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BPAL Madness!
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12 Nights of Christmas 2021

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Is there anything you forgot to put on your Qs you wish you had? I think I forgot to mention what I collect. I like llamas, camels, otters, and teeny tiny things I can put on my letterbox drawer shelves. 


If you were down with knitted or crocheted items:

do you prefer a wearable or amigarumi? If wearable, is there something you’d really like? If amigarumi anything you love? Amigarumi are the best! Especially really strange ones. I've got a couple of platypuses that friends have made for me (it's a running joke that I don't really believe in them...) and would find it very funny to get more. 


Teeturtle is having one of their megasales - any tshirts, or whatever, that strike your fancy? Size/fit? Socks are always good but I have way too many t-shirts. 


What is the best book you've read recently? I read so many books and tend to like all of them! I just read Why Fish Don't Exist by Lulu Miller and really liked it. I've been in the dredges of horror lately (it's spooky season!) with some Justina Ireland and Alma Katsu. Caitlin Doughty's books are always favorites of mine but I have all of them. Just discovered Stephen Graham Jones and I'm obsessed! 


What are some examples of decorations you would enjoy? Twinkly lights, woodland animals, garlands. 


Is there any kind of accessory or product you'd want for your hair? I use barrettes and hair ties and big poofy scrunchies and hair sticks.  


What is your jewelry style? Delicate, nature-y, very Art Nouveau. Or ridiculous animals. 


Are you interested in fandom themed items based on the movies/shows you're into? Definitely!  


Are you interested in spicy sauces/jams etc? Oh yes absolutely in fact this is exactly the sort of thing I like to receive!


Are you interested in Thai snacks? e.g. Thai brand crisps, wafer roll type things, savoury small crackers Sure!


I make light-weight yarn-and-silk-ribbon hair falls. Would you be interested in getting some? I probably wouldn't wear a big one but I have a mermaid/siren renaissance festival outfit that could use some accessories in subdued ocean colors (nothing too bright!). 


What are your favorite animals or mythical creatures? I love all animals. Really. The running joke is that I think platypuses are mythical beasts so my friends give me platypus things. I love otters and other mustelids (badgers, weasels, skunks), all ocean creatures (particularly manta rays, leafy sea dragons, mimic octopuses, sharks, manatees), llamas and camels, and cheetahs and rhinos. I also love mermaids. 


I actively support Defenders of Wildlife and am curious if any of these would be of interest?   https://gifts.defenders.org/wildlife-adoptions?price=20-30  There are many animals on there that I love!!


I'm candying citrus peel this year. Oranges, mostly. Is that something you would like? Chocolate dipped? What about homemade caramel sauce? I'm not fond of fruit plus chocolate so no on the chocolate dipped, but I will DEVOUR plain candied citrus peel. Also a resounding yes to caramel sauce. 


Do you like adult coloring books at all and if so do any of the ones from this store strike your fancy? https://70eastbooks.com/collections/coloring-book-1?page=1 I am not really a coloring book person, I'm afraid. 


how do you feel about solid perfumes? I'm a fan! 


Is there anything in particular you'd want from the UK? Dog-themed UK things are always funny here because my dog Amelia is an English setter and very proud of her heritage.


Are you ok with paper books at all? Personally I prefer them.


Do you already have expansion packs for your fave card games? I don't think I listed my favorite card games but we own and are big fans of Coup (and we have the Reformation expansion) and Love Letter. 


Are you interested in perfume samples/decants, or only full sizes? Either! 


Are you interested in oracle decks?  Maybe? If they had really pretty artwork or some kind of interesting mechanism to them, but they aren't really something I use normally. That said, I've been known to draw tarot cards for writing inspiration so I'm not ruling it out. 


How about wax melts? Sure!


are you interested in a muscle rub that is similar to icy hot but is homemade by us? Yes! CBD is kind of wasted on me (it doesn't seem to affect me at all) so save yourself the expense and send me the non-CBD version lol 


How about some home grown organic cat nip? My cats would love this!


How do you feel about fruit infused sugar/syrup? Oh they'd absolutely get used


How do you feel about candied quince? Yes! 

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