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  1. supervillainess

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    Thanks ladies! I'm not sure where I got that 15 notion - this sounds more like I remember.
  2. supervillainess

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    Bumping this post to verify something - and because this is the only reference to F54s original size/price I can find using the search engine at 1 am! (My search terms shouldn't be screwy, but I'm not even finding the original thread w/ the "forum only" details in the Cemetary - which would be definitive.) Question being, are you sure this was a 10 ml bottle? I have "15" written on my spreadsheet, and I'm trying to hazard a guess at how much I have left (I can't usefully eyeball the little blue potion bottle). I can confirm the $45 price tag, as I still have the order on a PayPal receipt.*g*
  3. supervillainess

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    First, I think this bottle of Chaos Theory may be my most favourite BPAL ever, in that it combines a lot of my most absolutely favourite notes that don't work on me in other blends. I only got the one bottle since I have complete faith in Chaos, and've been completely rewarded. Heh. So! Chaos Theory II: The Butterfly Effect CLXXVIII (that's what - 178?). The outside of my bottle smells like my parents' favourite pinot noir. Dark, fruity, red wine. The top note that hits you when you open the bottle is coconut, I swear. And oob the whole impression is definitely one of sweet red fruits. On? The wine note amplifies but doesn't dominate (similar to the wine in Nosferatu/Wanda/F54). It persists through most of the dry down, taking a back seat to a headlong plunge into a floral bouquet. I cannot identify all the notes in this. I know there is rose, but this is the only rose that hasn't strangled a blend since I last layered Wanda w/ DeSade. For the dryest of the dry down I get honey and what I swear is tobacco. And a wee powdery floral something or other. The overall impression is Kali-esque. Minus the chocolate. It reminds me of the smells and experience of my first BPAL order - the surprise that something can really smell that good. It's missing my favouritest leather note, and has more rose than I'd have ever thought I'd like - but it really truly works. It is soooo me and good lord, do I adore all this wine!
  4. supervillainess

    Where is this scent?

    Dude, you know that's Bjork's fault.
  5. supervillainess

    Dead Man's Hand

    At this point I'm just echoing everyone else but... OMG I smell like new shoes! This is definitely pure leather, I'm not getting any other notes. But it's a yummier more sophisticated leather - where De Sade is more raw. This reminds me of my childhood in Dallas, poking around in boot stores with my parents.
  6. supervillainess

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    Yes - that's it! Thank you. Gotta run to the grocery now, but I am SO coming back to read this in detail. I knew I wasn't crazy!
  7. supervillainess

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    I'ma guess this should go in recs, but it's really more of a "Which thread did I read that in?" kind of post. I read something somewhere by someone new (I'm thinking maybe in the lj comm) asking "Hey, why don't we have any scents that smell like dusty old libraries?" Which kinda got me thinking Yeah! Why not? Because ancient books are my single most favourite smell on earth. I sometimes open up my old copies just to take a big whiff. I'd have asked this a long time ago because I tend to not think of books in terms of personal fragrance, BUT this doesn't mean I can't make absolutely everything else smell like that, right? Bonus score for me then because someone posted in reply that "Well, XBPAL actually smells a lot like old books." And of course I can't remember what that post was. Anyone else happen to read this? Orrr, any new suggestions?
  8. supervillainess

    Egg Nog

    Sweet brandy, dark rum, heavy cream, sugar, and a dash of nutmeg. Going to skip the extensive review, because my wonderful experience w/ Egg Nog was much like everyone else's. DELICIOUS. And all the spicey rumminess needs to last much longer. Will definitely be slathering. So, why do I bother to post? Because the drydown smelled of powdery sweet handmade marshmallows, and lasted a *long* time. I was walking around in an aura of marshmallow-y goodness and making people smell me. It's really amazing what smelling like confections can do for your mood.
  9. supervillainess

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Oh, and Rosemary is one to be avoided according to all my aromatherapy books.
  10. supervillainess

    Black Dahlia

    This was much the same impression I had at first. OOB I was totally not impressed with Black Dahlia. Wussy girly *bland* floral that I quickly overlooked in favor of Kali and Brimstone. It was the last of my Imps that I even tried, and it's been something like 3 weeks so... I got it out today on a whim. I'm feeling slagged, so I excavated the fancy pretty underthings and went for a girly floral. Totally surprised me once I got it on. Wet, was very sharp overwhelming notes - probably the Jasmine (from what you guys have said), quickly followed by Magnolia. My overall impression was Pele, only effervescent and much more vibrant (ironically). That bubbly bright haze of sharp florals lasted longer on me than Pele did too, but now that it's allll the way dried down I'm really smelling the amber which I'm not so crazy about. Amber makes me feel geriatric somehow. So... between white florals, Pele is probably still my prevailing fave. Especially since I'm not picking up on anything off/evil/dischordant in Blach Dahlia. Will so totally eke my entire imp though! p.s. firstest review - do I pass?
  11. supervillainess

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I didn't think there was cinnamon in Hamadryad, but when I wear it that's *all* I can smell. It was kinda a weird deja vu-ish moment later that day when I bought a used car and it smelled like cinnamon too. But I can't wear any oils in my cleavage. I'd only tried Kali, Wanda, and O spread out over something like 3 different days, and I ended up w/ an itchy rash. My dermatologist explained once that the skin on your chest is just more sensitive, scars easily, and is an all-around pain.