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    Time with my husband, ceramics, reading, travel, making jewelry, karate, cooking, eating, art history, handmade books and cool paper, my dog, perfume (of course), glass, snorkeling, starting my own business, writing a book, and trying new things selectively.
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    Lick It, Dirty, Hungry Ghost Moon, Theodosius, 13 (Oct. 2006), 51, Peacock Queen, Snake Oil, Jabberwocky, Dorian, Dana O'Shee, Lion, Kumiho, Midway, Dublin, Pele, Florence, Spellbound, Ulalume, Alice, and Absinthe. LIKE: green, herb, woods, vanilla, pear, apple, citrus, cinnamon, Hawaiian white ginger, amber, red musk, berries as supporting note, white flowers, rose (when it works=seldom) DISLIKE: Lotus, jasmine, dragon's blood, strong florals, ozone, white musk, ginger, saffron, berries as dominant note, blood orange


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  1. empi girl

    Teatime in Roswell

    I wasn't entirely sure if I would like this scent because of the cucumber, but had to have it. And it has turned out to be a complete winner on me! I think it smells somewhat like 51, with the addition of syrupy honey and a hint of watery cucumber. And the cucumber works well here, lending just a hint of watery feeling without bashing you over the head saying "CUCUMBER!". Lasts several hours, and stays pretty true. Towards the end, it reminds me Theodosius, which must be the tea. I might need a back-up bottle of this one, it's so nice.
  2. empi girl

    Skytyping with Chemtrails

    When wet, a sweet lemon and sugar scent that has the zing of the lenongrass in it. Dries down after a bit to sweet hard lemon candies. Very nice. After 1-1 1/2 hours, it becomes a creamy musky scent, with no real trace of lemon, and reminds me of coconut. Odd, I know. In fact, it reminds me distinctly of Obatala at that point, and while I tried, I had to wash it off. Something at this point doesn't agree with me. Sadly, this one will be off to swaps.
  3. empi girl

    Scents for Clubbing

    Usually Perversion. Sultry, sexy, a little smoky-sweet.
  4. empi girl


    As advertised, a sweet rose. Very nice, full and pretty. No sharp greenery to be found. Not plasticky, either, or too sugary sweet. It reminds me a lot of the Peacock Queen, however, and therefore will probably not be a keeper, since I already have PQ. Otherwise, I would hold onto this for sure! A beautiful rose!
  5. empi girl

    Velvet Panther

    Not what I was expecting...I was hoping for more of the star anise, but on me, it is mainly black musk, vetiver and perhaps the king mandarin. Very cologne-like, actually. I'm going to re-test later, and then have my husband try it out. It seems like it should work better on him!
  6. empi girl


    Light, clean, ethereal indeed! It manages not to smell like laundry, or soap, or be sharp on me. Nothing really stands out distinctly, it's simply a light, slightly sweet citrus and air scent (and not ozone-y, because I can't do ozone), that gives me a lift. Bottle worthy!
  7. empi girl


    The spices amped on me, so while I wanted to love this, and love the scent of apples, this one is more like apple being bludgeoned by cinnamon sticks. The cinnamon is heavy, and because it amps on me, a little potpourri-ish. No creaminess that I can detect and the apple is far in the background. Not a keeper, though I wish it was!
  8. empi girl

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    As others have said, red musk and clove. I love red musk, but have never found quite the right blend with it. But I think with Mircalla, I have a keeper. I like how the clove keeps the sweetness of the red musk in check, and adds a layer of interest to it. Those are pretty much the only notes I get, and that is fine with me. A bottle for sure; it will be interesting to see if aging brings out the other notes more.
  9. empi girl


    A light sweet candied rose. It smells almost fruity at first, then as this dies down it becomes a soft, clinging sweet rose with the incense in the background. It's a lighter, sweeter version of Parlement of Foules, on me. Very pale, feminine and delicate. I like it, but I like other roses more.
  10. empi girl

    The Girl

    This completely makes up for Antique Lace and Snow White both being total fail on me!!! It's like what both of them could have been, but aren't. Thank you Beth! This is a beautiful soft vanilla and musk scent, and it LASTS! I tried it on at 1:30, and it is still noticeable at 8:30. In my book, that is impressive. And the scent hasn't morphed much, but remained true, a lovely, soft and slightly powdery vanilla, though it may have had a more visible floral component initially. I would never have tried it without those will-call reviews, because it has jasmine and ylang ylang-yet I LOVE IT!!! Bottle purchase, maybe two.
  11. empi girl

    Pumpkin II (2009)

    I had high expectations for this one, since most pumpkins are too buttery for me to wear. I thought the rose and sandalwood might temper it a bit... Initially, it is ALL buttery pumpkin, but eventually it lets a little rosewood in. Gradually the rose joins the group, and it comes on strong at first, drowning out most of the pumpkin. However, as it wears, the rose softens, the red sandalwood is in the background, and a beautiful soft rose scent is the result. It isn't a green rose, just a beautiful and gentle tea rose. I have a few rose scents already, and am undecided what to do with this one. I was hoping for just a wee bit more pumpkin to share with the rose. Perhaps aging would do that? As it is, it is a beautiful blend, and my expectations were definitely met.
  12. empi girl


    I totally get the comparisons to Midway. Midway is one of my favorites, and this has a similar cotton candy/salt water taffy scent to it, though not as strong. Up close, it smells almost spicy, and I don't smell the spun sugar, but the waft is pure deliciousness. The linen keeps it from being too sweet and also keeps it bright. I love it! I might even grab a second bottle of this one. (edited to add, I don't get the same vanilla sweetness as Antique Lace, which never quite works on me and ends up dusty-funky. This doesn't do that, so don't be scared if that's your experience with AL too.)
  13. empi girl

    Under the Harvest Moon

    I loved just about all the notes in this, and the poem that accompanied it, so I knew I had to spring for a bottle right away. And I'm so glad I did. This is a beautiful scent! The musks are strongest in the beginning with the lavender and carnation blending together for a gentle spiciness and a sweetness lingering in the back-probably the vanilla. It starts out soft and I thought it would disappear quickly, but it hasn't. It's stuck around and become a little stronger. I keep getting wafts of it, and wishing I'd gotten 2 bottles. In the dry down it has become a soft amber-vanilla bean-musk with an airy feel.
  14. Yes, Penny Dreadful is a great scent!
  15. empi girl

    Which oils say, cool detached authority?

    I was thinking of Kumiho, which is cool and crisp, and conveys confidence without being overwhelming.