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  1. AltairKaosu

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    Ouch! I got an imp of this, and while I loved the smell (lots of spice, warm vanilla and chocolate goodness), it started to itch so horribly after about five minutes that I had to wash it off. Both my wrists are red, and the little spot on my chest is scarlet. I guess now I know I'm sensitive to cardamom. I hope it's not the same case with cinnamon, because I love Chimera and haven't had problems with it before...
  2. AltairKaosu


    Oh my goodness... I bought this bottle (my first one!) unsniffed, so I was really hoping I would like it. And I do! I notice the caramel and a little whiff of apple blossom right off, and then after a bit I get a wonderful spicy scent...might be the amber. I don't get a lot of cream, but I adore the teak note. It just stays in the background and brings everything together. My mom is not fond of it, because it's a foody scent with musk and wood, and she tends not to like foody perfumes. But my fiancee actually admitted that he liked the scent! He never tells me that, so I'm thrilled to find one that he actually enjoys on me. Anyway, awesome blend. I hope the rest of the CD scents I try are as wonderful.
  3. AltairKaosu

    Black Cat

    My nose is not as educated as some, but I'll give this a shot anyway: In the bottle: Sort of herbal, definently sharp. I wasn't at all sure I even wanted to try it. Luckily, the Boy picked this one out for me to wear today, so I had to be fair and give it a shot. On me: A bit minty, and a little incensy. Sharp, but really, really pleasant. Also, I don't know if this is just the placebo effect (probably), but I do feel better...more joyful...when I wear this. It's like having my own personal bubble of happy surrounding me. This one might be a 5ml, if I can ever save up enough money.