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  1. I've not tried *oils* as in using scent to combat nausea, but both mint and ginger have tummy soothing properties. I personally prefer mint (as ginger can sometimes cause me heartburn), and I believe that the scent of mint would be more tummy soothing than ginger... but again, that's just me. Good luck!
  2. Sealgair


    Huh, I thought I'd posted this here already, but I guess not. Czernobog comes to me via the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Innana9. in imp: sweet & bitter musks, lemon? on wet: 12:15 - musk, vetiver? lemon - is that mullein? drydown: 12:35 - if it weren't for that bitter top note that my nose interprets as lemon, this would be a really nice scent! Dark dry woods & musks - and then that bitter lemon top note. =/ 1:01 - wafting scent is myrrh & lemon rind... hug scent is bitter musk. Actually, this is a very bitter scent, with lovely wood undertones. drat. This could have been lovely, if not for that... I dunno, mullein? whateveritis that adds the lemon-ish bitterness.
  3. Sealgair


    This is an imp I'm donating to the cause of Civet Evangelism! in imp: very bitter musk, red no doubt... something... furniture polish-y? leather & petroleum. on wet: 12:07 - patchouli comes out, sweetening this... red musk bitterness and leather. This could be good if my skin didn't amp bitter musk like crazy! drydown: 12:25 - and the red musk amps everything else out of existance. Sometimes I hate my skin chemistry. >_< 12:50 - sweat and faded incense - a very dirty hippy smell. It definitely invokes "dirty old man" - the dangerous, not the playful side of a satyr. 1:00 - less sweat, more patchouli. Still bitter. (Stupid red musk) 1:20 - sweat again, but cleaner now. The smell of a hippy sweat lodge? Not sage but patchouli and musk. 1:30 - about the same - bitter sweat with hints of sweet patchouli. On me, not so pleasant, thanks to the red musk.
  4. Sealgair

    Hunter Moon 2004

    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Moonarcana! in imp: dried fruit & spices: almost 'pomander', slight forest smell: pine & oak... this reminds me a bit of a "country store" smell - Kirklands or the like. on wet: 8:15 - much spicier, right off the bat with a musk that's somehow both sweet and bitter? And pomander fruit or mulled wine/cider in the background. drydown: 8:30 - fruity now, very mulled wine or cider with only a hint of woods & musk. To me this isn't the hunt in the forest, this is the women at home, preparing the warm wine and cider for their menfolk when they get home. 8:45 - dried pine, mulling spices, soft fur & a lot less fruity. If it'd stay like this I'd love it. 9:20 - dried spiced fruit: pomander again, dry pine & oak planks, just the barest hint of fur. This could strongly remind me of "country store", but the musk almost keeps it from becoming totally that. Almost. All in all, not bad, but I'd like this to be less fruity and more musk-woody.
  5. Sealgair


    Not a review for the (new) retail-only; I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Moonarcana! in imp: herbs, musk, lemon. hmm. on wet: 12:44 - herbal floor cleaner? Not pine, lemon. Not too sure about how this will react on my skin. Ah, my first impression of this scent is "shampoo for blondes: lemon, chamomile, etc." drydown: 12:55 - Still smells kinda like that shampoo, but now more like that shampoo scenting someone's hair - there's a light musk scent that just smells of clean hair. 1:24 - add pencil shavings to the lemon-n-herb washed hair. Heh. This reminds me of Roman Dirge's Lenore! 1:55 - blonde wood with just a hint of lemon-hair. This has become nice!
  6. Sealgair

    Black Annis

    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of JennyGardener! in imp: moss, touch of ivy, touch of pine... anise underneath it all, swirling in & out on wet: 1:40 - anise and moss come up stronger, pine gets darker, is that vetiver underneath it all now? And ivy note singing a descant on top. drydown: 1:50 - yup, that's vetiver, which is VERY bitter when mixed with anise. This is a very cold scent, icy winter wind freezing your nose off as you walk through a pine forest. 2:15 - it's gotten sweeter, I believe that's civet coming up all sweet & musky, grounded by a bitter vetiver and surrounded by a descant of twining ivy and anise. 2:40 - waft is bitter & cold, anise and ivy and moss, up close is civet & vetiver. Overall this is quite bitter, so I'm not sure I like it. Rank it somewhere around 2.5 of 5. 3:21 - it's starting to fade now except for the high bitter notes... which alone becomes soapy. If I put my nose right up to where I put the oil, I can still smell the sweet musk and woods, but the waft is all bitterness and soap.
  7. Sealgair


    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of JennyGardneer (a tarted imp!) in imp: red musk & baby wipes. very bitter, astringent. on wet: 9:40 - still very astringent, still red musk & baby wipes. drydown: 10:00 - musks (red & black is my guess), still, something astringent, though not like baby wipes any more. 11:00 - I'm getting no grapes here, but this is turning into... morning breath is my best way of describing it. Um. Not of the good. next morning - I fell asleep and if I put my nose to my hand, I can still smell where I put the bit of oil. Now? Now it smells lovely. Woody with a hint of red musk that's not bitter any more. However, I'm not waiting through at least two hours of ick just to get to this pretty scent. I'm glad to have tried this, because now I don't have to chase after a very HTF scent!
  8. Sealgair

    The Devil

    This is my (last minute!) addition to the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle. in imp: red musk, myrrh, geranium? - someting bitterly yellow that's not reading as lemon to my nose. on wet: 6:05 - patchouli comes out adding a sweet dark background to the bitterness of myrrh and red musk... there's still a high yellow note that's reminding me of geranium. drydown: 6:25 - something both dirty and sweet, almost rotten, with a bitterness overlaying it all. To me this is a wonderful representation of (especially the Rider-Waite) The Devil - chains (often self-imposed) binding you to the physical realm at the expense of the mental, emotional and spiritual realms. There's a musk here, as well as a definite scent of myrrh and patchouli, as well as the bitter (now rotten as well) overtones. 6:45 - sweet aged patchouli, bitter woody myrrh, red musk plus a musk that yes, I think is civet. At this point I like it, although I didn't before. That yellow rotted bitterness is gone. My husband says it smells like baby powder and attic - like his grandmother. 7:15 - ah phoo, the red musk has come to the fore again and made this all icky: rotten flowers and sweat... with a nice background of civet and patchouli! *sigh* I can't be the only one whose skin amps only the notes they don't like?
  9. Sealgair


    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of JennyGardener! Everything but the rose & ylang sound good... (hopes) in imp: woah. rose soap and lovely lovely civet. *crosses fingers* on wet: 7:48 - =/ rose is overpowering everything, but underneath the ROSE! I can tell there are some absolutely wonderful things! musks and resins and ooh! Please, rose, go away! drydown: 8:00 - aw crap, now not only is there ROSE! but there's also YLANG! If I try, I can catch just a whiff of the previous woody/resiny/musky loveliness... but really it's all floral soap. 8:40 - roseroseroserose. Soap. Since I know it's there, I can tell there are other notes, but really, my skin just amps rose like crazy. Foo and bleh.
  10. Sealgair

    Lord of the Forest

    I did not use this scent in a ritual, but do feel attuned to Herne in some ways, so I hope he doesn't take offense at this being a purely scent review. This decant was obtained through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Innana9. the oil is separated, so I roll it gently around first to mix it. in imp: oh my gods, I need this... wait, baby wipes? hmm... main scent is clean musk, pine-ish and vetiver-ish and resinous... but then the scent that lingers is baby wipes. er. on wet: 12:10 - juniper, benzoin or maybe tonka, lovely woody musk... baby butt. um. drydown: 12:20 - vetiver, black or red (bitter) musk, a hint of benzoin... and baby wipes. WTH? I don't know what the heck is turning this scent into baby wipes (it may have been in Jacob's Ladder) but if it's civet, it's not the civet I'm familiar with! 12:30 - ashtray and baby butt. ugh. And this started off so nice too.
  11. Sealgair


    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Cranberry! I've tried this before, and have a decant of my own, but since this is the decant that's going to be passed around, this is the decant I'm going to test. Plus, maybe my nose will smell something different today. I liked it okay before... in imp: slightly soapy cologne, but dark. on wet: 7:10 - cedar, cologne, wet leather & bitter smoke drydown: 7:30 - mostly a dark, sinister, bitter men's cologne, a bit spicy, a bit cedar, a lot of hot wet leather, and some tobacco or incense smoke. 8:30 - this one actually doesn't change all that much on me, simply becoming a bit dryer and a bit spicier - the grass and mosses coming out? A masculine murky cologne with cedar, leather & spice. Not quite to the edge of sweat smelling. It's nice, actually. Edited to add Civet Evangelism pimpage!
  12. Sealgair


    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Cranberry! Um, reading through the above reviews does not bode well for this being at all nice on me... in imp: ylang ylang with jasmine. oh gods, do I gotta? okay, a tiny drop... on wet: 8:05 - soap, glue and alchohol. yeah, this isn't gonna be good. drydown: 8:20 - soap and onion. yup that's ylang ylang and jasmine on my skin. 8:50 - the soap has become much more floral & green (though it's still soap, but the onion smell of jasmine is still there. I'm done and washing this off now. Blech. No one will want to seduce me smelling of onion and bitterly floral soap!
  13. Sealgair

    Fire of Love

    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle courtesy of Cranberry! in imp: myrrh? patchouli. murky musk. I suppose that murky musk could be civet, but not the civet I know. on wet: 6:54 - sweat & dirt with myrrh underneath. But this isn't a vetiver dirt I don't think? I don't know what all this is. Dirty patchouli, dirty sweaty musk & myrrh. For all that, it's not a nasty scent. drydown: 7:05 - um. skunk. and ballsweat. with maybe a hint of patchouli. er... not so nice any more. Give it a bit longer... 7:15 - sweat & dirt - like some man's been working in the garden. And smoking. There's a definite smoke quality now. 7:40 - yeah, still sweat & dirt & smoke. Not a perfume I'd ever choose. And I'm not sure I'd be able to report on its use for its intended effect. Ah well, next!
  14. Sealgair

    Love Me

    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle via Cranberry! in imp: patchouli, amber, something spicey, and frankincense backing it all up. I don't know if there's civet in this, but it is musky in that frankincense/patchouli kind of way. on wet: 8:30 - frankincense in the main (but not bitter - this is aged, therefore warm and dark and resinous), something spicy hiding around in there - not dominant enough that I can tell what it is, but definitely there - my hand is tingling a bit... patchouli's there and amber is the highest note. This is nice, if a bit reminiscent of head shop. drydown: 8:38 - this has Clove EO in it. How do I know you ask? Because I acidentally touched the part of my hand that has the oil on it to my lips, and now my lips are tingling in a very clove-oil numbness. So, clove is the spicyness blending so well with the rest that I simply couldn't identify it - the rest being frankincense in the main, a sweet patchouli as a base, amber as a high note and perhaps a touch of myrrh? 9:05 - hrm, the patchouli has faded quite a bit, the amber disappeared a while ago, but there's still a sweetness, perhaps that's what's left of the patchouli & amber - just this lingering earthy sweetness underneath the frankincense & clove. All in all, this is a nice scent, though I wouldn't recommend it for someone with sensitive skin. I like it, but probably wouldn't wear it as a personal scent. I may have to report later on its effects on my husband! 9:15 - it's staying about the same now, although as my hand gets warmer and cooler, the clove comes forward and backs away. It's still subtle though, if I didn't know the clove-numbness, I probably wouldn't have recognised the scent. 10:00 - mostly a sweetly modified frankincense now. I say modified, because while it doesn't smell like pure frankincense, it doesn't smell of much of anything else either. I can see where the above reviews get the idea of cola from.
  15. Sealgair


    I got to try this imp through the Civet Evangelism Sniffing Circle via Cranberry! in imp: orange-infused chocolate! ooommmm! on wet: 7:35 - oh yeah! orange-infused chocolate! nummy nummy nom nom nom! Oh wait, is that patchouli peeking out around the corner? drydown: 8:05 - warm patchouli (that lovely dirty scent) in the background with the taste of orange-infused dark chocolate in my mouth. Nummy. Not a scent for everyday wear, but this would be luscious in a diffuser! 8:23 - hrm. This has gone the tiniest bit soapy. So that it's like eating orange-chocolate in a bathroom that's got patchouli-scented soap infusing the air. Still a nice diffuser scent, and not one I'd wear as a personal scent. 8:41 - the patchouli is coming out more, blending with the chocolate smell (of course, it always was the chocolate), and the sweetness of the orange is still there. A lovely scent, perfect for a room, not great as a 'me' scent. Still, I like it. 10:05 - this has settled down, away from the orange-chocolate, into a warm, spicy, almost pomander scent - orange that's dried, so its scent is subtle and then there's the spices and ribbons wrapping it. The patchouli has become itself and is absolutely lovely with the orange pomander. I may have to get an imp of this for room scenting!