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  1. bunnicula

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    Fresh from mail tests, interestingly my experience with this one is different! I find myself wanting more of the patchouli, and while it's definitely there, the sweetness is dominating in this blend. Maybe my skin amps it? I smell a pale honeysuckle, cotton candy sugary sweetness, maybe sugar cane too because it kind of has this raw natural sugary-ness as opposed to more processed treats. Even though the patchouli is very detectable, I hope that it gets even stronger with age lol! But so far I really like it, probably my 2nd favorite of the 2022 liliths so far, after Haunt 2021!
  2. bunnicula

    Haunt 2021

    Fresh from the mail tests, I this one is my favorite of my 2022 liliths order! The leaves here aren't fully dead, there's still life in them yet! They don't have too much of that really strong peppery smell that the dead leaves usually have for me. Mainly this smells like a mix of red leaves on the ground, and snake oil. Also the snake oil smells a bit brighter somehow, oh maybe I'm smelling some of the lavender? I'm not getting anything smoky or distant fire-y, which I'm cool with. It's interesting how this blend changes everytime I sniff it, in terms of whether the leaves dominate or the snake oil dominates! It's hard for me to smell any Dorian in this right now. Maybe that will change with rest, I imagine this will be pretty stunning with time.
  3. bunnicula

    A Windmill on a Polder Waterway

    This starts off as a blast of bitter green wild grasses and weeds. Not sure what horsetail smells like irl, but it might be what's contributing to the bitter green scent. As it dries down, that bitterness settles a bit, there's still greenery but these clean "perfumey" notes begin to dominate, and I can't tell if it's because of the iris root or the aquatic notes of the pond water (could be both? lots of aquatics tend to go perfume-y verging on laundry detergent or bathroom candle on me). I love grass notes in perfume but I think the iris root and pond water notes aren't working for my tastes or personal skin chemistry, happy I got to try a decant but wouldn't full size.
  4. bunnicula

    The Blue Door

    This is a light, kinda airy atmospheric with new notebook pages and a tiny amount of ink being the most prominent things i smell (heavier on the notebook pages). I am also getting a whiff of green freshness in the background from the cut flowers, but I don't really pick up on any saltiness in the air right now. I think it matches the artwork quite nicely, it has like a cool breeze feeling to it, peaceful! I don't think I'd need a full bottle though as this type of scent is a bit too clean for my tastes.
  5. bunnicula

    Coconut Meat

    This smells very much like a coconut lotion that I bought in the clearance section from Burlington Coat Factory. Very sweet gourmandy coconut, sugary, kind of chewy, reminds me of coconut shreds on a yummy coconut cream pie, kind of leaning towards artificial and a smidge plasticky? I actually like this type of foodie coconut, but I'm not sure I NEED to own this bottle if I already have my aforementioned lotion hahah!
  6. bunnicula


    Rich soil, and fruity red wine! The soil is the most prominent when wet, but when it dries down, the red wine takes over the blend. The wine also is quite sweet and red berry-like, so sweet that it's reminding me of some type of red candy I used to eat as a kid, I can't remember which. I wish it was a little "creepier" smelling, and that the soil stuck around more and was more dominant in the blend!
  7. bunnicula

    Lilith's Tea Party

    Smells like tea roses and sweet jammy strawberries in the bottle! Not gonna lie, the jammy quality in the bottle had me a little scared, but on skin, this scent makes me soo happy! That "jammy strawberry" smell morphs into something like strawberry shortcake with lots of cream, tea, and light airy macaroons! And the tea roses are still there too, adding a cute floral backdrop to this princess-y garden picnic scene. If BPAL's Tea Roses & Lace was a person, this is how I'd imagine that person would smell as a young child lol! This is a scent I'd love to wear to Disneyland or somewhere similar!
  8. bunnicula

    The Robeky Venus

    I've been having a lot of luck with tea roses as a note lately, so I picked up a decant of this one! Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work for me. The tea roses are there, and they are faint and tame. The ambergris i think is adding a faintly salty skin musk quality, there is also a kind of dominating powdery sweet-smelling thing that I'm not liking. Not sure which note is contributing to that. Maybe the labdanum? Only a whisper of the juicier red currant comes through for me. Like really really quiet whisper. The vanilla silk and white sandalwood are like a blanket for everything else to rest on. It's nice and quite fitting of the painting it was inspired by, but I'm probably not the person this blend was made for!
  9. bunnicula

    Thirteen: LVB

    I felt like reaching for a random decant for my sleep scent tonight, and 13: LVB is what I got! This scent reads as VERY foodie to me! Without looking at the notes the first thing that came to mind was POPCORN! It's buttery, a bit salty, but not overwhelmingly so, and there is this juicy and sugary sweetness that's in there too, which really balances the salty popcorn. Kinda makes me feel like I'm at the movie theater after dropping hella money on snacks at the concession stand 😂 I looked at the notes after and I was like a-ha! That juiciness I'm getting is probably from the sun ripe strawberries, and the sugary sweetness from the cotton candy! Yummy. So those 3 notes are basically what I smell the most out of this blend. I like it, because I like foodie scents. I probably wouldn't pick this as a SLEEP scent though, because now I am hungry. I think I can sort of whiff out some baked bread in here too, a savory loaf, SOMETIMES the sweeter chocolate chip cookies. But no matter how hard I'm sniffing to look for them, I am not finding the lavender or the carnation. Nor do I get yellow cake, milk, icecream, rice, or honey sticks! Reading through the reviews for this one is super interesting though and kinda crazy. Seems like we're all picking up on different notes, I'm gonna bring this along with me next time I see my SO and ask him what he smells lol!
  10. bunnicula

    The Fairy Lovers

    On me this is very gardenia heavy! At first I was afraid that it was a little too floral for my tastes, but with a little rest I now feel like this is something I will have a lot of fun wearing! Somehow this scent captures the velvety soft and smooth finish of white gardenia petals, and I think I get a very subtle hint of fresh roses too. The florals have a nice sweetness to them, but they aren't very creamy to my nose, more of a realistic fresh floral sweetness. The dewy pale moss is amazing in this (finally, moss that doesn't go cologne-y on me!!!) and comes off as this damp silvery green blanket. I imagine fairies wearing sheer white clothing, wet with dew from the moss they are laying in, and surrounded by fragrant white petals. So beautiful!
  11. bunnicula

    Snake Milk

    In the bottle, this scent made me smile! It smelled exactly like the sweetmilk sandwiches my mom and I would make together when I was a kid. Literally just spread some sweetened condensed milk onto bread and then fold it in half. Or even better, toast the bread first (trust me it is SOOO good). On skin...well. It just didn't work out for me 😅 There was the Snake Oil. And there was the warm condensed milk, now browned and resin-y. But unfortunately I run into this issue with milk notes a lot, where I end up feeling like I'm stuck in the same microwave where the milk is being warmed, and I can't breathe and omg I am suffocating in the thick scent of MILK, SOMEBODY HELP. It didn't help that I tried this one out as a sleep scent. After a while I had to keep my wrists hidden under the blanket trying to get some clean milk-free air lol. So for me personally, I'll have to stick to regular Snake Oil (which I have recently found out I LOVE!!) but if milk notes behave well for you (im jelly), then this may surely be a beauty!
  12. bunnicula

    Witches Lace 2022

    This scent screams REDDD to me. A deep, rich, and poisonous red. The chestnut bundles and tobacco leaf add this warm "spiced" feeling, almost makes my nose think there is a tiny bit of cinnamon in here. Smells a bit like spiced licorice-y apples and cognac were added into a large cauldron where a witch is stirring her brewing potion. Inside the cauldron all the ingredients melded into a sticky tar-like consistency and it's globbing up thick noxious bubbles! The wisps of smoke swirl through her cottage kitchen, picking up the scent of all her hanging herbs, spices, tobacco leaf bundles, before trailing out the window. And if I was walking through the woods near that cottage and smelled this in the air, I would be immediately enamored!! Such a unique scent that makes me feel powerful and mysterious lol, this one worked for me a lot more than Sugared Lace. It doesn't feel too floral to my nose, it also doesn't feel too dark. Very witchy, aptly named, and I am excited to wear this more in the fall - even though I've been wearing it throughout this summer too! Also excited to see how it ages, perhaps that aged patchouli will come out to play??
  13. bunnicula

    Oberon, Titania, and Puck with Fairies Dancing

    My first review here on the forum! This scent is MAGICAL. Mainly I get this wonderfully creamy mallow flower (at least, that's what I'm assuming it is, smells like if sweet puffy white marshmallows were growing on stems in a meadow hah!). The scent feels misty and cool, almost shimmery, just like the label art feels. It has a sugary sweetness to it as well, though I feel like the sandalwood and white incense are there, in the background, to temper the sweetness a bit? There are a lot of notes that are hard for my not-very-well-trained nose to detect, and peonies is one of them because I can't really smell anything here that makes me think oh there's the peony! In conclusion, a misty mallow fairy meadow! My fairy-loving self is SO happy that this was part of the April paintings collection.