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    Scents I've tried and didn't like: Urania (frimp) Zorya (frimp) Skuld (trade) Lightning (imp pack) Ides of March (decant) Scents that were nice, but turned into soap: The Bloody Sword (decant) Absinthe (trade) Djinn (imp pack) Embalming Fluid (trade frimp) Undertow (trade frimp) (actually turned to dirty socks) Scents I liked: Samhain 2006 (bought from the Lab) Bewitched (trade frimp) Sudha Segara (imp pack) Black Lily (frimp) The Bow and Crown of Conquest (imp pack) Prague (trade frimp) Pluto (bought from another member) Baron Samedi (trade frimp) Aries (decant) Scents I have mixed feelings about: Pain (imp pack) Moon Rose (imp pack) Samhainphobia (trade frimp) Ostara (decant) Old Scratch (trade) Scents I have (or will have) but haven't tried: The Pit and the Pendulum (trade) Raven (trade frimp) People I've traded with: theseagrows: Urania for Skuld snowfox090: Skuld for Absinthe, Bewitched, and Prague Azhure: Money for the Bloody Sword Innana9: Money for Pluto, Embalming Fluid and Samhainophobia cybra111: Money for Aries korshka: Money for Ides of March and Ostara citharadraconis: Lightning for Old Scratch and Baron Samedi cupide430: The Bloody Sword for the Pit and the Pendulum, Undertow, Moon Rose, and Raven


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  1. Roses Ablaze


    Usually I don't purchase LE's unless I really think I'm going to like it, but I've been looking for a nice ocean-y scent, so I bought Aeaea. Unfortunately, it's disappointing. It isn't ocean-y at all - the first adjective that comes to my mind when I sniff it in the bottle is medicinal. It's cool, too, but mostly medicinal. Then when it goes on my skin, it turns into sharp soap, but then quickly sweetens up to some potpourri-y, soapy stuff. So I guess I'm selling this one.
  2. Roses Ablaze

    Hunter Moon 2007

    I haven't actually worn Hunter Moon, since I'm currently testing a different scent, but I like what I smell out of the bottle. It's green, dark, deep and musky. It isn't autumn-y at all (which is what I was hoping for), but I like it. Hopefully it won't go foul on my skin.
  3. Roses Ablaze

    French Love

    I do not like French Love, and I haven't even tried it on yet. In the vial it's what I think might be ylang-ylang and cough syrup. Ylang-ylang is my least favorite note of all time and cough syrup is...well, cough syrup. I'll give it a chance tomorrow (I'm currently trying a different scent), but I don't hold out much hope.
  4. Roses Ablaze


    In the vial, Ravenous is a nice wake-up scent. Nice and sharp, but not nose pain-inducing or citrus-y sharp. I don't know what it's like on my skin since I haven't put it on yet (I'm currently trying Aeaea), but I like what I see...er, smell so far.
  5. Roses Ablaze


    Jester smells distinctly like bananas in the vial, despite not having bananas in the description. It smells like bananas on my skin, too. Really, that's the only note I can perceive. Bananas. Strange how these things work, ne? I mean, not that I mind bananas, but you can get banana scent anywhere.
  6. Roses Ablaze

    Lady MacBeth

    I got Lady Macbeth as a frimp, and let me tell you, it isn't Lady Macbeth-like at all. It reminds me of candy. I can't think of any other adjective to describe it besides sweet. It escapes me how wine and thyme can produce something sweet (unless they're very, very minor notes), but it seems to have. The most prominent note must be the berries, I think. I don't know what currant smells like. And actually now that I've accidentally gotten it on my fingers, it smells like grape Tylenol. Don't ask me how that happened.
  7. Roses Ablaze

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    What's the least feminine rose scent?
  8. Roses Ablaze


    Salty mint which turns to dirty socks + mint + seaweed on my skin. Salt and minty is an interesting combination, I'll admit, but I'm not too big on the dirty socks thing. I think I'll pass.
  9. Roses Ablaze

    Aries 2007

    In the bottle it's a bit like the Bloody Sword but more earthy and less peppery. It must be the dragon's blood, because that and pepper are two notes I know they share and people tend to note in both. On me, it doesn't turn to soap which is a pleasant surprise, but it turns sweet-ish and spicy, which was a surprise to me. It's almost foody, but not quite edible, and it doesn't make me hungry. EDIT: Chai tea, that's something I could compare it to. And actually it's getting a little soapier, but not enough to shout, "SOAP!" We'll see how it goes.
  10. Roses Ablaze

    Baron Samedi

    This is rum? Seriously? oO; It doesn't smell boozy at all to me. In the bottle it smells a bit like barn hay to be quite honest, but once on my skin it turns into this sharper, sweeter, citrus-y scent. It smells almost like Tang, but more complex and more sophisticated, if that makes sense. It smells nice in all its phases, but if I hadn't looked it up I would have never guessed it was based on an alcoholic drink.
  11. Roses Ablaze

    Embalming Fluid

    I agree with what Trishek said, it's very uplifting. The first note that strikes me is lemon (or lime?), but it's neither bitter nor household product-like. It's very fresh and sharp, but not in a painful way. I like this scent. ...until it turns into soap on my skin. Oh well.
  12. Roses Ablaze


    Hee, I was so lucky to be able to get a full bottle of this when I did <3 I love this scent. It's metallic and dark, but not overpowering, and it makes me feel mysterious when I wear it. I don't smell the mint that other people seemed to be picking up on. It's pretty aged though (or so I assume since I just got it yesterday), so that might have to do with it. Unfortunately it fades rather fast, too. Too bad it was discontinued so long ago.
  13. Roses Ablaze


    Mixed feelings, mixed impressions. I don't smell any lavender at all, so I can only assume that the candy-y, minty, green...medicinal? note I do detect is the pennyroyal. On my skin the medicinal and green qualities fade, and it turns into those cheap mints you get that dissolve into powder in your mouth and bear no markings. Dunno what they're called. I can't decide if I like this one or not, although I must disagree with the person who said that pennyroyal is more masculine that spearmint.
  14. Roses Ablaze


    For Jenny, with love. Crocus with snowdrop and three lilies. Strangely, the first thing this reminded me of was grass, but a nice grass smell, not like nasty hay or newly-mowed lawn. It's definitely a very green scent, but also nice and light and sweet. In the bottle it's a little heavier and more floral and it actually smelled a little generic with just a small touch of freshness, but I like the way it smells on my wrist. ETA: Aw damn, but it fades fast. Too bad too ;_;
  15. Roses Ablaze

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    Honestly, I was expecting this to be far more masculine than it turned out, and now I'm kind of embarrassed to have bought an imp of it for my guy friend thinking it'd be a scent for guys (since it's a horseman and all) o.o I can't say it's a bad scent though, sweet but not overly sugary, and more refreshing than, say, cotton candy or something. I dunno, there's just this uplifting (or maybe 'bright' would be a better word) quality about it (even if it is named after a somewhat dark character).