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    Love, Hate, and "What the hell is this!?! Love: Cocoa butter, coffee, mild/moderate sweetness, honey, chocolate, vanilla, light, sweet florals (jasmine/honeysuckle/sweet pea), tropical friuts/cherries/ambrosia/banana, spices, cinnamon, clove, amber, "warm and buttery", milky, red wines w/out bite, opiate/sleepy types, "clean and cools".. and...... Hate: "Too" heavy, light, sweet, much citrus (especially lemon!); menthol, patchouli, vetivert, sour, bitter, "bites!", chemicals, medicinal, alcohol-driven (name brand women's perfume) musk, frankincense, green, smoke and.... "What the hell is this!?!" : Mnemosyne (real alchemical types that twist and change) and...hmmm.... well, I want to try more like this, for sure! ;) Definitely one of my favs!

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  1. Jerre

    Thirteen (13): July 2007

    The new Thirteen! So far, I love the 13s: (did I mention I was born on the 13th?) This one is more milk chocolatel-y than the last. I was suspicious about the added floral scent; but no worries! It's that subtle scent that envelops the room when someone suprises you at home with your favorite fresh flowers, chocolates and (pick your fav drink here!), all at once! I put this on and went for a walk after a very rough day; I was soon in a much better mood (and sniffing my arm WAY too much!). An instant pick-me-up! Darkwriter
  2. Jerre

    Death of the Grave Digger

    Death of the Gravedigger At last! A scent that is true to it's name (one I can finally fully detect anyway!) It's earthy- sweet earth:, choice top soil that has had honey-sweet flowers (jasmine? sweat pea?) baked into it. The clove appears later, a moderate waft but it's there! Snow! A cold snap hides here too: like when you "feel" it's going to snow soon...reminds me of my time in Alaska..brisk, free.... This is better than cinnamon filled food scents! My mouth waters everytime I sniff the back of my hand...I need more of this stuff.......Mmmmmmm.....
  3. Jerre


    Vice: Dark, semi-sweetened chocolate (think Tollhouse chocolate chips for making chocolate chip cookies).Close brother of Bliss, cousin of super-sweet Lump of Coal. Yum!
  4. Jerre


    Melopomene: A very mild lemon/grapefruit based scent. Normally I hate lemon, but his one is almost sweet: lemonade perhaps? Pineapple? I can't decipher the other notes: they are very quiet... Summary: A summer special: a soft, citrus-based aroma that clears the head.
  5. Jerre


    Port-Au-Prince: Dark, decadent and incomparably exotic: the rich scent of buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras. A very subtle mix of warm, exotic spices: so soft I reapplied it twice to catch the aroma again! I imagined this is what Bengal would be like without the amber... Summary: Dry down doesn’t change the base properties; it just has no throw. Otherwise, it is an exquisite scent if you like spices!
  6. Jerre


    Kyoto: A gentle, soothing blend of cherry blossom, white sandalwood and star anise. A new favorite of mine: cherry blossoms and tea! Summary: an absolute perfect-paradise blend! Sweet and mellow!
  7. Jerre


    Clio: A medium strong green/floral scent - but intense! I “get” youth, vigor and an intense will here-someone who would never back down. It has a more feminine vibe than masculine... Summary: This one grows on you! “Youth” is all over this scent; maybe it’s the fresh green. A kick-in-the-pants kind of scent!
  8. Jerre

    Temple of Dreams

    Temple of Dreams: Sorry people, all I get is lavender here: Fresh lavender!
  9. Jerre

    Dragon's Reverie

    Dragon’s Reverie: Another one of that scents-that-remind-me-of-the-past! The dragon’s blood is more subtle here, with a “cool” floral smell. Combined together they create a decadent spicy perfume-definitely feminine! Summary: A subtle alchemical blend of tender young flowers and sexy spiciness of Dragons blood. Mmmmmm, good....
  10. Jerre


    Tezcatlipoca To me, it's the fraternal twin of Centzon Totochitn, except the aroma/texture is slightly dryer. It almost has a “dust” or powder nose-feel to it. Like it's brother CT, the scent is generic baking chocolate-dark style without sweeteners of any kind. Unfortunately, me needs *sweet* in my chocolate!
  11. Jerre

    Centzon Totochtin

    Centzon Totochtin: The Four Hundred divine rabbits of the Aztec pantheon that preside over parties and drunkenness. Bittersweet Mexican cocoa with rum, red wine, and a scent redolent of sacrificial blood. Generic dark baking chocolate: no sugar or salt added: just chocolate. If we sweetened this up, it would probably be Bliss-like or Lump of Coal-like. Slightly more of a humid scent than Tezcatlipoca. Too sour for me!
  12. Jerre

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Gingerbread Poppet '05 A hot-from-the-oven snickerdoodle! [“Snickerdoodle”: an autumn/winter sugar cookie with a hint of gingerbread and cinnamon sprinkled on top; great with milk!] Summary: actually, this is better than a snickerdoodle- gingerbread sometimes has a nasty bite, but not this poppet- it’s a steadier, spicy scent ! Yum!
  13. Jerre


    Oneiroi Another sleepy blend: slight less lavender-y than the others with a tuberose blend-creates very compelling scent! Summary: I don’t know if Oneiroi will help you sleep, but I find myself oddly wanting more- Seductive, she is!
  14. Jerre

    Mata Hari

    Mata Hari ...Her scent is striking and bold with a delicate yet dark undertone: five roses with soft jasmine, warmed by vanilla, fig, tonka bean and mahogany, spiced with a drop of coffee bean. Sweet jasmine flowers- a strong, silent woman’s perfume: both lovely and powerful at the same time! Summary: Irresistible! I perceive an assertive, feminine woman who always gets what she wants!
  15. Jerre


    Bordello An intensely sweet, “gummy bear” scent that lacks any hint of "sour", as often gummy bears do, and it lasts! I opened the bottle quite a while ago and it still smells like a candy shop in here! Summary: an uber-fruity sweet aroma that's not-for-kids, even though it would make a good Pied Piper’s Perfume! (This is what I imagined Jailbait would be like!)