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    Jolly Rogers, Villian, Whitechapel, Bloodlust More to come as I find out. Anyone wanna share a sample?


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  1. Vaga42Bond

    Jolly Roger

    First review ever written by me. Yah. Probably not using the right terminology, but here it is. Games played while testing it out: Battlefield 1942 w/ Battlefield Pirates Mod. Later on swapped to Tropico 2: Pirates Cove. In the bottle: Has a very sharp sweet scent. A bit sharper than I like, but AlectoNox said that the concentration is so high, that one drop is enough. (As it turned out, she was right.) On the plus side, it's the thing to go with booting up a game and steeling yourself for pillaging and plundering. On the wrist, first though: Saltwater on leather anyone? I wish there was more rum in the inital hit, but neverthless, you can't miss the sea. Dear Gods, there needs to be more saltwater based stuff. I hope there is, must search for more later. Meanwhile, I'm busy sailing a sloop out to find the vile Red Team and send them to Davy Jones's locker. Arrr. Good timing of the stuff really. After Some Mins Have Passed: Plenty of Saltwater, which is where the villainous curs are now that I've managed to send one of their ships down to Davy Jones. Leather seemed to have faded quickly, a bit of a pity, but not too much, as the rum is kicking in. Mmm, rum. My crew seems to want to make for a raid on shore, to pillage the enemy village and flag. I let them do so, and they emerge victorious after a fierce battle. Some Hours Later: The leather's faded to a faint background noise, it seems, and the strong sea spray is now but a gentle sea breeze, but the rum's become more fuller, and kinda reminds me of Spiced Rum. A pleasent thing, given that I switched over to the slower paced, more sedentary game of Tropico 2. Perfect scent for lazy days on a ship tied up at dock, awaiting fresh supplies before pillaging and plundering once more. Duration: Good enough for a game or two, the full body scent, but probably won't hold out for an all day raid, at least with me. The spiced rum seems to last nearly forever, tho. But it is definatly a good mood setter, and very evocative of standing on a sloop, the wind at your back, and the spray in the air; settling down to pulling into harbor to spend your ill gotten gains at the tavern and wench houses. One thing tho, maybe it's just me, or is the wood very subtle? I had a hard time picking it up. Definatly a masculine scent, BUT I could imagine it working on some women, if they want to go the Anne Bonny or Mary Read way. Edit: Forgot to add the song of the moment: The Daniel Indart Project (Tropico 2: Pirate Cove Sountrack) -- Caribbean Voyage