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    I mostly like warm and spicy scents, foodies included. Everything creamy and complex will have my heart. Sometimes I'll also be in the mood for fun, fruity & aquatic scents, but my skin absolutely despises florals, especially rose. I don't really like patchouli; and my appreciation of musks and amber vary greatly depending on the other notes.

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  1. Serena Reverberi

    Dragon's Milk

    This is MY FAVORITE BPAL EVER and I'm not even sorry for the all caps! It's sweet, but not foodie, and slightly pungent and spicy from the dragon's blood, which is however so well "contained" and mellowed by the honey and sugary vanilla that it becomes this perfect spicy-sweet mix... I can't recommend this enough, this is like Snake Oil but less sharp and more sultry. Superb.
  2. Serena Reverberi

    Thirteen (13): December 2013

    I received this 13 in a blind swap and I'm testing it now for the first time so... first impressions! First note is white chocolate: it's sugary and buttery, but very mild so as not to be overwhelmingly foodie. I can't pick up the coconut (sadly) but then again, I never seem to do... my skin must eat it up all the time... I do get a bit of woodiness that keeps the sweetness in check: I would say sandalwood but it must be the buckwheat, looking at the notes. I don't get any tang from the pomegranate... actually, I don't get the pomegranate at all. But this sugary glazed sweetness is dusty and wearable, and it's the only 13, together with the June 2008, that doesn't have the "angry herb" vibe If you like this, try: Yule Cookies *edit* I'm going to add on the drydown it gets a little bit waxy, like a creamy candle... but I still like it!
  3. Serena Reverberi


    I'm testing this for the first time and damn, I didn't expect to like it so much. Surprisingly, I can smell the black currant (I can't smell blueberries/currants in any other BPAL) and a dizzying mix of incense and florals...this is evocative, surprisingly light and very, very mysterious. Love!! *I also received a sniffe of Lamia v3, and it's much more sour and sharp... I definitely prefer the released version*
  4. Serena Reverberi

    Black Forest

    Very balsamic herbs, too sharp and fresh. Pine. It’s very strong pine car freshener oh god no. NO.
  5. Serena Reverberi


    Bah, not deep at all. Very citrus at first, it mellows fast into a soapy-salty citrus. Performs a disappearing act 2 minutes later.
  6. Serena Reverberi


    Smoke. Sweet smoke. Sweet smoky sharp musk? Is this what patchouli smells like? I think I hate patchouli.
  7. Serena Reverberi

    The Dormouse

    Grass with green tea and citrus. Just, grass. With lemon zest in it. Very clean, unexpectedly good but not bottle-worthy.
  8. Serena Reverberi


    Sweet flowers, bit of citrus, honey. Citrus yeah, definitely orange. Flowery candied orange. Good but very weak.
  9. Serena Reverberi

    Samhain in the Pumpkin Patch

    Wet: dry leaves and smoke. Drying: still leaves and smoke, something spicy too. I am impressed at how much I can pick up the dry leaves. Wait, there's nuts here? Burnt pecans or something similar. Dry: no more spices, sadly. What is it with spices and them disappearing on my skin? *grumpy face* This retains the smoky quality throughout, and it's not sweet at all. Very autumnal and true to the name, though: I would describe it as a very dry, brownish red perfume. Staying power is not exceptional.
  10. Serena Reverberi


    Description: "A master storyteller who possessed unfailing courage and compassion, a sharp, quick wit, and a true understanding of human nature. Saffron and Middle Eastern spices swirled through sensual red musk." Wet: what is this. I can't place it, but mostly flowery soap I guess. Drying: yup, flowers. they're not even listed in the notes, where are these coming from? Still soapy, too. Wow, overkill much? I don't smell any spices nor saffron, and I really wanted the saffron. Dry: good news, the flowers seem to be gone. Bad news, everything else is gone as well. Staying time literally one and a half minutes. Swap pile asap.
  11. Serena Reverberi

    Eat Me

    Scent Description: "Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants" Wet: in the bottle and wet on the skin, this smells precisely like cheesecake crust on me. It's cake alright, but it's burnt brown sugar cake which I'm definitely not complaining about. Drying: the cake is still prominent, the vanilla comes out too. There are no berries whatsoever which, bummer. There is hint of lemon somewhere though. It's nice, although much much lighter than I expected. I hope it won't be gone soon, but that's the direction it's taking. Dry: woah lemon! where did you come from? This is mostly lemon, backed up by vanilla baked goods on me... oh but I love it! I do miss the currants, as I had imagined this scent as very "blue" and I get none of that... same experience as with Bones Trombone, I guess my skin just eats berries
  12. Serena Reverberi

    The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe

    in the bottle… all the cocoa! This smells like a bittersweet hot chocolate, but with a darker, more complex undertone. There is a slightly herbal sharpness that I assume is the tobacco. When applied, first thing to notice is that the color of the oil is very dark, like spilled coffee; it's a bit sticky too. The smell on the skin is much fainter than I imagined at first, but I can still clearly detect all the three notes and they are beautifully intermingled. The cocoa disappears quickly though, and what's left is SHARP, very sharp musk and tobacco. wow, this was unexpected. I think I'll have to retest this in a scent locket, because the wet stage was good.
  13. Serena Reverberi


    I don’t get the orange, or the verbena, or the honeysuckle. Honestly, sniffed wet it smells strongly like bubblegum and something frizzy, like soda or champagne. As it dries down on my skin it gets AWFUL. It’s sad because I love Lolita as a book and as a character but this doesn’t do it justice. It smells like an old aunt’s perfume, cloying, floral and alcoholic. Ew.
  14. Serena Reverberi

    Old Keturah Zadok's Cranberry Cider

    oh wow, this is sweet. I can smell the cranberry, but it’s a candied cranberry. It smells a bit artificial, like the little girls’ berry perfumes usually do. It’s not unpleasant, though. Honestly, my nose is very undecided on this one.
  15. Serena Reverberi


    wet on the skin, it smells sugary and sensual, and vaguely spicy (which might be the amber). It settles quickly to a faintly honeyed powdery odor, addicting to smell but subtle enough to be an everyday perfume. Unfortunately, after an hour or so the honey disappears and it smells overtly powdery on me, which I’m not a fan of. Now, if only it could stay exactly as it is the first half hour, it would be my favorite BPAL scent so far.