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  1. Lorencita

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    At first this is SO strong. It has a very tart cherry with cream supporting it. Lovely mingling between the two. As this dries, the cherry tones down a bit and the creaminess gets stronger. At this point the blend is at its best for me, creamy with a touch of tart cherry. I thought this was going to be too sweet for me, but I was wrong.... it's perfect just the way it is. I like this a lot & I will keep this cherry tart for when I want to feel extra girly
  2. Lorencita


    This is definitely my favorite blend from BPAL.... BY FAR! This is so gorgeous on my skin, I will have to buy many before it leaves! This starts off like Vanilla incense then it blooms with orchid, OMG... I cant even explain how beautiful. I am speachless, this never happens to me. This is true love, I wish I could wear this forever
  3. Lorencita

    Death Adder

    This is gorgeous too... it starts off with a kick of Vetiver, but it calms down to a slightly spicy, creamy snake oil. I dont know exactly what opoponax smells like, but Im sure it helps with the loveliness of this blend. The pit is incredible so far!
  4. Lorencita

    Western Diamondback

    This is incredibly beautiful... I never thought I could love snake oil more than I already did. This is Vanilla Snake oil, with an herbal scent grounding it. The touch of leather is amazing and this is definitely my favorite so far. Pure Love... I could not be happier & I will sell my soul for as many bottles as I can get my grimy hands on!
  5. Lorencita

    Pumpkin Queen

    This is the pumpkin scent I have dreamed of for all my duration of this crazy perfume addiction! I am in love This is warm buttery pumpkin just like jack the first 3 minutes. Then it morphs and loses all that butter & becomes this sexy, slightly spicy, bright scent. I am so happy I have another bottle coming. This is very special & I will try to buy as many bottles as I possibly can! YUM!
  6. Lorencita

    Treat #2

    I just recieved this today I am not too much of a mint lover, so I was a little sad when i saw #2 on the bottle. This is all chocolate covered coconut figs with orange glaze (NO MINT!!!). This is the sweetest scent I own (next to Mitzvah) It is extremely strong, but not in a bad way at all. I like that it is very complex, I adore my t-shirt too. ETA: This has become a little bitter because of the orange & now I smell a bit of mint... weird.
  7. Lorencita

    Devil's Night

    I found this in my stash when I was going through it the other day. I didnt even know I had it. This has been in the perfect location to age, wooden box, in my cold closet. This goes on boozy at first, that goes away fairly quickly. What I am left with is the most beautiful sweet musk I have ever had the pleasure of sniffing. If anyone had questions that this would age well, it does! I will treasure this 5 ml & I am thinkin of gettin another to age while I use this one, cause I see wearing this alot in my future!
  8. Lorencita

    The Organ Grinder (2006)

    This is a very interesting scent. I put it on and its milky, sweet, yet very dry. I like it, but Im not sure how much I would actually wear it. I decided to make my mom try it, without telling her the name.... she had a very strong reaction to smelling it. She sinffed her arm, and her whole body dig a jig-like dance it was uncontrollable, everytime she would sniff, it would be almost convulsion like! Very strange. Then she asked, what is this called, I told her & she started laughing... she was like "no wonder I felt so jerky everytime I smelled it!" She said she liked it, but she wasnt sure it would be something she could wear in public, due to uncontrolled body movement!!! LOL!!!!! ETA: I tried this for real today & I am shocked! This time, it is milky almond with a hint of sweet pine. I really like it, the pine lends a freshness to the milky almond note. I dont really smell the black patchouli, but there is something that I cant identify that makes this grounded. This is very lightly spiced, just enough to five it depth. I love this scent... its so unique. I hope people give this a couple tries, cause it really is incredible.
  9. Lorencita

    Eat Me

    This is love in a bottle for me. This starts off as a little too buttery, but very quickly the currants shine through. This is the fluffiest cake with a light buttercream icing, topped with currant glaze. Fantastic I like foody scents, but this is my favorite by far (so far) This is going to make a wonderful dry oil spray... I think I will make a lotion as well, I need another bottle.... pronto!
  10. Lorencita

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    This smells almost like how an innocent child would smell like. Its all powdery and soft, its such a cute blend. Creamy, powdery & innocent!
  11. Lorencita

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    This is so strange! At first when this hits my skin its reeses pieces cereal... I mean exactly the cereal!!! Then it does dry down to something that is very much like chocolate covered Snow white. This really is a nice blend, but I doubt I will use more than this bottle
  12. Lorencita


    This is a lovely, fresh scent. I like the tinge of lime in it. It is very subtle though, I had to dump the whole bottle in a spray & mix it with some unscented dry oil spray. I do this with light scents, so I can put it all over my arms and legs. Good stuff, just a bit light for me
  13. Lorencita

    Death Cap

    This is summed up in 2 words... sweet earth. Gorgeous in its simplicity & I am so happy I took a chance a got a bottle right off the bat! I love me some Death cap!
  14. Lorencita

    Carnaval Diabolique

    This is such a morpher! At first it is all lemony and smokey... not too keen on it. I let it settle down and it starts to soften, and becomes very sweet. After that stage it melds with some florals & becomes this incredible scent that needs to be sniffed. I dont really love the scent, but I cant stop sniffing & for some reason I feel this will really grow & become one of my favorites I am so impressed with the CD scents.
  15. Lorencita

    Chrysanthemum Moon

    I thought I would love this one... It has so many notes I adore. At first this is a spicy, smokey scent that I like. As it dries, I dont know what happens, it turns into almost like a body odor smell. I got the same reaction with "O". (the only 2 scents from BPAL that did this, I have about 300) I will age this a bit & see if it gets better. I sure hope it does, cause its a little yucky on me