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  1. phr34kish


    Indeed a fresh scent! I received a frimp of it from macrabe_fae and tried it today. Oddly enough it's been pouring all day and this reminded me almost immediately of a sunny afternoon on my grandmother's acreage in the spring with all the green grass. Not that it SMELLED like that mind you, it's the memory the scent invoked. Lovely, light, fresh, a warm. Defiantly love.
  2. phr34kish

    Week from hell

    Kit, i wasn't trying to -push- you into anything. I just recognise that you're completly stressed and stretched beyond your limit and wanted you to have some time (even if it was in the future) to relax and enjoy yourself some. I feel through on the bed, because of distance. I was trying to come up with a way to get it to you guys, i'm sorry it ended up a broken promise. I wasn't trying to rub anything in, or make anyone feel bad, i just want you and snow both to take a little time for yourselves. Running yourself into the ground like you are isn't healthy at all. ~__~ Not to mention it worries the hell out of me when i hear/see that you have breakdowns and are worried and upset all the time. I'm sorry it didn't come out that way...
  3. phr34kish


    I'm that friend that Kitrona sent it to, and unfortuantly, Namaste doesn't want to love me either. ;_; Although i didn't get a bathroom smell... From the bottle it smells like a generic perfume, but it turned into a horrid pine dishsoap. At least with veil it dried out nicely on me, Namaste just doesn't seem to want to work. ;-;
  4. phr34kish


    In the bottle: A pleasant light floral, definatly can pick out the lavendar in there! Wet: Oddly enough i kindof get a pine dishsoap feel from it. Drydown: Ohhh, once it dries it's lovely! A good light floral (i really don't like over powering scents...) With a lot of the lavendar and maybe... yes. Lots of the violet on me. For my second Overall: Much love for it once it's dry. Thankfully, if i spread it out on the skin it does so quickly so the dishsoap thing is very fleeting. ^.^