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    The loved notes: Red musk, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, boozy sugared vanilla, all kinds of vanilla, tonka, incense smoke, nag champa, wild plum, black musk, indian musk, egyptian musk, all kinds of musks, benzoin, leather, tobacco, saffron, champaca, copal, amber, honey, beeswax, clove, oudh & black cherry. Can I get a perfume with all these, please? The loved ones: Smut, King Cobra, Black Lace, Mme Moriarty, Snake Charmer, Tombeur, Schwarzer Mond, Hellion, Ecstasy: Passion, Gothabilly, Pinched with Four Aces, Infernal Lover, Clockwork Couture: Female, Midnight on the Midway, Midnight Mass, Halloween: Las Vegas. And GCs: Snake Oil, Oblivion, Scherezade, The Lion, Event Horizon, Carceri d'Invenzione, And there was a Great Cry in Egypt. The dreaded notes: Caramel, pumpkin (but not all kinds), buttered rum, milk, cream, ozone, citrus notes, green tea, ginger, overly sugary scents, aquatic blends, most floral blends. The enemy: The pumpkin patch, Red lantern, Queen of Sheba, Grog, Jack, Siren.

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  1. CreamyJade


    In the decant: Chamomile, sandalwood, moss; it's astringent at first sniff Wet on skin: Strong burst of pillowy vanilla, sandalwood and light spices, the other notes are melting with the vanilla-sandalwood heart Dry on skin: Rich, slightly spicy vanilla and sandalwood blend Final thoughts: Well this is lovely! It's a great vanilla scent and I'd be happy to have more, but because of the rarity of this scent, I'll cherish what I have. It's worth noting that I despise rose scents and I really can't smell any! Try if you like: Celeste, Morocco, Monsterbait: Underpants
  2. CreamyJade


    In the bottle: Spicy, exotic, red musk and clove Wet on skin: Clove, saffron, wood, red musk Dry on skin: A very sophisticated red musk oriental perfume <3 Final thoughts: When first receiving the bottle, I really liked Crimson, but I wasn't head over heels with it even though I love all the notes, as the clove note was very bitter and acrid. Fast forward a couple of months, I wore the perfume occasionally and lately I find myself reaching for my bottle more and more. Oh, it aged! Crimson is a gorgeous, spicy red musk blend. It's reached hoarding status (well, as much as I can). I'm very happy! It's close to my holy grail Ecstasy of Passion (a spicier and deeper version, more oriental). Try if you like: Scherezade, Ecstasy of Passion, Infernal Lover, Third Charm, red musk
  3. CreamyJade


    In the bottle: Frankincense (not lemony or bright, but a burning incense note), soft woods and spices. Wet on skin: Burning incense, spices, hint of tobacco. Dry on skin: Sweet resinous wood incense and a bit of spice. Final thoughts: Well, this is gorgeous! It has a medium-low throw, as it stays relatively close to the skin. On a side note, the black box it came with, and the cards, are simply beautiful. Overall, a marvellous creation! I think I'll have to get the matching jewelry piece... Try if you like: Oblivion
  4. CreamyJade

    A Commentary

    In the bottle: Vetiver and the sweetness of apricots and red musk Wet on skin: Vetiver, bergamot and neroli Dry on skin: Vetiver, clove, sweetness from fruits and the red musk Final thoughts: This bottle was a random find for me in the Shungas. I've been on a fruity kick lately (I've enjoyed some of the DC peaches and NYCC apple scents), so I wanted to try this one. The drydown is rich and sophisticated, but I'm a bit sad that it's not as red musky on my skin than I would've hoped. Try, if you like: Lamia, Peach IV
  5. CreamyJade

    About Midnight

    In the bottle: Light woods, resins, vanilla, a bit of camphor Wet on skin: Cedar, vanilla, sandalwood Dry on skin: Very soft, almost powdered vanilla incense Final thoughts: I don't get the plastic phase on my skin that others have mentioned (hurray!). About Midnight reminds me of the incense that was burned before yoga classes at the studio where I used to practice. It also reminds me a bit of champaca incense, although less heady and intoxicating. I like it, but it's a bit too soft and light for my tastes. Try if you like: Celeste, Diwali
  6. CreamyJade

    La Lugubre Gondola

    In the bottle: A very sticky balsamic amber, a touch of a slightly sharp herbal note. Wet on skin: Resinous, balsamic, sweet, sticky goodness! It's mostly amber and labdanum at first, but I'm starting to get the sweet woody notes of the oudh. Dry on skin: I don't detect any sharpness, only the sweet and rich (almost dark) amber and the precious scent of the oudh. Final thoughts: This oil is magnificent (and thick and sticky)! It had been a while since I had a real coup de coeur for one of the Lab's oils, but this one. THIS ONE. It's beautiful! The oudh adds a welcome woody side to this resinous perfume. If The Lion has been in my collection for a few years now, I've hardly worn it; whereas I've already worn La Lugubre Gondola multiple times since I've received it (and possibly ordered two more bottles). On me, La Lugubre Gondola has a medium throw and sticks for days to every scarf, cardigan and hat I wear. Try if you like: The Lion, O, heavy amber notes
  7. CreamyJade

    Autumn Lace

    In the bottle: Opening the bottle, I get the same cloying sugar note that I get from Red Lace, which is a good start. Wet on skin: There's definitely a burst of tobacco on top of the sugar note, just as in Black Lace, plus the same flowery leaves I get from Witch Dance (I guess they just might be "leaves"). Dry on skin: Very much like a leaffy, sweeter Black Lace, although not as rich and potent. Final thoughts: This is very nice! I ordered from the second batch, having missed the first (because I wanted to wait for reviews) and I'm not sorry I did. It's not as potent as Black Lace is, but it's still pretty strong. I hope it'll mellow with age (but Black Lace 2009 never did like its 2007 version) and get somewhat creamier, although it won't stop me from wearing it this season! Try if you like: Black Lace, Red Lace, Witch Dance
  8. CreamyJade


    In the bottle: Oh my GOD! Musky resins and sweet woods, with an astringent note. Wet on skin: The astringent note I sniffed out of the bottle is gone and the scent is almost like Siberian Musk, but with resins. There's also a slight powder note. Dry on skin: Powder is gone and I'm left with frankincense, myrrh, sweet woods and a bit o' musk. The beeswax comes out not as honey, but as a sweetening agent to the mix. IT'S MAGICAL TO MY NOSE. Final thoughts: I was gifted some bottles of Heretic by the friend in L.A., and I am forever grateful to experience this magnificent perfume. 24 hours after receving the perfume, my first bottle is already just above label. Really. The oil is very dark, potent, and leaves a delicious frankincense & woods drydown. This is perfect, it's top 10 perfect. Try if you like: Siberian Musk single note, Minotaur, Schwarzer Mond, Panther Moon, Midnight Mass, Cathedral.
  9. CreamyJade

    Witch Dance

    In the bottle: This smells good. Very good. I get a fruity red musk, but I also get incense (sugared, not woody, maybe nag champa?) and flowers (but good ones, so it may be the leaves!). Wet on skin: The fruity red musk comes out, but it's not as poignant and dark as, say, the red musk in Infernal Lover. It's subtle. Dry on skin: It's mostly sugared incense and light fruity red musk. Lovely! Final thoughts: For the name alone I would've bought a bottle. But because it smells so good, I got two! This is very nice, but subtle. I wish I got the "all red musk, all the time" some of the reviews have, but I get a shy fruity red musk, sugared incense and flowers (or leaves?). I'm not fond of flowers, but there's definitely something "flowery" going on, in the same vein as Midnight in the Midway (which I happen to love for a reason still unknown to me). Witch Dance has medium throw and would be perfect for a date. Try if you like: Halloween: Las Vegas (sans le cake, as was mentioned in a previous review), Midnight on the Midway (sugared incence).
  10. CreamyJade

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    I'm sad to see the Salon go, just I was sad to see the Carnival go dark, as both were darker, resinous, heavy-centric collections (and not "flower-centric"). The darker themes that inspired both of these collections were more to my tastes than others categories. One of my first BPAL purchases was And there was a Great Cry in Egypt (Dark myrrh, white sandalwood, amber, hyssop, frankincense, honey, cypress, red musk, cardamom and saffron), which I adore completely. I've had a backup aging for a few years now (from before the Salon price raise) and I think it would be worth having one more. The other Salon blend I love is Carceri d'Invenzione (Redwood, red sandalwood, black pepper, blonde tobacco and frankincense), which I always thought was never getting enough love on the forum. I'm glad to see the love for this blend here! I think it's a very "red", dry but sweet resinous blend. I've owned a couple of retail exclusive Salon blends, but neither Haloes nor Wezwanie/Hold passed the test of time in my collection, even though they're both beautiful blends. My boyfriend really enjoys Heavenly Love & Earthly Love and wears it from time to time. I'll be getting Philosopher in Meditation for sure. I'm quite surprised I've never even noticed it before, as I've dissected the BPAL website many times!
  11. CreamyJade

    Crypt King

    The Crypt Queen’s dapper consort: pomegranate juice, black pepper, oakmoss, coriander, black ginger, patchouli, dracaena, and a splash of lilac fougere. In the bottle: Sweet pomegranate juice and something slightly floral yet mildly astringent (like lavender) - it must be the lilac fougere. Wet on skin: Pomegranate juice still, earthy patchouli, and the lilac fougere (which in no way turns masculine). Dry on skin: Pomegranate, earthy patchouli, oakmoss. Good throw and wear length. Final thoughts: I was one of the lucky few who got their Crypt King bottles sans coffin from the second wave on the Trading Post Etsy and, boy, am I glad. I had tried the prototype at the Vermont Will Call and fell in love badly. There's definitely something alluring in this scent. I get none of the masculine feel or cologne some of the reviewers mention - the pomegranate is very present on my skin on the drydown, which I think makes it a feminine scent. The ginger and the black pepper are non-obtrusive to my nose, which is good because they were the notes I feared would turn on my skin. Lovely, lovely scent. Try if you like: Queen of Clubs, Persephone
  12. CreamyJade

    Thousands of Lights

    In the bottle: I get the same feel from this as when I first opened a bottle of Mother Ginger: a fizzy ginger note (which is oddly not in the notes) and frankincense. Wet on skin: Champaca, spices, hint of florals, beeswax, oak and something fizzy, like ginger. Dry on skin: Spicy, slightly resinous floral, with hints of beeswax, oak and musk. Final thoughts: First off, the color of this oil is amazing! It's a beautiful deep red color. The drydown is a spicy oriental floral with some muskiness and while pleasant, not completely "me". I don's see it in the notes, but I smell a fizzy ginger note that feels the same as in Mother Ginger. I get no bergamot per se, but I think it's represented as the "fizzy" aspect I detect. Interesting and glowing overall! Try if you like: Mother Ginger, The Light of Men's Lives, A Wonderful Light, O, Labores Solis (though without chamomile), Zenobia
  13. CreamyJade

    Hot Buttered Rum

    An angel gifted a partial of this to me, thank you! In the bottle: Dark boozy sweet buttered rum scent, almost effervescent. Wet on skin: The scent stays the same, with added booziness and spices (cinammon, nutmeg, ginger maybe) on my skin. Dry on skin: After a while, I get a faint boozy slightly creamy spicy dark rum. Final thoughts: This is a pretty unchanging scent, the boozyness and butter notes only becoming softer, spicier and creamier as the perfume dries on the skin. Lovely scent! Try if you like: Grog, Egg Nog
  14. CreamyJade

    Figgy Puddin'

    In the decant: Sweet booze, fruits and spices. No ginger is to be detected (that's a good thing on my skin). Wet on skin: A sweet caramelized fig, with booze. NOM! Dry on skin: After an hour, there's the same soft pudding note in this scent that you can find in Black Cherry Amaretto Christmas Puddin', then the scent disapears... Final thoughts: Ginger is a death note for me, but I decided to try this one because Figs! Rum! Raisins! & because I love figgy pudding. I was hoping for something with more throw. The drydown is a rather soft Christmas Pudding with fig undertones. I much prefer the louder wet phase. Try if you like: Sunbird, Black Cherry Amaretto Christmas Puddin'
  15. CreamyJade

    Black Cherry Amaretto Christmas Puddin'

    In the decant: A tart boozy black cherry. Similar to Ghoulish at first sniff, promising! Wet on skin: The same boozy cherry still, but with hints of spices and a scent similar to Lush's Christmas Pudding bath bombs. Dry on skin: The "pudding" part of the scent is really soft and compliments the cherry. Also, skin, where's the vanilla? Final thoughts: I got this hoping that it would be similar to Ghoulish on my skin (read: delicious!), but it's definately less sweet and more subtle on my skin than its Halloweenie counterpart. Well, boo, I prefer Ghoulish. I really wanted it to be love between me & this pudding, but the bottle I have on the way will be rehomed, unless something magical happens during the short aging process of my decant (or if the label art is really, really awesome). Try if you like: Ghoulish