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  1. ScabbyLucy

    Peach Vulva

    Fresh, bright peach that softens to warm and sweet. This is a DEAD RINGER for an Arcana from several years ago that I loved but never got a bottle of called Peaches Crave True Love.
  2. ScabbyLucy

    Strawberry Sufganiyot

    This isn't so much "strawberry jam filled doughnut" to me as "strawberry filled twisted flaky pastry they sell in Fantasyland". Is this a bad thing? FUCK NO I want to eat my wrist Beth even managed to make it smell oven hot
  3. ScabbyLucy

    Pumpkin Spice Everything

    This smells exactly like a Michaels store at Halloween. Unfortunately that also includes the paper and plastic
  4. ScabbyLucy

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    OK, BPAL's honey note is always a mixed bag for me- sometimes it's nice, other times its waxy or mixes poorly. My favorite, by far, has been the honey-cakes in Cockaigne. Are there any others, GC or LE, that people have thought have that same honey note?
  5. ScabbyLucy

    Scrappy Damsel

    I get mostly cedar, amber with a touch of orange blossom/neroli from this. I'm glad the musk shuts up- musks have ruined far too many nice perfumes. While I wish the saffron and honey were more apparent, I do really love this. Scrappy is a good term, this is a scent for the heroine comfortable in the woods and stables. Though at some distances it kind of almost smells like Coca Cola.
  6. ScabbyLucy

    Mother Shub's Squamous Sea Salt Caramel Cookies

    Pretty accurately caramel/sea salt, but there's a harsh note that's unlike any other aquatic I've worn. Throw is crazy too (my mom could smell it half the house away with one dab- it made her mildly nauseous too)
  7. ScabbyLucy

    Yule Cookie

    :drools: Snickerdoodles and ginger tea. This smells like Christmas Eve at my house, when I'm getting around to doing all the baking finally. The spice in the cookies isn't burny either!
  8. ScabbyLucy

    El Dia de los Reyes

    Sweet Mary hallelujah! Both the 2007 and 2013 versions I've tried smell very much the same (2013 is a little more buttery at the start), but 2013 doesn't make my skin red
  9. ScabbyLucy

    Picture Books in Winter

    OOO, at first a blast of sweet caramel with dusty paper, much like Miskatonic University. On my skin the flowers come out, these are of the antique pressed flowers variety, backed by a very soft, worn leather. It's lovely, but quite faint.
  10. ScabbyLucy

    Go to Sleep, Darlings

    Yup, this is the snow note from Snow White without any weird plastic making florals, with a dose of sugar. Really pretty, but I don't think I'll need a bottle (except maybe a cheap partial from someone selling decant circle remnants)
  11. ScabbyLucy

    La Befana

    Hmm. I love the 2007 version, its the perfect blend of floral violets, sweetness from the candy, and the touch of something else from the chimney soot. Maybe it just needs aging, but the 2013 version seems way more floral, with the lillies predominant.
  12. ScabbyLucy

    Strawberry Moon 2012

    I love strawberries, love them to death, have since I was a little girl. Since I started buying perfumes, I have been searching for the perfect strawberry scent. I've found it. I've had four types of encounters with BPAL's strawberry notes. One disappears completely (Bon Vivant, Love and Loli Goth all did this), which is extremely disappointing. Another turns into cherry chapstick (Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo and White Chocolate Strawberry are both culprits here). Strawberry Moon 09 smelled like sour strawberry candy, better but still not great. The strawberry note in Mariposita, and Self Portrait with Puffy Stickers however? Is PERFECT. This is that very strawberry, crushed and enriched with sweet honey, over a bed of very light green grass and positively drenched with sunlight. There's serious risk of me trying to eat my arm here.
  13. ScabbyLucy

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    :shrieks: Out of the bottle, this smells JUST like cherry ICEE syrup! As it dries, it gets a little darker, and I can smell the cream and sugar more, but omg, om nom nom.. :hoards obsessively:
  14. ScabbyLucy

    Gingerbread Poppet

    (not sure what year) You ever heard the saying that something can be a little TOO accurate? I make gingerbread cookies every year, and my least favorite part is the vaguely acrid scent of the molasses in the jug. This scent is so accurate it HAS THAT.
  15. ScabbyLucy


    Oh. My. GOD. In the imp and when I first apply, I get lots of the sweet, dry, powdery cake that I get from Bread-and-Butter-Fly. Which is lovely, but I sniff it the wrong way and I get "baby powder" But once it dries? Cockaigne is one of the lightest, sweetest, most wonderful honey scents I've ever smelled. And its got a HELL of a throw