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    Smoke, resin!!!, incense, frankincense, myrrh, blood, fire, metallic/steel (can you tell I *am* and Aries?), vanilla, musk, sandalwood, iris and orris, red currant, mandarin, basil, jasmine, blackberry, peony, neroli, lavender, sage, pettigrain, juniper, cedar, vetiver(t), lavender, pumpkin, caramel, chocolate, cookies, honey, cinnamon/cassia BPAL: faves****** Midnight Mass! Cerebrus! Death on a Pale Horse The Bow and Crown of Conquest The Great Sword of War Carnival: Zarita Carnivale: Mme Moriarity Carnivale: Tiresias Snake Oil Enraged Groundhog Musk Carnal Smut Red Devil Hungry Ghost Moon Beaver Moon 05 Jezebel Hell's Belle Black Pearl Jolly Roger Black Annis Mouse's Long & Sad Tale Medea The Caterpillar Golden Priapus The Apothecary Cordelia Belle Epoque Tamamo-No-Mae Bakeneko Tezcatlipoca Xiuhtecuhtli DPP: A Bachelor's Dog DPP: A Bold Bluff DPP: Pinched Snake Pits: Temple Viper, Asp Viper, Western Diamondback, King Cobra Gibbous Moon Hymn to Proserpine Dana O'Shee Dark Delicacies Snow White any year Snow Flakes Pumpkin Patch 2007 #2, #3 and #4 Pumpkin Queen The Cracked Bell Yggdrasil Salon: Arrival at the Sabbat... Salon: Death and Life Completed Salon: Judith Victorius Salon: Cleopatra testing Poisons... Jack Shub-Niggurath Nyarlathotep Ravenous MB: Bigger Critters, Underpants, Tokyo Stomp, Bloody Mary, Underbed, Closet Thunderbird

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    poetry, astrology, psychology--K. Jung in particular, animals, movies,books, UFO's/extraterrestrials, the paranormal, the afterlife/theologies (NOT religions), tarot, divination, dreams, crime, past lives, chakras, ayurveda, animals, nature, the Aztecs, mythology, anthropology
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  1. 303marlena

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    I agree with the above. I did not get leather, DBR, or any clove. I got pure, musky, otherworldly, vampire sex musk. Great Sillage too. Its starts out citrus-y, a LOT like 51 and then morphs into this come-hitherness with ambery musky laser-y goodness. You know that Stephen King movie (okay--there's more than one) where all the alien sh** glows uranium green? This is how the green smells... Obviously, I loved it.
  2. Maybe I can try Bastet with Nightgaunt and Suspiro? I may even throw in some Masabakes for the Black Currant... (making notes to try at home!) Thanks, if this works I will only need 4 big bottles (or $60 worth which beats Ebay prices on the perfume anyday! (and lasts longer, although this original had great sillage and wearlength) I will report back...
  3. This was my favorite scent and the one I always received the most compliments when wearing, but alas, I really cannot afford to spend >$150 per 1.7 oz on an EDT on Ebay Here are the notes, and I am hoping you BPAL geniuses can figure out a combination that will work: Top notes: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lemon, Jazmin Heart: Vanilla, Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, Black Currant Base notes: Amber, Orris, Patchouli, Musk (?Civet) What I have tried that DID not work: Layering Ave Maria with Versailles or the Raven (violet didn't work with other notes) Rapture with Shroud
  4. 303marlena


    Okay, what if you layered... a drop or two of Hunger (orangeish) plus few drops of Chanuikkuyah [or if you don't have that then some Eat Me] (cakey, sugary, doughishness) plus a drop of Chimera (cinnamon) and Athens (honey goodness)? OR Knave of Hearts (roses and tarts) plus a drop of Chimera (cinnamon) 1/2 drop Hunger (orange) and some Bengal?
  5. My personal scale: 1. Western Diamondback (loves me some leather) 2. King Cobra (loves me some frankinscense) 3. Boomslang (nobody doesn't love chocolate) 4. Asp Viper (not sure why, just love it) 5. Saw Scaled Viper (spicey, smokey good) 6. Aussie Copperhead (fruity goodness) 7. Death Adder (cuz dead smells good?) 8. Cottonmouth (flowery goodness) 9. Habu (sake goodness) 10. Temple Viper (sexy goodness) 11. Banded Sea Snake (mossy,salty goodness) 12. Green Tea Viper (minty goodness) 13. Black Mamba (too many notes too count goodness) 14. Coral Snake (too fruity at times goodness) 15. Anaconda ("I'd love it more if it was more available" goodness) p.s. I did try them all. I could not resist
  6. 303marlena

    Salty scents?

    Jolly Roger would be my first choice, but Aeaea was salty breeze to me with hint of berries and I wuv my Pirate Moon!
  7. 303marlena

    Anything close to Hanae Mori?

    How about if you layer Bon Vivant with Antique Lace???
  8. I think Jester would be flirty and friendly without being, well, too sexy. On the other hand, what about Whip? First innocent and rosey--thenn all perverted and leathery? Bewitched sounds like a good idea though, if you are drawn to it. I love that one and I find it is sweet and alluring without being too sexy. I guess by this time your blind date is over...okay, I hope this is an acceptable thread to put this little conversation starter in..I heard somewhere, from someone that "they", you know those scientific people did a study of some sort with scents and found that men are most arroused by the scent of cinnamon. So, anyone else heard that? and if so, does anyone get big "hits" with Chimera since its my favorite cinnamon scent???
  9. 303marlena

    The Best Ylang Ylang Scents!

    absolutely agreeing with the above on the Seduction. I also thought Pik'kake smells like Ylang Ylang although its not in the notes, the florals in there are close and a Ylang Ylang lover would like it too.
  10. 303marlena

    Fur Scents

    Ivanushka I second as a vote. Coyote definitely, but it goes thu a grassy field phaze first. I can't believe no one has suggested Buck Moon, but maybe because its so hard to get. If you can get your claws on some--I think its what you are looking for.
  11. 303marlena

    The Old Lady Scents

    Maybe its just me, but Harlot and Brisingamen totally smelled like dusty old lady to me. Go figure. Hopefully they worked out for other people. Must be my skin chemistry. (hopefully I wasn't just smelling myself and I *am* an old lady!)
  12. 303marlena


    Another vote for Chanukkiyah! Smells just like Baklava to me. Maybe if you layer with Sugarskull you could get that yummy syrup taste that always drips off the bar when you eat it? (making mental note to try this as soon as I get home)
  13. 303marlena

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell its my favorite violet. I also love Viola, La Belfana, and of course, ULTRAviolet!
  14. 303marlena

    Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Sol, Sunflowers, or Magus...all smell like "sun" to me!
  15. Okay--I know this isn't what you asked, and you CAN slap me, but have you tried LUSH's King of SKin? (its a body butter like buffy). It has the rose and sandalwood nailed and it smells SOOOO good. As for BPAL, I think you could try layering Anne Bonny with Ave Maria?