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  1. SmileCat

    Brown Thrasher

    Sweet rum distillate with tobacco absolute, white sandalwood, and warm brown musk. This blend, on me, is quite a morpher. In the bottle it's all rum and musk. When it hits my skin, there's a blast of something almost candy-ish, but when it dries down, it's a warm, velvety tobacco and sandalwood with a hint of brown sugar. Very comforting scent.
  2. SmileCat

    Best Scent to Wear When Naked

  3. SmileCat


    Shexy shexy whales. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to describe the smell of ambergris without resorting to "well, it smells like ambergris." Ambergris is one of those things that is used as the basal descriptor. Other things smell like ambergris; ambergris smells like nothing else. Ambergris SN on me is sweet without being sugary, musky and decidedly marine without being aquatic. For the first couple hours it is *strong*. I used one small drop and walked around in a cloud of glowing sperm whale essence, probably much to the confusion of my fellow BART train riders. It doesn't turn you on, but it definitely turns heads. I'm not sure how Beth managed to get this to smell oceanic without smelling like ocean, but she managed it. It doesn't smell so much salty as the memory of salt. And sunshine and waves. It eventually fades down to a softer, fuzzy amber-type scent. Deep down it's still cavorting whales, but maybe baby whales instead of mature adults. I imagine that time and aging will round out the baby whale dry down into something truly magnificent. Not bad for being finely aged whale poop. I think I need multiple bottles.
  4. SmileCat

    Noh Mask and Maple Leaves

    Trees, trees, trees. This is very strong, slightly sharp, and smells almost identical to the Japanese tea garden in San Francisco.
  5. SmileCat

    Lesbian/bi themed scents!

    Oh, there's nothing clothed or subtle about the coding of female vampirism = lesbianism. That's a well-established subtext (or text).
  6. SmileCat

    Lesbian/bi themed scents!

    I don't know of any, but I would dearly love some. I want a Queen Christina blend!
  7. SmileCat

    Banshee Beat

    A tousled, sexy mix of patchouli, vanilla, and hemp. Holy crap, I like this. I hate patchouli, but BB dries down into this wonderful, warm, sweet, woodsy scent. The hemp gives it a sweetish dry grass note and the vanilla and patchouli play along beautifully. All day I kept getting wafts of this fantastic scent and going "what is that smell?" before realizing once again that it was BB on my wrist. I have to get a bottle of this.
  8. SmileCat

    Signior Dildo

    This is soft, sweet, and white-smelling. At first a sweet and floral blend, it dries into powder. Not powdery-smelling but literal powder. I could almost feel the particles tickling my nose. Expensive, scented powder however. Then when fully dry it has a similar feel and quality as Antique Lace, but without the linen note that sometimes overpowers on me. Dusty vanilla. Innocent smelling. Pretty.
  9. SmileCat


    Crap. I really really like this. It's Snake Oil with sandalwood and brown sugar. Definitely sweet with elements of edible notes not really "foody" to me. It's missing SO's patchouli, which I am not. Overall a lovely scent that gets even better with age and I am all a-woes that it is so hard to get.
  10. SmileCat

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    You didn't know about it because they only started doing it recently.
  11. SmileCat

    The Ghosts of the Arroyo Seco Bridge

    Holy sh!t, iceplants and wet cement! I know this smell, it smells like California coastal breezes, minus the saltiness. But on my skin it goes warmer and slightly sweeter as almost all blends do and then it starts to smell like something entirely different. I'm not sure what, but it makes me that it becomes unrecognizable from the oh so familiar scent in the bottle. ETA: Oh wait, there's that coastal iceplant smell again. It's back, but it's not as cool and clear as it is in the bottle. On the other hand, it isn't as nose-tingly.
  12. SmileCat

    The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

    Oh, this is VERY interesting. It starts off slightly green-floral-smelling but on the dry down it smells exactly like its name: desert stones. I smell like rocks. Hot, sun-baked sandstone rocks. In between the crisp and clean green stage and the heat-shimmering rocks stage is something sweetish but not quite fruity, like desert succulents.
  13. SmileCat

    Snow Angel

    I'm in love with this scent. It's tea and peaches. A soft sweetness without being sticky or overwhelming. Like sugared flowers, only fruit. It has the texture of cool cream without the milkiness or whiteness. It's innocent without being naive or childish. I don't really get any lemon or pineness. Oh wait, some pine if I smoosh my nose against my skin and huff long and slow. Like lightly sweetened fruit iced tea. With foam.
  14. SmileCat

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self Similarity v4

    CCCXCVIII I think that's the longest string you can get for a while! Snake Oil and...smoke I think. Like pipe smoke or a really strong black tea. I was hoping for something fruity or floral. I always end up with really strange Chaos Theory blends. The last time I bought one, it smelled like seaweed. This one doesn't smell like Snake Oil at all, but part of that would be because it was blended up hours before I got it. But whatever this smoke/tea note is, it's really strong. In the bottle there's also something vaguely minty. Right now on my skin, it's being all patchouli, all the time the way Snake Oil sometimes is for me. For the right person, this blend could be awesome, but I don't think that person is me.
  15. SmileCat

    Candy Phoenix

    Life is too short not to smell like candy.