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  1. Irukandji

    Velvet Clown

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. My initial reaction to this was simply, "wat?" Wet in the bottle, this is cherry and banana shisha tobacco. I'd smoke it if it weren't liquid. As soon as it hits my skin, though, it turns into... umm, burnt banana-liquorice-scented shisha tobacco rests? Or those soft bagged foam banana sweets (I imagine they'd smell like this after being burnt)? Liquorice Allsorts? No idea where I'm getting the banana from, but as I'm typing this, it's already saying goodbye again and making room for something I have definitely smelled before, but which seems impossible to describe. Something sugary, fruity, smoky. I'd still smoke it. I like this, although it's bloody weird.
  2. Irukandji

    Salty scents?

    R'lyeh seemed very salty to me. A wicked, salty grapefruit.
  3. Irukandji

    Kubla Khan

    Today, my order of three bottles and altogether 12 imps arrived, and after putting the ones for my boy aside, I went a little crazy testing (just as usual ), dabbing this on one hand, that on the other hand and eventually ended up with five different scents scattered all over my arms. Of course, I forgot which was which and just decided they're all pretty nice and I'd figure later which I liked best. Approximately ten minutes later, I caught a whiff of something absolutely heavenly from the back of my right hand. Sweet, slightly floral, a tad fruity, just gorgeous. Wow, was it ever good! But which one could it have been? Deciding that it must've been Vampire Tears or Kubla Khan, since the other ones were pretty distinct to tell apart, I tested both again and… got disappointed. Vampire Tears smelled completely different and all I got from Kubla Khan was.... citrus? Impossible. None of those two scents beared any similarity to that divine smell I had caught. I hate citrus! Well, after - again - about ten minutes, it turned out that the scent actually was Kubla Khan. The initial stage is completely citrussy, smelling almost like washing-up liquid, but after a while it morphs to the most beautiful, sweet, fruity, warm opium scent. I'm definitely considering to get a bottle. <3
  4. Irukandji

    Hunting for the ultimate _____ blend

    Ultimate 'smells like loli' - if you mean "loli" like in "lolicon", why not go for the obvious and try Lolita? I haven't personally tried it, but it might be just right. Ultimate pear - have you tried Endymion? It's actually a floral pear, but - at least on my skin - rather heavy on the pear. Ultimate alcohol - I'm not exactly sure what you imagine an "ultimate alcohol" scent to smell like, but "Grand Guignol" is very boozy to me. And my personal 'I am woman, hear me roar' scent is Blood Countess. What I'd like to find is the ultimate champaca scent (I adore the champaca in Hellion and I'd love to smell something that comes as close as possible to a champaca SN!) and the ultimate kiwi scent. And unfortunately, there only seem to be two BPALs containing kiwi, and both are LE! A bottle of Mi-Go Brain Canister is on its way to me, though, and I'm hoping that my skin will decide to amp the kiwi. =D
  5. I wonder if anyone could tell me exactly how much Urd actually compares to Hellion. The description sounds like there might be a fair deal of similarity and I've seen them being compared a few times, but how similar are they really? I'll definitely get a bottle of Urd as soon as I can afford it, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high (unless, of course, somebody tells me that they could be twins)... *smile*
  6. Irukandji


    Aaahhh, this is so going to be upgraded to 5ml. As soon as possible. In the vial, Loviatar doesn't have much of a scent at all. O_o It sort of smells like Miskatonic University to me, which might be because it's sitting right next to my MiskU imp. I really don't get anything here except for a reeeeally faint hint of... rose?! Strange. Wet on my skin - ahh, say hello to the leather! Definitely very leather-y, but not that in-your-face leather I got from DeSade (which is awesome as well, but way too masculine for me) but a really sexy, sort of feminine leather scent with a very present musky background note. It seems to be the same leather note as the one in Wanda, just not as strong and much nicer (Wanda was way too leather-y for me. And smelled like soy sauce, well, there we go). The ominous rose scent seems to have disappeared - all I get is warm, sexy leather -, but I'm pretty sure that there is something else besides the leather present and just very, very well blended with the other notes. Might be the myrrh, since I really can't smell anything amber-y at all. During and after the drydown, it doesn't actually morph anymore and stays a very sexy and warm leather scent. I'm definitely going to buy more of this. Bloody hell - this time, I don't want to eat my wrist, I want to screw it. Loviatar is pure sex. Good, hard sex in a bottle. Hrrr. While it's very feminine on me, I'm sure that it would be awesome on a guy as well. And I'm going to test that on my boy! And then... ehm, tmi.
  7. Irukandji


    In the vial, this is pure cocoa. Not that sugared cocoa powder stuff that you're supposed to put into your milk, this is real, pure cocoa. Dark and rich. Yum! Wet on my skin, the Snake Oil shyly informs me of its presence and waves through a thick layer of - now sugared - cocoa. Once again, I want to eat my wrist. Drydown - Ohh, I'm in heaven. It's a chocolatey, snake-oily heaven. An absolutely divine, sweet scent. I might get another bottle before the Carnaval is gone.
  8. <hijack>I just needed to point out that when I first read the title on the forum's main site, I read "Any BPAL scent smell like onions"... and I went "wth?" </hijack> I'm not familiar with this particular hair product, but from your description I think that (additional to Miskatonic University, which I agree with) you might try to layer a chocolaty scent (Bliss, Gluttony or Boomslang, maybe) with a scent containing tobacco or something incensy (for the smoky part) or something earthy for the "dirt" smell you mentioned... just for the case that MiskU doesn't satisfy your needs.
  9. Irukandji


    In the vial, I can hardly get any scent. Something slightly citrussy, maybe, but not much of it - maybe I'm just being fooled with by the name, though. On my skin, this is soap. A floral one, though, but still soap. I'm a bright yellow transparent soap bar now. It does seem to have a pretty good lasting time, after all, but I think I'll wash it off. Doesn't work on me. =/
  10. Irukandji


    In the vial, I was convinced that I wouldn't like this. Sharp, medicinal and just strange. I gave it a chance, though. Wet on my skin, I still found it kind of icky. Not so medicinal anymore, but I got that overwhelming pine scent, which was not really bad but not actually "me", either. Too sharp for my tastes... Early drydown - I smell like a forest! A deep, dark and fathomless forest during a cold autumn evening. I didn't expect that I'd like this, but it's starting to get nice. Dry, this is heaven. Autumn has turned to spring without even bothering about winter inbetween, flowers are starting to bloom and a warm breeze is blowing through the forest. Somehow, I'd describe this as bittersweet. I love it! Seriously considering a bottle of it, which I hadn't expected at all, since it was just so strange when it was wet. I'm glad that I gave it a chance.
  11. Irukandji


    In the vial - Yum, mostly orange with a hint of apricot, I don't get any musk and I like that fact. Very fresh and fruity. Wet on my skin - A nice apricot scent with a citrussy background, not musk yet, very nice. Unfortunately, it seems like this will fade in a heartbeat, I can hardly smell it unless I put my wrist right in front of my nose. Drydown - This is so beautiful. The orange stays in the background now and I think I get a whiff of musk now and then, which isn't bad at all. Overall, it's still shiny, bright apricot goodness. It would probably become my #1 summer / spring scent if just lasted a tad longer. =[ I'll try Fae, maybe it'll last longer and will be just as pretty as Katharina on my skin.
  12. Irukandji


    In the vial: Yep. Definitely amber, honey and vanilla - sickeningly sweet, but I love it. Wet on my skin: Again, it stays very true to its description - mainly amber and vanilla, but I can't deny smelling the honey in there. Nice. Drydown: Mmmm. This doesn't change very much, it's sweet amber and vanilla. I don't get much of the honey anymore, which is great, since it was the only note I wasn't so fond of. "O" is a really sweet, soft and nice blend, but I don't get any of the "pure sex" that some of you have mentioned. If I had to describe this as anything sex-related, it would probably be cuddling in bed after having slow wake-up sex on an early summer morning. But... that's a nice thing, after all! Big bottle? Definitely. As soon as possible. =D
  13. Irukandji


    In the vial as well as wet on my skin, this smells like... soy sauce! Maybe it's the combination of leather and wine, but this really reminds me of Vietnamese sweet soy sauce. *scratches head* During the drydown, I can smell the roses as well as wine and leather, it's a really dark and heavy scent with a definite sharpness in it. Dry, I mainly get florals and a strong leather smell with that strange fruity wine note in the background. Still can't keep myself from thinking of soy sauce, but that might be my crazy imagination. I'll give it a 3 out of 5, it's interesting, even quite nice, but not really my cup o' tea. Probably it's because of the wine and leather combination which is a bit awkward on my skin.
  14. Irukandji

    Blood Countess

    In the vial - Smells like that lovely Asian plum wine, but I definitely get a hint of the lilac, too. Yummy! Wet on skin - Sweet berries and plum, not much like wine anymore. The lilac stays in the background shyly, but the rose and the opium are coming out nicely. None of the notes are overpowering, it's awesomely well blended and very fruity and feminine. Definitely sexy. Drydown - Wow, the wine is coming back, just in the right amount to be not too boozy but dark and sexy combined with an awesome fruitiness. Now I can definitely notice the gardenia softening the blend; the opium is nice and slightly spicy and I can actually pick out all listed notes without being overwhelmed by a single one - this is awesome. Overall a nice, incredibly sexy, dark red scent that I'll definitely get a bottle of. My certain favourite (out of the only forty-something I've tried up to now), this is perfect. Blood Countess, I love thee! Edited 'cause I can't type for toffee.
  15. Irukandji


    In the vial, this smells like juicy fruit chewing gum with a tad of spiciness. I don't get any wine or leather, just spicy sweetness. Wet on skin, the spiciness is gone and it's pure chewing gum. I love "Wrigley's Juicy Fruit", but I don't really want to smell like it. Early drydown: Is there cinnamon in this? I think I smell a hint of cinnamon, but overall, this is still "Juicy Fruit". Yikes. Could this come from the dragon's blood? Dry, it's a bit spicier now but I still don't get rid of the chewing gum smell. Unfortunately, this isn't good on me. I wonder if it's the dragon's blood that makes this turn to candy on my skin and if I should avoid that note from now on, but on the other hand, dragon's hide was quite nice on me. I guess, Tintagel just doesn't like me. It's a quite nice and warm scent, though, and seems to be pretty long lasting, so I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5.