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  1. catalyst


  2. catalyst


    The weirdest thing happened today. The imp that I reviewed above there was a decant. Since then, somebody sent me another imp of Havana, this one with a lab label, which is absolutely nothing like the decant that I love. The lab label one is almost floral sweet, and fades after an hour, without any of the dark thickness of the date, tobacco, root and leather of the decant imp. I have to think that this is mislabeled, but the only way to know is to sniff a legit bottle of it. Has anyone else gotten a weird flowery and not tobacco imp of Havana?
  3. catalyst

    Third Charm

    Whoa. In the imp, honey punches you in the face, but not in a bad way. Wearing it, it's very unisex, the other notes blending really well and not conflicting with each other. There's a sweetness, but it's not all floral, most of it is the honey, and the resins and woods make this not a girly sweetness at all. It's very sexy, along the lines of Satyr, but with a thick honey poured over it. Okay, wait, that's giving me ideas for later. *cough* Keeping this, and might even look for a bottle at some point. What I don't like about Snake Oil is the vanilla, and Third Charm mercifully has no vanilla. I think body chemistry is helping here too. Someone across the room noticed this as soon as she walked in the door, so I think it has a strong throw. It's very potent stuff, a little goes a long way.
  4. catalyst


    I thought it was okay, but too far over into standard cologne for my tastes. One of the ladies in the office said it smelled like "a Motel 6 bathroom," so I think it got vetoed right into my swaps.
  5. catalyst

    Solar Phoenix

    I actually like this a lot. It's a lot sweeter than I usually go for, and I'd like it more without the rose, but it's nice and very golden yellow smelling. It's hard to describe. It's mostly pure chamomile on me, with a little bit of fruit complexity making it amp itself. If that makes any sense? Chamomile turned up to 15? But not just chamomile. All the other notes back it up and boost it into hyper-chamomile. Which, other than the rose making it kind of floral, is really nice. The imp is a keeper. My housemate already has her eye on it, and there may be a shared bottle in the future. She's saying it's the perfect solstice BPAL.
  6. catalyst

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I only get beeswax from Light of Men's Lives. I recommend Doc Constantine. Doc is showing up sometimes on the lab's Etsy page. Cathedral is similar, but a lot less smokey. There's also Tombstone. It doesn't have a specific smoke note, but it might have the type of feel you're after. If you can get Deer Antlers from Violette Market's Diablo Canyon 2012 collection... get me a bottle too. I found out about it two weeks too late.
  7. catalyst

    Saloon #10 Atmospheric Spray

    I just got a sample of this from a circular swap and I want to crawl into the tube and live there. Leather and tobacco are my two favorite notes. I'd say it's at least 50% leather, and probably about 30% pipe tobacco and 20% some kind of high quality alcohol, not a cheap rotgut type of booze. I was afraid this would smell like a drunk in a leather jacket, but it's not like that at all. It's more like Buffalo Bill's study, if he had a study. It's very leathery, warm, and just a little sweet because of the cut tobacco, with a bit of sharpness that's the whiskey or whatever kind of booze "red eye" is. It's probably the same one that's in Roadhouse. There may also be a little bit of some kind of wood in this, but I'm not sure, it's not listed in the notes. Saloon #10 is a well-maintained western saloon that's kept clean of piss and ruffians, so that only the quiet mountain men and sharp-eyed gunslingers remain. There is no smoke in this that I can detect, which is good, because I hate smoke and tar. I must own this.
  8. catalyst


    I've been wanting to try this one for at least six months. Tea and leather? That's pretty much me on any given day. Perfect. So I finally got my hands on an imp, and I like it a lot. But it's gone in about 15 minutes. I put on twice as much just so I could smell something, and it just evaporates instantly. You have to really huff your arm to get anything after 5, and it's gone completely after about 15. So disappointing. The scent itself is pretty nice. Earl Gray tea with cream and sugar (just how I have it) but not at all foodie, and a light leather. Maybe iced tea on a patio with leather flip flops. But again, the problem with it is that you have to dump on a whole imp to get anywhere, or use a scent locket or make it into lotion maybe. Going to try it on this porous stone necklace I made as my answer to a scent locket. One of the rare times when I don't mind that a really good scent is discontinued, because I wouldn't bother getting a bottle of it if it's just going to disappear.
  9. catalyst

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Wait... tobacco and honey? How did I miss that...? *goes off to drool*
  10. catalyst

    Western Diamondback

    This may be my new signature scent. The White Rider will always be at or near the top, but this is challenging it. A lot. It's just... me somehow. Maybe a little on the sweet side because of the vanilla, that's the only slight negative, but... 10/10. White Rider is the only other scent that has that distinction in my collection. It doesn't really morph at all over time, it stays about 40% Snake Oil, 30% leather, 15% sandalwood, 10% sage, and 5% tonka. Lasts well, moderate throw. I've been wanting to try this for months, and I finally tracked some down in Greece. It arrived today. After my trip to Los Angeles next month, I'm going to start saving up for a bottle of this, because I know it's going to be ridiculously expensive if and when I ever find any. So how do we get the Carnaval to come back?
  11. catalyst

    Mr. Croup

    Tonka bean, black musk, bourbon geranium, and crushed porcelain. I have fallen in love with Mr. Croup. It was love at first swipe. This is now in my top five as of this writing. 9 out of 10, and the only reason it's not a 9.5 is that the strength of the tonka and musk disappear too soon. It starts out as a fantastic cologne with bits of geranium, and then changes into a different fantastic cologne with more geranium, but it's not a flowery geranium, it's that boozy "bourbon geranium" that's almost indescribable. The musky parts of a geranium plant, mixed with mansmell. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about here, I assume. Like DamnSatyr said, it's a strong, dark guy possibly in need of a shave. Which describes me perfectly. No wonder Mr. Croup and I get along so well. He's on the top of my short list for future purchases.