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    If you see anything that strikes your fancy, just shoot me a message! I just might be willing to sell | trade. Check out my wish list too!
  2. atropanocturna

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    I made a purchase via CCNow on the 9th of September. My Order status shows it as Shipped on the 14th, and the money was taken from my account that day. I received a ClicknShip this morning, but I believe that it's from a seperate purchase I made on the 18th, as that money was taken from my account last night, and that's the usual way things go. I was just wondering if anyone made a purchase around the 9th and is experiencing any delays.
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    Inventory ~5ML BOTTLES~ LE/SEASONAL/LUNACY/ETC Lunacy *Bony Moon 2011 (Lunacy) *Dragon Moon (Lunacy May 2012) Lupers *Smut 2011 (Limited Edition Luper 2011) *The Doom Of Beauty (Luper 2012 | Love Poems) *My Sweet Lesbia (Luper 2011 | Love Poems) *Sapphics (Luper) Halloweenies *A Nocturnal Reverie (Halloween 2011) *The Vampire Bride (Halloween 2011) *Nothing But Death (Halloween 2011) Yule *The Moon Gazed Upon My Midnight Labors (Frankenstein | Yule 2011) *Midnight Mass (Yule 2011) *Peacock Queen (Yule 2011) *Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Carol | Yule 2010) *Shadows of What May Be (A Christmas Carol | Yule 2010) *Minamoto No Yorimisu Cuts at the Earth Spider (Holding Back the Night 2011) *Dreamland (A Demon in my View 2005/6) *The Hosts of the Air (Bards of Ireland 2009) *Triumph of Death (Pickman Gallery | Tester) *Theotokos (Limited Edition 2012) *Festival of Anuket (Iteru 2009 | X2) *Season of the Inundation (Iteru 2009) *Haloes (The Salon: Traveling Exhibition | Retail Exclusive) *El Amour Y La Muerte (The Salon: Traveling Exhibition | Retail Exclusive) *Bat (The Salon) *Hapshetsut V3 (Unreleased Prototype | Clearing Out the Cobwebs 5: Dark Delicacies Trunk Show, 6/04/10) *Sekhmet V5 (Unreleased Prototype | Clearing Out the Cobwebs 3 | July 17th, 2009) *Nepthys v2 (Unreleased Prototype | Clearing Out the Cobwebs 4: Dark Delicacies Trunk Show) *Bat of Good Death (Bats Day 2009 | Retail Exclusive) *Ninon (BPTP The Courtesans) *Virginia (BPTP The Courtesans) *The Girl (The Literary Vampire 2009 : Blue Girl Label) EXCOLO *Nuit (Discontinued) *Anubis *Bastet *Oya (X2 | 1 Empty) *Nyx *Odin BEWITCHING BREWS *Wilde *Omen STEAMWORKS *Violet Ray *Obsidian Widow (X2) ARS MORIENDI *Nocturne *Eternal CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE *Eshe: Life In Death MARCHEN *The Rose NEIL GAIMAN: STARDUST *The Witch Queen ~IMPS~ LE/Seasonal * Karmê (Unreleased Scent) * Lamb's Wool (Haloweenies 2009 | Decant) * All They Had Seen and All They Had Lost (Yule: The Wind in the Willows | Decant) * Nowhere in Particular (Yule: The Wind in the Willows | Decant) * Sapphics (Lupercalia 2008| Decant| Empty) Sleepy Hollow * The Witching Time of Night (Discontinued | Decant | Empty) Unreleased Prototypes * Set V3 Doc Constantine's Pharmacopoeia * Nostrum Remedium * Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener Carnaval Diabolique * Western Diamondback (The Snake Pit | Empty) The Mad Tea Party * The Lion * High Strung Daisies Somnium * Baku Steamworks * Aelopile Illyria * Ophelia * Iago Marchen * The Miller's Daughter * Egle * Thy Godfather’s Present A Picnic in Arkham * Al-Azif Wanderlust * Gomorrah * Tombstone * Cairo * Windward Passage * Pontarlier * Sybaris * Sri Lanka * Jezirat al Tennyn * Lyonesse * New Orleans * Crossroads * Danube * Morocco * Amsterdam * Santa Eularia Des Riu * Manhattan (X2) Bewitching Brews * Absinthe * Arachne (Discontinued) * Belle Epoque * Delirium * Ephemera * Ouija * Omen * Yggdrasil * Red Devil (The Conjure Bag Collection) * Water of Notre Dame (The Conjure Bag Collection) * Ozymandias * Morgause (X2) * Kubla Khan * Burial * Scarecrow * Inferno Sin and Salvation * Hymn * Laudanum * Faustus Ars Amatoria * Nefertiti (X2 | 1 decant) * Salome * Satyr * Golden Priapus * L'ecole Des Filles * Spellbound * Bien Loin D’Ici * Whip * Casanova (Discontinued) * Jezebel * Carnal Diabolus * Cathrine * Djinn * Blood countess * Kitsune - Tsuki * Baobhan Sith The Salon * Bat-Women (discontinued) * The Isle of the Dead * Orpheus * Three Brides * The Death of Sardanapal * Cloister Graveyard in the Snow * Satan and Death with Sin Intervening * The Fox Women Kuzunoha Leaving Her Child * Carceri D'Invenzione Excolo * Bastet * Odin * Nuit (X2 | Discontinued) * Anubis * Tum (The Stations of the Sun: The Setting Sun | Discontinued) * Ra (The Stations of the Sun: The Rising Sun | Discontinued) * Hi'iaka * Skuld (The Norns) * Aglaea (The Gratiæ) * Kurukulla * Santa Muerte * Coyote * Loviatar (Empty) Ars Moriendi * The Ghost * Embalming Fluid * Nocturne Rappaccini's Garden * Blood Rose * Devil's Claw * Belladonna * Voodoo Lily * Hairy Toad Lily Neil Gaiman * Mr Ibis (Decant) * The Magician (+Card) Ars Draconis * Dragon’s Milk
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    The Wild Hunt

    LE/Discontinued/Rare Scents *Sekhmet v5 *Black Widow Circus *Osiris v4 *Nepthys v3 *Set v3 *Arachne *Bat Women ****Season of the Inundation ****Festival of Anuket *Sapphics *Hatshepsut v11 *Ma'at v17 *Season of the Emergence (iteru) *Nonae Caprotina (iteru) *Hatmehit (iteru) *Khephra ( Stations of the Sun | Midnight Sun) *Tum (Stations of the Sun | The Setting Sun) *Ra (Stations of the Sun | The Rising Sun) *Ahathoor (Stations of the Sun | The Midday Sun) *Ninon *Violet Ray *Isis Prototype *Nepthys Prototype *Hathor Prototype *Bony Moon 2011 *Smut 2011 **Any of the Goths** General Catalog Scents *Meskhenet, the Vulture Maiden *Obsidian Widow *Smiling Spider *Haunted *