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  1. Galena


    I love this. I absolutely love it. Tuberose is one of my favourite florals, and it's there alright. but you know what. on my skin this is like a Lush Shop with incense burning. if they made an incense scented like Lush, this would be it. it's actually quite fruity on me, but I rather like that, because things which are meant to be fruity usually turn into cats pee on my skin. Florals and resins are however great with my skin chemistry, and this has them in abundance. when I first put it on I had a momentary panic that there could be Cinnnamon Bark, which goes mental on my skin and overpowers everything and sometimes gives me a rash into the bargain. after that momentary metallic moment which only lasted a minute it turned into that gorgeous, sweet, warm, resiny floral that it is now.
  2. Galena

    Parlement of Foules

    I found this lovely and warm and spicy resin on me, more so than floral. it's absolutely yummy.
  3. Galena


    I love it. my initial impressions was violets, which is odd. but with a kick up the arse, and a proper sniff. Tuberose, my beloved Tuberose, in your face and sweet and heady and dizzying Dear Gods I love white florals. you can see why so many white flowers are used to cover the smell of rotting bodies. it's just so overpowering. this is just lots of heady lovely evening blooming flowers. like Chiroptera should have been.
  4. Galena

    The Sleeper

    Wow. this took me back to my first time.... because this is a lot like Mata Hari, to me. not in that it smells the same, but because it just took me straight back to the moment I opened the bottle and took a sniff, and was lost to the lab. in the same way, this is warm and sophisticated, expensive smelling and unique. this on me after the initial drydown, a really spicy, posh, resiny floral. I kept grabbing my own wrist for a sniff, when I was out yesterday.
  5. Galena

    Blood Moon 2005

    only that would be cinnamon bark. and my skin isn't raised and red. this has an old pine scent. not strong, but faded like long dropped needles. leafmold. and blood. actual, metallic blood. a little dried. and....... that soft, sweet, but very light butteriness of Black Opal. what the..? and then as it warms on the skin, it goes from the spilt blood of sacrifice to the warm blood racing beneath the skin, with a hint of spice and skin. it's reborn. if this were earthier, and more animal, this would be my Herne scent. it's captured a lot of how I see him. I'll try layering it with Burial......
  6. Galena

    Rain Scents

    Burial. damp Earth after rain.
  7. ooooh, is there anything that smells anything like Ladyboy?
  8. should I have heard anything yet?
  9. Galena

    Sister likes Vera Wang

    put her off the VW by telling her she smells like Wang okay, that's childish.
  10. thanks. I've e-mailed. even offered to keep the extra midway (because it is lovely) and pay for LITA again.
  11. Midway is nice, lovely in fact, but I ordered one bottle, and got two, but no Love in the Asylum, which I Really wanted. what can I do?
  12. Galena

    Rocky Horror Picture Show Type Scent?

    I'd probably go for Carnivale. just seems right.
  13. Anubis is LOVELY what I like about myrrh is that it winds down to a lovely warm skin sort of smell. resins work brilliantly on my skin, and Myrrh on me is a sexy skin smell. if you can get it, Bruja is a lovely example of this. "Menacing, bewitching and darkly sexual. A blend of myrrh, amber and lilac." think it might be in Hexennacht too, as it has the incense and warm skin smell.
  14. Galena

    Jewel Tone Scents

    I want Black Opal. even if it smells of poo. I adore Black Opals.