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  1. yamiko

    Black Rage

    This is not a nice smelling scent. It's a dark herbal and minty blend that just puts me on edge when I smell it.
  2. yamiko

    Halloween: Montreal

    Halloween: Montreal is the closest I'm going to get to a Halloween: Vermont for now, so I jumped on the chance to get it. It's pretty much everything magical about a chilly Halloween night. I get mostly pumpkin on me, slightly sweet and slightly smoky. I do smell the chilly/winter note that others are noticing, too. It makes sense; I think it's snowed the majority of Halloweens I've lived through. As it dries, the wintery note fades and I get spicy pumpkin and dried leaves with a background of woodsmoke. This scent is making me sooooo excited for Halloween!
  3. yamiko

    Spicebush Swallowtail

    In the bottle, it's a sweet, spicy, slightly fruity sassafras. On me, it's a spicy plum, without any sassafras. The drydown is mostly sweet clove. It's very nice for a cool, rainy day like today is.
  4. yamiko

    Victorian Rose Milk v1

    I love rose. This smells like the same rose that's in Persephone, only with milk instead of pomegranate. It's definitely milky instead of creamy and smells very nostalgic. It makes me smell like a pretty Victorian lady.
  5. #130: Frankincense and a sharp citrus. Grapefruit? Dries down to mostly grapefruit, not a lot of frankincense. #9: Buttery, foody goodness in the bottle. Has a brief, disgusting nail polish phase on me like frankincense is wont to do sometime, but then it goes away and dries down to a delicious spicy cake thing.
  6. yamiko


    This is a super earthy scent that is very well blended. It's very dark in the bottle, but sweetens up a little on me. I think that's the myrrh. When it dries, the oakmoss comes out a bit more. It's smokey, earthy, mysterious, and dark. It reminds me a bit of how my hair and clothes smell after I spent time near a bonfire.
  7. yamiko


    In bottle: I mostly get redbush tea and myrhh with a bit of lotus. On me: Sweetened redbush tea. Overall, it's very well-blended, with no note really sticking out above the rest. Overall: This is a very nicely blended scent. It's lightly sweet and delicate, but I think my skin kinda eats it a bit too much for me to wear.
  8. yamiko

    Peach Moon

    In Bottle: Peach play-doh On me: Soft, juicy peach with an underlying floral. The jasmine, I think. Every once in awhile I get a play-doh whiff, but not a lot. Overall: This is nice and rather pretty, but it's a bit too faint for me. I think I'd like it more if it was less floral and more fruity.
  9. yamiko

    Pink Snowballs

    In bottle: Rose, with a bit of vanilla in the background. On me: A soft, pink rose, with some vanilla. If I think about it too much, I kind of get a bathroom smell from it. It reminds me a bit of Snow White. As it dries, the bathroom note goes away and I get more of the vanilla. Overall: Such a pretty, feminine scent!
  10. yamiko

    Saint Foutin de Varailles

    In bottle: Beeswax and frankincense. On me: It starts out nothing but wine when it's very freshly applied, but that goes away quickly, and starts to smell how it did in the bottle. As it dries, the rose comes out more, and it ends up smelling like soft red rose and beeswax. Overall: This is a very lovely scent. It usually flies under my radar, but every time I put it on, I am not disappointed. I need to remember to wear it more often. I really do love the Lab's beeswax note.
  11. yamiko


    Something in Pomona is very off-putting when I smell it in the bottle. Now that I read other reviews, it does kind of smell like nail-polish remover. On me, it starts out very nutty, then dries down to a nice, tart apple. It makes me itch a bit where I test it (I have a mild nut allergy), but usually when I apply things to my perfume-wearing areas as opposed to my testing areas, I don't get itchy. The back of my hand might just be a bit sensitive. I haven't tested this since I got it when it was released because of the smell in the bottle, but I enjoy it now that it's on me. Hopefully I can remember that enough to get past the bottle smell. If not, I'll have to rehome it.
  12. yamiko

    Pumpkin IV (2009)

    In the bottle: Pumpkin, clove, and myrrh On me: At first, it's pumpkin with clove, then it dries down to mostly clove. It's a little smokey, but not a whole lot. Overall: Tasty! It's a buttery clove scent that makes me think of baked goods. The musk and tobacco lurk about and give it a nice background.
  13. yamiko

    Opium Poppy

    Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's smelling band-aids! I definitely get a "sterile" smell from this scent. Once it dries more, I get a smokey, floral scent. I'm not sure if I can get past the band-aid smell on this one, though.
  14. yamiko

    The Phoenix in Spring

    Newborn, with flecks of myrrh still dusting its wings, the Phoenix emerges: dandelion florets, cherry blossom, spring wildflowers, and myrrh. In bottle: fresh dandelion, cherry blossoms, and a hint of myrrh On me: Starts out very much DANDELION. Once it starts drying, the myrrh comes out a lot. As it dries, everything blends together into a slightly spicy, flowery scent. Dandelion is still the prominent note, but I can definitely smell everything else as well. Overall: This totally surprised me! I'm not really a floral person, and some of them give me quite the headache. But I really like dandelion. It gives a nice, bright, slightly grassy feel to this scent. Like a bright spring day. It's very good for keeping the winter blues away.
  15. yamiko

    Champagne And Opium

    In bottle: Champagne with a bit of oomph behind it. The opium kind of makes it darker, in a way. On me: At first, the opium is like, "OH HEY, HERE I AM ALL UP IN YOUR NOSE." But then it calms down a little bit so you can smell the champagne again. It's fizzy, smokey, slightly metallic deliciousness. Overall: I'm not a huge opium fan, but I do like this. The opium and the champagne complement each other nicely. It's a pretty decadent-smelling scent.