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  1. wintersmelody

    Gothic Horror

    The description for this is spot on. A bit of incensy floral and maybe that's the dust I'm smelling on a deeper huff? It reminds me of this little wooden vanity I had as a kid. It was probably at least 25 years old and this deep down smell reminds me of how the back of the drawers smelled. Like dry old dusty wood. I really like this one as well!
  2. wintersmelody

    Psychological Horror

    Oh wow. Just. WOW. This is one I was super super excited to try! I don't get the Snow White comparison that some do but it's more of a light powdery cleanliness without being soapy. And there's some floral going on as well but it's not in your face. And is that a bit of musk? It's just so well blended that it's hard to pick out one particular note. This is just an absolutely gorgeous blend.
  3. wintersmelody


    WELL HELLO THERE VETIVER! I gave Kroenen a test anyway though all I smelt upon opening the vial was my dreaded nemesis vetiver (as you might've guessed). Upon drydown tough though it was I believe I detected some patchouli as well some musk. Once fully dry and given time to mellow Kroenen turned out to be not so bad even though I amp vetiver to the point of headaches. Not for me but I can see that some will absolutely ADORE this scent!
  4. wintersmelody


    On this one I have to agree with Eutectic, in that it's really hard to qualify. First sniff, yes lovely! I seem to be getting mostly vanilla with some sort of light floral perfume. And maybe a hint, a hiiiint of light smoke. I think I need a bottle of this when it goes live. Oh yes.
  5. wintersmelody

    Parker Lily

    Oh damn. I was hoping to absolutely hate this like I do another rare (I'm looking at you Storyville!) So that I could safely dodge the bullet. But unfortunately this is gorgeous. It seems to be a mix of floral and fruity without too much of either, but it's just so beautifully blended its super hard to pick out exactly what it's composed of. My poor little tester won't last long but I'm sure I'll keep the vial for ages just to huff.
  6. wintersmelody


    I got excited the moment this was first announced since Sunbird is my absolute favorite short story by Neil. Then an awesome friend gave me a tester to last til my set arrives! This really is reminding me of something that I can't put my nose on.. Like others have mentioned it's warm and herbal without being overpowering. Summer sunshine in a bottle. And absolutely gorgeous! I'm uber excited for my bottle now! If you're worried about it being smokey or OMGVETIVER you're in luck I get neither smokey or vetiver, which is great since the later is 99.9% dewm on me.
  7. wintersmelody


    I could definitely tell this was a wine blend immediately! It does bring to mind the holidays what with the clove, cinnamon, spices.. A bottle will be cherished! It's like the holidays in a bottle!
  8. wintersmelody


    This on me was pure black licorice. I got no vanilla or anything just licorice. I swapped this one out pretty quickly!
  9. wintersmelody

    Treat #1

    Sweet sweet sweet! It's like drinking liquid Jolly Ranchers, tart and sweet at the same time!
  10. wintersmelody

    Treat #2

    I just got a partial bottle of this and I must say, I need moar! It's like a Terry's chocolate orange mixed with copious amounts of coconut and mint! Completely yummylicious and a foodies delight! It stays pretty much the same throughout a wearing without really morphing much at all.
  11. wintersmelody

    Lump of Coal

    Absolutely gorgeous! Really it's just pure chocolate overload brownie deliciousness! Can I eat my arm now?
  12. wintersmelody

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    I was pretty excited to try this one considering my love for tea scents but this is TEA to the extreme! In the bottle and first on it's rather like the tea has karate chopped my sense of smell. To the point I smell as if I've bathed in a vat of Lipton iced tea! But then the longer it's on as it dries it tends to mellow out into something quite gorgeous! But I'm just not sure how I feel about that first half hour or so. I'll give it a go in the Clocket methinks.
  13. wintersmelody

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    Guava, orange peel, white pepper, spun sugar and apple blossom. I love this blend so much! At first sniff it's almost exclusively bubble gum, but then the pepper makes a quick cameo nothing more. It's very much the same when on, perhaps a bit more fruity than just in the bottle. I think my half bottle will not last long!
  14. wintersmelody

    June Gloom 2009

    This blend is rather hard to describe. Going by the reviews for the original they must've reformulated? Everyone talks about LEMON and I get a lovely soft floral, summer rain and the barest hint of a citrus. It's really quite gorgeous. I'm glad I got a bottle unsniffed and will surely get at least 1 more backup, this is the perfect summer scent!
  15. wintersmelody

    Belle Époque

    I've heard so many good things about this blend and was so excited to get an imp! It was faint in the imp and when applied I couldn't even smell it after the first 2 minutes. Oh well, on to stronger and better things!