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    Dorian, Revenant Rhythm, Rapunzel, RPG Good, Alan McMichael, Katrina Van Tassel, The Waltz, Ava, Stekkjarstaur, Saw Scaled Viper, The Lights of Men's Lives

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    I'm a game developer, I love doing illustration work, reading, playing my piano and hiking.
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  1. FeralFae

    White Rabbit

    Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen. Wet this is very sharp, but as it dries down it's the perfect soft tea and milk scent. I might have to get a bottle.
  2. FeralFae


    I can't believe I hadn't reviewed this. It's creamy sweet vanilla marshmallows, and my nr1 comfort scent. Yum.
  3. FeralFae

    Jacob's Ladder

    A beautiful, golden amber single note. While the Lion has a bit of spiciness this is just powdery and warm. It's quite nice
  4. FeralFae

    Four Seasons: Winter

    I wanted to love this because the bottle art is just so, so beautiful. Unfortunately this is a tad too perfumey for me I think it's the orange, chypre and lavender combo that make this smell very sharp and fake, which is unfortunate because I can smell a beautiful apricot + amber combo underneath all that. That being said, it's very elegant, just not my style.
  5. FeralFae


    I've been testing what remains of my decant after breaking it in my own hands thankfully I had an empty vial I could decant the leftovers into fast. I agree with the comparisons to Ava, but Pediophobia is less biting and sexy. If they were sisters I'd say this was the most innocent, cold and distant of the two. Wet, it's almost stony and when it warms up the beautiful combo of the vanilla + tobacco comes out. I said to myself I'd only get one Yule and this is the strongest contender so far!
  6. FeralFae

    Gloomy Day (February)

    Wet, this seems very similar to Alan McMichael. It's very dry and almost.. a bit spicy? As someone mentioned above, it has a sandalwood incense vibe. On the dry down this gets much sweeter and lasts longer on the than Alan. The finish is a beautiful light amber, followed by woods. The art is beautiful, and this is the most effortless and "me" skin scent, so I'll be getting a backup before the Yules come down!
  7. FeralFae

    Crisp, clean sheets

    Both Aeval and Grief read like fresh clean scents to my nose. Grief is especially nice, I think.
  8. FeralFae

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Eeee, I'm spoiled with amazing suggestions! SmilesSunshine All of those sound really great! I love Dorian, and the Bloodmilk collection has been on my radar. As for The Girl, if you've tried Ava how similar are those two? Ava is a sweet floral to my nose with a splash of brattiness which I love. Fairy Market also sounds right up my alley, thank you! Haloes also has my attention, but it seems to have sold out ;_; LizziesLuck I've actually just ordered De Vos, I have high hopes for it! I've never tried Antikythera and Tombstone, I'm definitely getting an imp next time together with O and Engine 93, so thank you weirdly I get no rum from Alan, just spicy clove + sandalwood. I wonder if you've tried the RPG bard and how similar the bay rum note is to Alan? D: And I love Rapunzel! It's pretty much a signature scent for me in the summer Celestia I just read some reviews on Pip, and yours has definitely scared me haha, I can't deal with nutty/buttery notes at all but I might get a tester just for the golden floral aspect of it! All of the others are getting on my tester list though, When the Stars are Weeping especially sounds so beautiful *.* thank you for all the lovely recs!
  9. FeralFae

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'm currently trying to broaden my bpal horizons, so I'd love some suggestions! Current top 5 are: Stekkjastaur Lucille Sharpe Alan McMichael Light's of Men's Lives The Last Unicorn (love me some lettuce notes)
  10. FeralFae

    Scholars' Tower

    Trying this a few hours after receiving the bottle in the mail. I know, I know. While sniffing the bottle I can't really detect a lot of notes, it just smells incensey and mildly dusty. As soon as I dab ST on my arm I immediately get a blast of the most amazing incense smoke. It smells exactly like an occult store, and it's so lovely. As it begins to dry down, the amber comes out more and pretty soon for about an hour it's amber + a tiiiiiny amount of incense. Now, as it stands after 2 hours, it's an amazing mix of warm amber, woods, incense and the tiniest bit of leather, enough to keep the amber from being overly sweet. I am so glad I got a full bottle of this one, I can see it becoming my cold months staple!
  11. FeralFae

    Perfume to match songs?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I didn't know where to ask. Me and my sister both play the piano + violin and I was wondering how many classical music scents has bpal done? I know the Tchaikovsky ones from the Nutcracker and then the Liszt Csardas Macabre from the MF. Am I missing something? Are there any more scents like this?
  12. FeralFae

    The Strange Old Woman

    When wet, TSOW is a really strong caramel/pastry + cinnamon. When it dries it stays the most long lasting cassia note, with just a lil bit of a creamy sweet throw. It's definitely an Autumn staple
  13. FeralFae

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    On the imp, strawberry and bubblegum. On my skin, plastic. Burning plastic with hints of strawberry. The scent I get wafting around reminds me of candy and licorice but sniffing up close there's that plasticky note again. bleh.
  14. FeralFae

    The Last Unicorn

    Lettuce is probably one of my top three notes, weirdly. I love the fresh crisp greenness of it, and I was really hoping to get another heavy-on-the-lettuce scent. On the bottle this is so yummy! Light florals + lettuce and a bit of sweetness, so far so good! As soon as it settles on my skin the chocolate and coconut come out with the florals and at this stage TLU reminds me a not of Snow White - it's not bad but I don't love SW as I find it a bit cloying. Thankfully, it dries down to a fresh, whimsical lettuce-y floral <3 I love it so damn much. I'm so happy to have a bottle, this is a magical faerie scent and I'll be wearing it a lot this summer.
  15. FeralFae

    Dana O'Shee

    In the vial this smells like marzipan. On the skin, marzipan. After maybe half an hour, the marzipan single note has calmed a bit down, and I can maybe begin to smell a bit of the honey and the grains. I thought Dana O'Shee would smell a bit sweeter and calmer, but with the almond it definitely has a bite. It's a nice foodie scent though, and I can see myself using my imp.