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  1. pugmom

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    for the small population that uses my sheet - it is finally updated from june. Sorry for the delay, my new baby is now 2 months and finally going to bed a little earlier in the evening for me link in siggy.
  2. pugmom


    wow - this is why I love lab frimps and I try everyone just in case! First, heavy evergreen, almost eucalyptus like. But before I knew it, it turned to a gorgeous sweet, almost vanilla, creamy scent. I was expecting air freshener, but got love!actually reminds me of my dorian ct that I love!
  3. pugmom

    Berry Moon 2009

    wet - musk overwhelms the blend - it has a clean, white, slightly effervescent feel of white or skin musk for me. I can smell some blueberries through it. dry - much better, musk settles down a bit, now the raspberries are more present giving it a red blueberry feel. The honey is coming through now. much later - mostly honey, with a touch of berries. Lovely and morphs quite a bit - keeper.
  4. pugmom

    Lawn Gnome

    First application - currants and moss are at the forefront. The patchouli is not overly evident to me, but DH picked up on it. Dry down - moss/dirt feel goes away and left with creamy currants. The vanilla keeps the currants in check and it doesn't go nearly as tart on me as tomoe gozen. I don't get much of the molasses in this, but overall a lovely blend. It doesn't last super long on me and I did have to reapply at midday. keeper.
  5. pugmom

    Dorian v2

    I love this as well - at first it is a very lavender version of dorian, but then once it dries the lavender burns off again and the blend becomes balanced, creamy, sweet and beautiful! I get the same vibe as the emathides, but the notes are pretty different. It didn't feel like coconut to me, but I will try again with that thought in mind to see if I can pull that out.
  6. pugmom

    Butter Rum Cookie

    I am the same as Gin above - I tested this a while ago and it so didn't work on me, but today it was lovely! Initially, yes there is blast of rum, but it calms down quickly into a lovely spicy almond cookie/cake blend that just feels snuggly to me. Will likely save for cooler months. Can't wait to see how this continues to age.
  7. pugmom


    a favorite GC once it dries down. When wet I get a lot of spice from the cardamon which I don't really care for, but once it dries it is more balanced. I am left with an almondy amber with a little spice. The myrrh stays in check and doesn't go to powder on me this time. I consider this a cooler weather scent, warm and enveloping.
  8. pugmom

    Pinched With Four Aces

    frimped this by an awesome forumite!! wet - unfortunately a large blast of cinammon for me, but I tend to amp it. 20 minutes in - cinnamon burned off thankfully and now I am left with a smooth creamy coffee with the slightest bit of sweet tobacco and vanilla notes. Gorgeous and I can see wearing this a lot in colder weather. I am so happy I got to try this!
  9. pugmom

    Wood Phoenix

    wow - This was the last phoenix I expected to really like! For the first moments wet, I got a medicinal note but it appears to have burned off quickly. I agree with the above reviews that it is a sweeter wood vs. a more "natural" dry wood blend. It smells warm and spicy and cozy to me. I like it because a lot of warm, spicy blends tend to have a potpourri vibe on me, but this is just lovely!!
  10. pugmom

    Candy Phoenix

    hmmmm.....I thought this would be a little more crisp and light, but I am getting pink/purple candy dust. Like I am huffing the candy powder left in the bag. I am not getting creaminess at all. Not for me. Kind of reminds me of treat #1, but less jolly ranchers and more sweet tarts......
  11. pugmom

    Upa Upa

    I too love seeing what people compare this too, everyone has such different takes! on me it is extra rummy egg nog with a hint of pineapple that is there early on but fades. After that, to me it is back to spicy egg nog. No coconut to be found. I like what it dries to, and I might be inclined to grab this in cooler months, but not summer.
  12. pugmom

    The Fruit of Paradise

    I get pomegranate, bright, tart and juicy. It seems to be grounded by something a little darker. It reminds me of crypt queen without the peppery notes. It is lovely, but my only complaint is it doesn't appear to last too long on me. However I didn't slather it, so ymmv. It doesn't seem to morph on me much if at all during drydown. Overall, I really like this, but I love pomegranate. I just wish it would last longer.
  13. pugmom


    Love this! I would have bought it no matter what the notes, but I am so glad this works on me! From wet through drydown, it really doesn't change on me. I get a warm pastry scent on the verge of being very buttery, but doesn't cross the line like so many other foody oils do. I get a little sugar and a little spice, but I really have to search for it. There is something (maybe the wax) that is grounding this from being too foody. I can't say enough that this is a very smooth and well-balanced blend. My only dissapointment is I didn't get any fruity notes, pomegranate or otherwise from this. I thought that would lend a nice contrast, but I never got it. It appears to have decent throw and is pretty long lasting. Things that could have gone wrong for me didn't - not too buttery, and the amber didn't go to powder! It is lovely and comforting, and most likely a 2 bottle oil for me!
  14. pugmom

    El Dia de los Reyes

    lovely. Wet - hot chocolate with a little bit of cinnamon for kick. drydown - cinnamon fades away very quickly on me, not too much of a coffee vibe unless I sniff very close to the skin. Appears to have good throw and doesn't morph much at all on me for the next couple of hours. It smells like I am sniffing the hot chocolate powder rather than the mixed drink especially more towards the end of drydown. a keeper. I think this might be something that would be fun layered with a strong fruit.
  15. pugmom

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    *sigh* I really need to plan that "family vacation" to hershey! There are a few that look interesting to me!
  16. pugmom

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Glad I got to try a decant of this. I am not getting much if any cheescake in this one. I am getting basically pumpkin queen with some spice added in. Basically cinnamon pumpkin queen on me, more straight up pumpkin pie than pumpkin cheescake. I was worried this would become too buttery on me, but as of right now it has not.
  17. pugmom

    The Perilous Parlor

    delicate pear taking a back seat to creamy vanilla. Lovely, my personal tastes would have liked a more "bright" pear scent, but I can see the appeal. I think it works well when you want something delicate and creamy. It has lasted a very long time without morphing much after the initial drydown. verdict - will keep bottle, probably will not need second though.
  18. pugmom

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    I started with natties, but probably changed it too much to make it easy to update yours (I removed long descriptions and changed column order a little to suit my needs), but you are welcome to take a look to see if it helps. http://ohiopugmom.livejournal.com/ there are some amazing sheets and databases on here!
  19. pugmom

    The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil

    I really, really wanted this to work on me. Wet. Caramel - very strong, with a touch of vanilla. Early into drydown - really nice foody caramel and vanilla. Turns slightly powdery about 20 minutes in, with a little spice, I like this part. Deeper into drydown - The other notes come out and don't seem to play togther nice on my skin. I get carnation, but it doesn't work with the caramel, turning to almost a dusty-smokey floral/caramel on me. Not nice. It does last a really long time in this state (going on 12 hours here). I had high hopes for the first 30 minutes, but this turned into something not appealing on me.
  20. pugmom

    Crypt Queen

    Thought I reviewed this, but I guess not! Wet - strong berry, medicinal cough syrup. I fight the urge to wash it off. Drydown - ahhhhh....cough syrup has gone thankfully, leaving a gorgeous berry/patchouli blend that lasts and lasts. For the most part it stays the same, although I occasionally get whiffs of pepper, and dust, and florals. Lovely, but I prefer other similar smelling blends, so I will probably just keep an imp. edit - waaaay into drydown (6 hours) I am still getting a lot of scent. It has now dried to a sweet, almost foody fruity scent on me with patchouli long gone.
  21. pugmom


    wet - overwhelming citrus - I was getting lemon, but looking at the notes it must have been citron? drydown - stays pretty citrusy balanced with musk. Musk becomes slightly powdery. I like the musk in this, it kind of reminds me of lemony hunter moon 07. Having said that, probably goes into the swap bin for the overwhelming citrus in the first 30 minutes.
  22. pugmom

    Looking for a mahogany - scent

    I thought red queen also - although I get a heck of a lot of cherry early on, it turns to more woods quickly.
  23. pugmom

    Trick or Treat

    First off, I adore the label art on this one. wet - spicy ala gingerbread poppet with the sweetness of candy corn. As it dries the sweetness is still there, but the spices fade a little, there is an underlying note of butter peaking its head in. 30 minutes in - buttery note of doon nothing else. I am so sad because I love the bottle and I had high hopes for the lovely sugary, spicy sweetness that started off.
  24. pugmom

    The Crumpet Rebellion

    Yay! I got to try this thanks to a generous sniffie donor! (thanks!) Wet - I am amping all the spice in this. Lots more rebellion than crumpet! Maybe the cardamom? Dry - ah, much better. This becomes a much more well rounded scent. I am now getting the lovely buttery crumpet. I am still looking for the berry notes though. Right now it is basically spicy cake on me. Will edit my review if I get the berries to come out and play! All in all - glad I got to try it, and I do like it, but I no longer feel the need to bid a ton on ebay for it!
  25. pugmom

    The Red Queen

    yum! This is my first experience with bpal woods. In imp - cherries, strong cherries. On skin - Very strong woods overcome the cherries. The woods are generally present, but I do tend to get a little cedar vibe every so often. Long into drydown - the cherries and woods are now balanced. I like this stage a lot. It doesn't smell blended too much, I smell cherries and then wood, not cherry wood if that makes any sense! I wish this part of drydown came sooner and was stronger. Overall - maybe keep the imp, but won't need a bottle.