended up buying a whole bottle because I couldn't think of any BPAL scents I've tried that smelled like this! In the Bottle: saltwater. Wet: Salt and cut greens. There's an astringent quality on the edge of the salt that immediately reminded me of The Beer from the Marshwoman's Brewery -- which made sense when I looked up the notes, because they both have yew berries. Dry: The cypress comes out here, but it's wood drenched in salt water -- like standing at the edge of a dock in the winter, or being underway on an old galleon. If you've ever been to a maritime history museum which recreates historical boats and their construction, this will immediately put you in mind of that. For lack of a better word, it smells nostalgic. In Sum: A unique scent that stands out for me among all of BPAL's products that I've sniffed over the years. I would recommend it more as a room/atmospheric scent than for use on yourself, but it's immensely refreshing and bracing. If you want a little bit of the sea to keep in a bottle, this would be the scent for you.
  5. Kytha

    Chocolate Blood

    A sideways ode to Hitchcocks Psycho, by way of Bosco Chocolate Syrup. In the bottle: chocolate syrup, sweet and sticky and overpowering. I almost put this down, but decided to give it a go anyway. Wet: A light, milky chocolate that makes me think of a hot fudge sundae, honestly. It's pleasant, but not overpowering. The chocolate is there, and a bit of sugar and vanilla, but it's still overall that cheap sweet chocolate smell. Dry: It develops a lot more complexity beyond 'chocolate,' but it's hard to pin down. The chocolate loses prominence very quickly, but a 'warmth' remains -- some kind of musk, I think, but tempered so that it's still faintly sweet. All in all, it lasted about 2 hours before I had to reapply. Turns slightly powdery at the end. In sum: I'm a fan! It's a surprisingly less foodie scent than I initially expected from a sniff, but I'm a big fan, as someone who normally doesn't go for food scents at all. I wish I had a better nose to pick out some of the other scent stuff going on here.