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  1. NixieCakes

    What's the best coconut blend?

    Coconut all the things! I think I've tried all the gc coconuts. I would like to start checking out some coconutty le's now. obatala tends to go funky on me. My best coconuts have been brown jenkin blood pearl and goblin. Eden is probably the worst coconut. Based on that what le's should I look into?
  2. NixieCakes

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    *didn't know where else to put this* My order just came in today. Yay! But my hope & faith got no pitchcard. Do I email customer service or just suck it up?
  3. NixieCakes

    lovin' the moss!

    My favorite moss scent is Bruised Violet Compound from the Pharmacopoeia.
  4. NixieCakes

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    I was so excited to try this one! On my skin it smells like Antique Lace plus grass, which I guess is the dandelion?? The bf says..."What smells like play-doh?" It was me.
  5. NixieCakes

    Womb Furie

    In the bottle and fresh on the skin it smells exactly like snake oil+O. But for some reason it has NONE of the staying power O or Snake Oil has on their own. I really hope it gets stronger with age...if it does, it could be the bestest BPAL ever. We shall see.
  6. Im not sure if Im posting this in the right thread, but I will give it a shot. Bewitched is one of my favorite BPAL's ever, but my skin tends to eat it. Does anyone know of any other scents that smell similar but have more throw and/or lasting power?
  7. NixieCakes

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My boy loves Mary Kay's High Intensity cologne. I'm trying desperately to enable him. Does anyone know of a BPAL that smells similar?
  8. NixieCakes

    Hymn to Proserpine

    Hymn to Proserpine smells to me like pomegranate and nag champa. I love it. The bf loves it too. He says it smells like strawberry incense sticks. It lasted all day. Need. Bottle.
  9. NixieCakes


    I am in looooove with Dorian. I really can smell the tea. It's perfection.
  10. NixieCakes

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    Delicious dryer sheets. Great for laundry, but not my wrists. Darn.
  11. NixieCakes


    I smell like a bag of candy corn. I kinda like it.
  12. NixieCakes

    White Chocolate and Strawberry

    Unfortunately there is no trace of the strawberry. Damn. White chocolate and nothing but. I was hoping for more strawberry than chocolate.
  13. NixieCakes

    Bony Moon

    The first whiff I get is coconut. Bony Moon smells almost exactly like Brown Jenkins. Maybe a bit more crisp. Weird. Not what I expected at all, but I love it.
  14. NixieCakes

    Katrina van Tassel

    I am not really a fan of rose. I find it to be a touch overpowering, and honey always turns everything into straight up baby powder. Katrina should not work for me, but does she ever. The rose in this blend is really soft and the honeyed cream adds just the right amount of sweetness. I get tons of compliments on Katrina. She is a winner for sure.
  15. NixieCakes

    Eshe, A Vision of Life-In-Death (2006)

    If Lune Noire and Aziraphale had a baby, they would have named her Eshe. She is a soft floral and it feels like she is hiding something. Despite the softness, Eshe has great throw and is long lasting. This could be love.