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  1. Jasminepearls

    Against Idleness and Mischief

    I really like this blend. It is Honey, chamomile and a dusting of pollen all the way. Makes me want a cup of Chamomile tea. I agree that this would be a good sleep blend.
  2. Jasminepearls


    I amp rose like nobody's business, so I was a bit skeptical of Wanton. In the imp it smells very floral, heavy and womanly. On my skin, O HAI ROSE!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to at least get to smell the pachouli in the background, but this blend is all rose, start to finish. Pretty on someone who gets along with rose, but not for me.
  3. Jasminepearls

    Bite Me

    I was so very excited when my bottle of Bite Me arrived. In the bottle, it smelled like pure almond extract with a slight floral undertone. Wet- almond and...rose? I am not getting any caramel. As it dried, the rose scent dominated and wiped out the almond. It smells like a bouquet of roses that have been dried somehow...yup, dried roses. Rose is one of the notes that does not work well at all with my skin chemistry, I can smell a tiny hint of caramel in the background but I do not think this blend is going to work for me. It is not at all like the almond note in Kyoto, which I adore.
  4. Jasminepearls

    That! The Terror From Over There!

    This started out smelling like beautiful green meadows and the pulp of a kiwi fruit. Then the wasabi says HAI really strongly for a few minutes, nose tingling and peppery! I dries down to a lovely green smell, clean without smelling soapy or like dryer sheets, and though it has wonderful throw, it still retains a sense of delicacy.
  5. Jasminepearls

    Dark Chocolate and Cherry

    Mmmmm, I love this scent! On me, it starts out smelling just like a dark chocolate covered cherry, complete with the pink gooey cream inside. After a thankfully brief cough syrup phase, it mellows out and becomes a more real black cherry smell with the gourmet chocolate perfectly balancing it out. SO glad I got a bottle of this one.
  6. Jasminepearls


    I am smelling beautiful Ylang Ylang, with maybe a hint of Jasmine and honeysuckle in the background. This smells very seductive indeed!
  7. Jasminepearls

    Butter Rum Cookie

    Butter Rum Cookie smells wonderful and full of buttery cookie goodness with a hint or rum in the imp. On my skin, it quickly turns to the all consuming cinnamon. (Which is weird because I stay away from scents with cinnamon in them for that very reason, but it wasn't listed in the description) It dries down to cinnamon with a hint of cookie, but I this this one would benefit from a better home.
  8. Jasminepearls

    The Magi

    The Magi smells like men's cologne in the imp to me, and on my skin it turns to a fizzy cola scent (My BF told me I smell like Sprite) and pretty much stays there. Faint whiff of incense but the cola note stays until the end...sigh. I do smell a hint of the grape on the drydown, but it turns sickly sweet on me, then fades away.
  9. Jasminepearls

    Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder '08 smells gloriously golden and amber-y in the imp, and pretty much stays that way on my skin. I get a slight woodsy note peeking through, almost earthy, but mostly amber. Smooth smooth amber. This one is blended so well, I know that I am smelling all of the components but they just smell so warm and glowing together. Too bad it doesn't have much throw on me.
  10. Jasminepearls


    Perchta smells beautiful in the imp, very pine-y. On me it smells of light musk, evergreen and soft white florals, which I love. There was a weird ozone stage in between but it went away luckily, and I am in LOVE with this scent now. It remind me of Hex '05 without the smoke, which is the closest I am going to get to that wonderful wonderful scent, since the '08 version smells very different. I shall call this one Hex Jr.
  11. Jasminepearls


    MMMMmmm....Gelt... In the bottle, it is all smooth cocoa. On me, wet I get cocoa, the amber and a slight citrus note, almost orangey. After it dries, the citrus note vanishes and I have warm, powdery cocoa. I can very much still smell the amber too.
  12. Jasminepearls

    Hexennacht (2008)

    In the bottle. this smells like straight up fir trees. Wet, it is not much different. VERY strong. After half an hour it mellows out and I smell amber and herbs, along with the pine. It is beautifully blended but I was hoping it would be a bit more like the '05 version which it is sadly not.
  13. Jasminepearls

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Ohmygod! Chaos Theory CLII (152) is so yummy! At first sniff of this beauty, all I could smell was lemon. Then I put it on, and it grew into a huuuuge lemon tree right on my wrist! I can smell pulp, rind, zesty-zest, even the seeds, this is so true to what a lemon smells like! 5 minutes later, a sweet sugar smell comes into the backround, not clashing with it at all, but making it even more beautiful!!! Now it smells like fresh lemons dipped in sugar. Mmm, lemon signle note, and a drop of sugar, that is what this is! It stays true to the lemon loveliness the whole time, never morphing. Previously reviewed by UltraViolet.
  14. Jasminepearls


    Wet~ Lavendar, with a hint of lime. Drydown~ Oh, this is turning into softer, sweeter lavender.. The lime is fading into the backgound...It is extremely soothing. Dry~ the citrus note is stronger, but all in all, this blend stayed very much the same in the bottle and on me. I really like it, and it is awesome for grounding me. I have been battling chronic pain for a long time now, and Quietude is taking my mind off of it, I'm going ot rub some on my stomach and let it sink in. Fantastic, thank you Beth.
  15. Jasminepearls

    Pink Moon 2005

    Oh, oh my. Sweet, very sweet without being sticky-sickeningly sweet. This does inded, evoke the very essence of pink, with a smattering of red in it. The strong whiff of candied flowers and honey initially makes my head spin and my nose swoon, but it quickly gives way to a lovely complex floral, I can smell the daffodil! (my favorite) It is almost sharp, like the flowers are trying to burst through the sweet shell, but it remains perfectly balanced and absolutely amazing. The final note that stays the longest is strawberry...wild strawberry. This is by far my favorite Lunacy Blend and I am so glad I got more than one bottle of it. Beth, you are a Goddess.