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BPAL Madness!

Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

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Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct.

Chaos Theory II: CDLI (451)

In the bottle this is sort of sweet and spicy. I think there's lotus in this, and maybe carnation? Or cinnamon, maybe?

Wet on my skin this immediately smells like cinnamon and bubblegum, and something foody, but within five minutes the bubblegum fades and it's all cinnamon.

As it dries, the cinnamon really hangs in there, though it does mellow out a bit. It's strong, but not overpowering (and as I'm not a cinnamon fan, my tolerance for it is pretty low, but this doesn't really bother me). After an hour or two, a bit of vanilla starts to come through, mellowing the cinnamon even more. And right around the three hour mark, the foody smell comes back, and I sort of think there might be some ginger in this, too.

Overall, it's a really interesting scent. A definite morph from bottle to drydown. I don't think I love it enough to keep it, but I'm going to wait a few days and give it another try to be sure.

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Chaos Theory II CLXXII


The lovely Cricketshay sent me a decant of this to try. :P


In the imp: Vanilla and milk. I sense a similarity to Milk Moon and Snow White. Hmm... Let's hope this doesn't turn out disastrous.


Wet: Definitely vanilla and milk, but minus whatever note in Snow White made me ill. I also don't feel slightly nauseous like I did with Milk Moon. This could be good!


Drydown: Still that creamy vanilla milk but I can smell something nutty -- I think it's almond. Maybe the teeniest whiff of coconut, but it's very very subtle.


Final thoughts: I like this. It's very pretty and comfy. I'm glad I got the chance to try it.

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Chaos Theory CCCXIX (319?)


From a swap with Cricketshay.

In the imp: pepper. Yup, lots of pepper-probably black pepper. I think there's something floral as well, and some dragon's blood (the oil is red)

Wet on skin: still very peppery. There's a hint of floral, which might be rose.

Dry on skin: mmm, this is nice! This is a spicy floral, flower petals and dragon's blood resin covered with ground pepper. An unusual combination, but it seems to work. I'm not sure what kind of flower is in this, it could be rose. I think I smell the dragon's blood here too, which, sometimes on my skin, takes on a clear 'floral' like smell.

After a while: the floral note gets stronger, and I have a feeling it could be jasmine or honeysuckle, maybe mixed with rose-it's now less of a 'red' floral and more of a white light floral scent. Still very peppery as well.

After two hours-yup, it's jasmine alright! Which is no bad thing since I love it…and the pepper makes it more interesting.

Verdict: another fascinating scent of chaos. This one is hot and spicy, with the instantly recognisable scent of ground peppercorns. It's mingled with dragon's blood and a floral note, and the drydown after a few hours is a lightly peppered jasmine. A wonderful scent, soft florals contrasting with spiky, hot pepper. If something similar was added to the BPAL catalogue, I'd probably buy more.


Chaos Theory CCLXXX (280?)


From a swap with Cricketshay.

In the imp: I think there's camomile in here. But there's also a note that reminds me of…toilet cleaner.

Wet on skin: there are two parts to this scent-a fairly pleasant scent that reminds me of soap (probably Pears or Dove) and an unpleasant, sharp not that reminds me of cleaning products.

Dry on skin: I think the soap note is lily of the valley and/or camomile, maybe jasmine, I can now smell it has become more floral, and more pleasant, it's a soft, powdery white floral. But that sharp 'toilet cleaner' note remains! I really don't like this. I hope it improves.

After a while: this reminds me, unfortunately, of those soaps you get in public toilets. There's a sweet floral, like a blossom scent with white powdery florals, but there's that chemical scent that really disagrees with me. It's more bearable, but it's still not me.

After a few hours, it finally becomes lovely. A soft, sweet floral with a hint of something fruity which I think is pear. It could also be lotus, which I love.

Verdict: this CT did not agree with me at all, I'm afraid. There's a soapy soft floral that attempts to redeem this scent, but there's also a note that is harsh and almost chemical smelling that reminds me of bathroom or toilet cleaner. I really don't like this, I'm afraid, and my skin is really amping the cleaning product smell. The drydown, however, is lovely, but I can't handle this scent for an hour before it changes to that nice drydown. Hopefully someone else will find this better, so I'm swapping it.


(Last reviewed by Digital_Hypoxia.)

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Chaos Theory CDLXIX (469)


I've been putting off reviewing this because I couldn't figure out any of the ingredients, and what kind of review would it be to say, "it just smells good!"


But having worn it a few times now, I think I can at least describe it...


It smells like dark musk, with sugary cotton candy and berries mixed in. In other words, it's kind of like the perfume equivalent of cotton candy: the fluffy yet strong texture of the cotton candy is the musk, with the sweet scent of the cotton candy (maybe raspberry/blackberry cotton candy?) dominating.


And it has pretty good staying power. I wore it through a workout, and had traces of scent hours later.


I only bought one bottle, and this one seems like a keeper. :P

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okay, I got Chaos Theory CDXCVI (I have no idea what number that is, and this is my first CT).


I'm a little muddled as to what's in here... it's very pretty, light, and kind of floral/ sweet. I would say, there are berries, and flowers. and maybe a teensy bit of either something minty, or something that can seem minty (kind of like the pineapple in Chaste Moon did to some). I got it with my 13, and they're not that far apart - this CT definitely has something sugary sweet in it. to me it smells like a lighter, more innocent version of Jezebel.


I like it! however, after I slathered a bunch on, my BF and his friend came in and made faces going, "ugh, what happened in here? it smells like a bath shop". which they explained meant, artificially sweet and cloying. then, I started to get more of a waxy candley smell from it... so I may just decant myself an imp of it and swap/ sell the bottle.


edited to add: now I'm thinking that in addition to sugar, and fruits (berries and plum, I think), there is a bit of carnation, giving it that spicy yet slightly waxy thing. I am liking it better and better, and think I won't have the "oh, no, bath shop" thing if I don't slather a ton on at once. wearing it lightly, it's a very lovely, girlish, sweet, springtime scent... a keeper!

Edited by jessamynit

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Also reviewed by queenb.


First off, how fun is it to say, "cee cee cee ecks, cee i ecks"? It's like a cheer! :P

Secondly, in the bottle it's a buttery... something... sort of mint, sort of cinnamon. On the skin, it's a bright Doublemint mint on top of a Big Red cinnamon. Then comes a whiff of berries, not unlike Yule 2004's Yuletide blend.

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Chaos Theory LXXVIII (78)


From a swap with Laochodia.

In the imp: omg cinnamon!!!!! This smells like cinnamon and orange-it smells like Christmas!

Wet on skin: still cinnamon, which is lovely, but there's also something herbal, spicy or slightly boozy in the background. there's an almost medicinal feel to it, kinda like a hot toddy to warm you up in the winter.

Dry on skin: cinnamon, yum! And also something that could be ginger beer or tea. This smells like chai tea without the milk, with ginger added. This smells like a warm, comforting winter drink-perfect for the cold, rainy unseasonable weather I'm having now! It is reminiscent of the Lion, but warmer and spicier. It's got a fabulous spicy bite! It also has an effervescent quality that reminds me of Lush's Hot Java.

After a while: damn it, this is delicious! This is the Holy Grail of spice blends! It's sweet, warm, spicy, and comforting. I think there's also cardamom, pepper and nutmeg here, mingled with the cinnamon and ginger. It has a sparkling quality, it reminds me of those little sparkler fireworks, those little sparkling sticks you wave around, gentle yet fiery. I wish this was released as a regular or LE scent!

Verdict: this is my absolute favourite out of all the CT blends I've tried. It smells like chai tea!!! Yup, this smells like black chai tea with cinnamon and ginger and possibly some pepper. There's a wonderful cinnamon kick in this scent. This is a warm, cosy blend that makes me want to snuggle up with a hot toddy when it's cold and rainy outside. It's perfect for winter and Christmas, and will be the scent I reach for if I have a cold, since it makes me feel so warmed. I will cherish this little decanted imp, my most treasured of Chaos Theories, and my perfect chai tea blend (that is, until Bengal comes along.)


(Previously reviewed by sihaya09.)

Edited by Shollin

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Chaos Theory II CCCLV (not a clue)


I pounced this one when it's previous owner mentioned "compost and rotting flowers" they wanted rid of (okay, so I'm odd)


first is a lovely dark fertile Earthiness, with Rose where it is at the point of dying, where the scent sweetens to a narcotic height, and creamy Jasmine.


after a while on the skin all that becomes accompanied by my much loved "milk" note and the hint of bitter dark chocolate.




and yet, so sad there will never be another bottle of this for me.

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Chaos Theory CCCLXXXII (382)


From a swap with OriginalWacky

In the imp: oh dear, this one smells really harsh and medicinal, quite chemical. A bit like something antiseptic.

Wet on skin: dang it, it really is like antiseptic! There's a really harsh, sharp, chemical scent here that doesn't agree with me at all. In the background, something sweet and floral attempts to break through.

Dry on skin: still that chemical scent that I don't like, but there's a soft floral background. It reminds me of another CT that I tried and disagreed with, but I think there could be a different floral here. It seems like jasmine or lotus, or gardenia, or maybe plumeria/frangipani?? The floral gets clearer and creamier, attempting to push away the barrier of that nasty scent that masks it.

After a while: that's more like it. It's now become a soft, white floral scent which may be jasmine, gardenia, lotus or honeysuckle, or a mixture of all or a few of these. It's lovely now.

Verdict: this is another CT that has a medicinal, harsh note that I can't stand. It reminds me of antiseptic or cleaning products. But, like the other scent that was similar, this one also has a floral scent that attempts to redeem it. It's a gorgeous creamy floral, very full and smooth that gradually gets stronger and pushes the 'antiseptic' scent to the side-it could be jasmine, maybe frangipani. After about half an hour, the scent is a nice, soft floral with no annoying medicinal smell. If it was just that floral drydown and nothing more, I would like it better-I just can't handle the first 30 minutes of this scent, so I might swap it.

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Chaos Theory DCXLIX (#649)


In the bottle: Wine and currants. This is a very purplish red burgundy kind of scent, very thick and rich.


Wet, on skin: There are flowers in here too, heady and rich. The more I smell this, the more I think that it's a combination of Hunter Moon and Dia De Los Muertos, all autumn wine and flowers with the faintest hint of smoke. It's not quite the same: no autumn leaves, chocolate or blood, but it has many of the same elements to it.


Dry, on skin: It dries down to a lovely rich musky note that's lightly sprinkled with wine.


Conclusion: Oh, I love this. It's just a really beautiful fragrance.

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Chaos Theory DCV (605)

(my own order)

Bottle Sweet, fresh, with slight tinges of bubblegum. Strangely enough on a really hot day it smelled a LOT more like bubblegum than just the sweet and fruity that it does today when it's 20 degreese cooler!


Wet on Skin Starts off very much like Jailbait with something fruit ish underneath. Very sweet, but not sickey sweet. More of cotton candy or light whisps of candied pears.


Drying and after a while Holy hells I can't take my nose off of it. I feel like a certian SNL Supah Stah since I keep whipping my wrists up to sniff. I'm really shocked when it seems to smell VERY close to Blue Moon. I note less of the straight melonish scent tho, more of a light candy. Also lacking lunar oils (obviously)



YUM! I really REALLY like it. I've always loved bubblegum like in Jailbait, but this doesn't have the same undertone- it echoes spun candy and as the day goes on more fruit scents of Blue Moon.

CT2 compleatly rocks!!!!!!! Thanks Lab!

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Er, I posted this in the CT2 discussion thread... and then figured it was detailed enough to be my reviews for my three CT2s. :P I have to say that the last two both remind me of Queen of Spades a bit, though they are distinctly different... that's a good thing, I love the spicy red/purple scents!




DCXXI (621) - kind of butter-rummy; unfortunately, my chemistry adds a bit of sweetness to everything, and this one is a bit too much for me (I can barely handle Milk Moon - this is more along the lines of Jack in terms of butteryness). I'll have to find it a new home.



DCLIV (654) - in the bottle it smells lotusy, and on my skin, it's like a fruity lotus with a hint of spice. Much more my style! I think of scents in terms of color, and this one is Crayola's red-violet (of course, they've probably come up with a snazzier name for red-violet by now, but I'm a purist, dammit). A good late-summer/early-autumn scent, I think.



DCLXXX (680) - oooooh... spice! And I think there's some incense, too - there's a waft of exotic perfuminess to it. It's deep violet with little sparkles, and I'm picturing a belly-dancer. This smells like an exotic and mysterious woman's scent - great for my alter ego, because in reality, I'm about as mysterious as a bag of socks.

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Chaos Theory CCCXLVI (346)


Now this shows how crap I am at picking out notes from perfumes without help from previous reviews. However, I can say that Chaos Theory 346 is an interesting mx between food and floral and fresh. I think there is Lotus in it, and that becomes dominant on my skin. Very faintly in the background, there is a slight burnt sugar smell that I get from Sugar Skull as well. The unusual pairing of the two make an interesting scent. It is perhaps a little too flowery for me, but I find myself already attached to this bottle since it is so unique.

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Chaos Theory DXVI (516)


From a swap with OriginalWacky

In the imp: holy moly, this oil is BLUE!!! That is weird. I wonder where that colour is from? Anyway, the scent…it's like sweet coconut candy with mint, and a refreshing, probably ozone-y or marine smelling edge. It reminds me of the coconut scent of Milk Moon without the sour smell.

Wet on skin: mmm, this is nice! This is like Milk Moon-with the coconut milk and mint, but instead of the sour milk that I disliked, there's a bit of ozone. Not stormy ozone, but marine ozone-which I like. It's like the spray of breaking waves.

Dry on skin: this smells like summer on the beach, drinking coconut milk by the seashore. A fresh mint and oceanic ozone and sea spray and a bit of coconut. Very refreshing and perfect for summer, and very cooling. It reminds me of holidays on tropical beaches.

After a while: the coconut scent strengthens. It has a milky aspect which is like sweetened coconut milk or cream. There's still a hint of sea spray and mint, but now coconut is the dominant note.

After a few hours, I have coconut milk and something that reminds me of lotus! (Maybe it's blue lotus-considering the oil's colour?) I love this CT...

Verdict: this is a gorgeous summer scent, and it's the first ever blue BPAL I've encountered-and the colour matches the scent. This is a marine aquatic fragrance, which is like summer on a tropical island of blue skies and bluer seas. You've just been surfing, diving, swimming in the ocean, and now you're sitting on the beach and you crack open a fresh coconut and drink the milk inside. This is what it smells like. Coconut milk (which smells startlingly like it's come from a freshly cut coconut) with marine ozone and a little bit of sea salt cooled down by mint. It's perfect for summer and makes me think of beautiful beaches and holidays to far flung exotic islands. I love it, and I'll cherish the half imp I have of it.


Chaos Theory CCCLXXXVIII (388)


From a swap with OriginalWacky

In the imp: another harsh chemical cleaner smell! Dang it, I'm getting a bad run of these CTs! This too has a floral background.

Wet on skin: yeesh! A lot of the CTs I've tried seem to share a common note-and it's one that disagrees with me completely. A harsh, medicinal, antiseptic like smell. Here too, there's that soapy floral scent. Another one that, unfortunately, reminds me of just-cleaned bathrooms. At least it smells clean!

Dry on skin: still that chemical scent that I don't like, still that soft floral scent that attempts to break through. Yup, it seems almost like a clone of those other CTs, which seems impossible-unless my skin is being a bitch??

After a while: after half an hour, the lovely floral scent is now strong-and it's really nice. I think it could be jasmine or honeysuckle. If it was just that in the perfume, I would like this CT better.

Verdict: I don't know why, but three of the CTs I've tried all have a harsh scent like chemicals coupled with a floral background that just smells like antiseptic or cleaning product. Yes, this is another CT I don't like, and even if it does have a nice drydown, which it does, I just can't handle the chemical scent. I'm intrigued to know what it is though. I'll have to swap this one off.

Edited by yeahbutnobut

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Pineapple at first, with a shot of almond and coconut. There is a perfumy background all the while that the blend is wet. On drydown the perfumy background comes forward and the pineapple recedes just a bit. No more almond and the coconut comes forward. There may be some ginger in the drydown, as a matter of fact I am quite sure there is. It is a nice summery scent, sort of a fruit bowl sprinkled with ginger and I think that's most attractive.


(Previously reviewed by joseybird.)


ADDED Feb. 17:




I got to smell this one today and I must say it is more buttery/vanilla like than most of the Chaos Theories I have smelled. This starts out as a very sophisticated vanilla, not a cotton candy type but a clover and butter and vanilla and sweetgrass type of opening, this combined with the acacia* which I smell in every Chaos Theory and is the one element which provides the harmony to hold this many different scents together.


At the moment, I would be willing to say that CCCXLVII is my favorite Chaos Theory of all. It is charming and takes full advantage of everything that acacia has to offer. It cools down to a level where you can smell it well (though it is not a broadcasting scent, it is personal and does stay close to your skin at all times). It is lovely and I am glad I snagged an imp of it, even if it was way late after the Chaos Theory fever had worn off.


Real good.


*I am making a wild guess that acacia was the note that ran through Chaos Theory. I could be wrong as hell, but I will be you a peanut that I am right here.

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Chaos Theory DCX (610?)


In the bottle very light and sweet. Alomst fruity and maybe some cucumber in it as well. Kind of like walking outside in a garden in the sumer with a soft breeze going by.


Wet: still very sweet with something sharp hiding just under all these sweets


Five minutes after I put it on it turns almost smokey and powdery. At this point I don't like it and it almost gives me a headache.


After fully dry the sweet fruity scent comes back but only softer and nicer. It drys ever well on me. If I can just stand it for the 45 minutse that it smells funky on me.


I really like it I think I'll keep it but maybe swap out a few imps of it though because I don't see myself using the who 5ml..

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Chaos Theory II DXIII (513)


In the bottle, it's sweet, floral/berry. Wet I get a brief hint of mint before it goes a little fruityand dry. It dries down to a floral lemony citrus, lemongrass maybe? It's really nice, clean, fresh scent, reminds me of lemon sorbet.


Unfortunately, I don't like citrus scents! I've tested this one three times to try to love it, but it's just not me. Time to let this butterfly fly off.

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Chaos DCXXIV (624)

From my large 5/8 Happy Birthday To Me order.


In the Bottle ALLMOST identicle to my other (605), but slight notes of chocolate in the background.


Wet More of a warm scent than my 605, the chocolate comes out, as well as a cotton candy sweetness with the bubblegum.


Drydown Fan-tabulious! During differnt points in the day the notes decide to do their own solos. Bubblegum, wintergreenish/sweet, chocolate, cotton candy, and even a slight allmost coffee-esque appearence is notated.


I truly love how these both have very similar bases, yet as I wear them both, they are entirely differnt beasts! I call this particular Chaos my Candy Shoppe scent, since it smells allmost identicle to Granite State Candy Shoppe (local home made sweet emporium). I don't think I possibly could have lucked out more with these two! Huzzah~

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Here are the reviews of the chaos theories I have obtained, I hope that putting them all in one big post is okay.



1. CLXXXII (182) - I picked up this bottle via ebay needing an bpal fix.

Vial~ It comes across clean smelling and there is this light melon smell to it.

Wet~ same light sweet scent as in the vial.

Dry~ it has become a bit more buttery and the sweetness has toned down.

All in all it is a nice scent. Scale of 1 to 5 -> 4


2. CCXLI (241) - Another one I picked up off of ebay during my need of a bpal fix

Vial~ Oh man is this fruity, just not sure which fruits they are. Maybe more . like a Beaujolais.

Wet~ I think I can pick out some tartness in this scent, now I am guessing

The fruit is pomegranite

Dry ~ Unfortunately the scent disappeared on my hand really quick, I am

Having a hard time picking up any trace of scent now. Think I need

To give this one another try.


3. DXXVI (526) – This one was gifted to me from the wonderful people at BB

Vial~ MMMM, red ripe strawberries, nothing else, it is as if you are

Smelling them right off the vine. Need to get out my strawberry moon to compare the two.

Wet~ I have compared the two and the only thing similar is the

Strawberries. This one is just plain fresh strawberries on the vine,

So ripe, plump and sweet

Dry~ It stayed the same, just tamed down, I prefer this one to strawberry

Moon, which personally was just too over the top.

Scale of 1 to 5 -> 4


4.DC (600) – This is one of five that I bought from the Lab (I went a little crazy)

Vial~ lightly fruity, yet aquatic with a hint of spice in the background

Wet~ the fruit goes away, the scent is still very light with just a touch of

Cinnamon. If I were to have guessed the fruit I would have to say


Dry~ A very light scent, especially for the summer.

Scale of 1 to 5 ->3.5


5.DCI (601) -

Vial~ this one is watery and very lightly floral

Wet ~ having a hard time placing the scents, maybe some orchid

Dry ~ clean smelling, aquatic, another light and refreshing scent for

Summer. Not sure if this one will be a keeper. Scale of 1 to 5 -> 3.5


6. DCXXXVII (637) –

Vial~ Rich, buttery Rum. But not as cloying as Grog.

Wet ~ on my skin it is not as rich, the creamy, buttery scent is staying true.

Dry ~ As opposed to the lighter scents I have so far, this one is heavy and

thick,It should do well for a winter scent. Scale of 1 to 5 -> 4


7.DCXLVIII (648)-


Vial~ Red berries with some pine in the background

Wet~ It doesn’t smell anything like it did in the bottle. Now it has an entirely

Different fragrance. It is soft and the berries are very mild.

Dry~ It has remant fragrance of berries but it also has this warming scent to it

At the same time. It is a truly beautiful scent. Scale of 1 to 5 ->5


8. DCLXXIII (673)-


Vial~ A light aquatic note with what I think could be citrus and ginger

Wet~ The Ginger has come out more and the citrus has died. It is a warm

But still holds it aquatic notes.

Dry~ Now it has morphed again, the ginger is still there, but slightly and

Once in a while it was a bit of fruit. It kind of reminds me of those jelly

Sugar drops. Kind of sweet, but also kind of spicy at the same time.

Scale of 1 to 5 ->5

Edited by Sistinas

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Chaos Theory II: DVIII (508)


From the moment I received this I loved it, but I had a devil of a time figuring out what was in it. It was light but with a good deal of throw, sweet and slightly fruity, but also strongly floral. (And I don't like florals, in general, but this one is extremely pleasant.) It's almost exactly the same on me as it is in the bottle, and lasts a good few hours, retaining the faint sweetness all through, which for me and my ravenous skin chemistry is quite a long time.


So I took the bottle to work and passed it around. One person said it smelled just like it contained Ecuadorian Rose which is apparently -- and I'll take her word for this because my knowledge of roses is limited to "they're often red" -- large, extremely fragrant and sweet. Two other people were positive it contained almond, but as the CT2 blends don't contain nut oils I'd guess there is perhaps a touch of cherry. There's also a second floral scent that I can't identify but is definitely not rose, and I'm convinced there's also a touch of spice.


All in all an absolutely lovely blend. I'm not at all sure I'll manage to use it sparingly despite not being able to acquire more. :P

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Chaos Theory DCXLII / 642


I guess, as they say, the third time is the charm.


This is just lovely, and very much a me sort of scent. It is soft, sweet, and not at all cloying. It reminds me of cotton candy, grenadine syrup, and whisper soft florals. I cannot sort all of the notes out, but the sugar is undeniable. It seems like it could be Pink Moon’s sweeter cousin.

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I had the chance to try the lovely Chaos Theory XXXVI thanks to sihaya09 and I am posting her review below.


My impressions were very similar. This blend was a sweet combination of vanilla and fruit. The fruit scent was a bit vague and I couldn't identify it as a specific type. There was a faint edge of white musk that adds depth to the scent.


I enjoyed its initial stages immensely. Unfortunately, the scent became powdery on my skin very quickly, obscuring the vanilla/fruit blend. This Chaos Theory remained pure powder with a faint hint of fruit and musk until it faded completely after an hour or so.


sihaya09's review


(Last reviewed by olympia301.)

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I received an imp of Chaos Theory CCCLXXII via graycat whose review is below.


I had a very different impression of this scent than graycat. I picked up some citrus but even more strongly a juicy tropical fruit like mango or papaya. It was very rich and tangy to the point where the fruit became oppressive and overwhelming.


The fruit scent on its own would be fabulous if it wasn't trying to choke me.


graycat's review


(Last reviewed by roesmoker.)

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chaos theory II number CDXCV


in the bottle: strong herbs! green and fresh.


on my wrist, wet: an herbal scent i know well, but can't bring to mind. my husband says pineapple sage. i think lavender. fresh lavender. perhaps some mint, as well.


on my wrist, dry: the strong herbal smell has dissipated, although the scents still remain, as if you were sitting in a summer herb garden with a light breeze blowing across their flowers.


drydown: now there is a background note of some light, white florals, interspersed with the herbs. all in all a nice light summer fragrance.


nicely done!

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Chaos Theory 2 DXLII (542)


In the bottle: slightly sweet, creamy, almost reminiscent of far off gummi sharks when the odd marshmallowy stuff on the bottoms.


Wet: still sweet and creamy, but with something dark and woodsy mixed in. Someone went on a hike in the woods and dropped their gummy sharks in a patch of recently dug up by a wild animal earth.


Drying down, about 15 minutes after application: the gummy sharks are being trampled on, buried in the loose earth, crushed under twigs and assorted wildflowers that haven't yet bloomed.


Drying down, about 30 minutes after application: the wildflowers have bloomed, overtaking everything else. They are very faint, almost just a lingering scent memory from the walk in the woods.


I don't know if it's something in this bottle, but I felt fine when I applied it, and have since returned to the nauseous, queasy, killer sinus headachey state I was in yesterday. I think I will try this again in a week or so to see if I get the same reaction. If so, it'll be getting swapped because I am not fond of random sinus headaches spurred on my my perfume. :P


I shall review my second CT2 at a later time.

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