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  1. Unilla

    2008: Sugar Phoenix

    I didn't fell in love with this when it arrived, but now I tried it again and wow, it's lovely! 😍 It reminds me of antique lace, that I still have an imp left, so I decided to compare these two. On me they are really close to each other, but I actually prefer sugar phoenix. It has more depth to it and it's has this beautiful sparkly feeling. Pure love, but now I feel that I should have bought a backup bottle in the first place 😄
  2. Unilla

    Eat the Strawberries

    I didn't like this when it first arrived. Now, after 6 years I tried it again and it works way better than I remembered. I think I'll layer it with vanilla scents, as I have Snake's kiss on another wrist and eat the strawberries on another, and combined they smell heavenly! 😍