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  1. evil_laugher

    Dead Leaves and Squished Candy Corn

    Hard to describe, so the accurate descriptions above are very useful. Kind of waxy, kind of buttery, spicy, woodsy, a hint of citrus, etc. My mom says "smells nice, not 'musky' like the other ones", lol, referring to the more gothic scents. Very appropriate for a child, which is fitting.
  2. evil_laugher

    Maison En Pain d’Épices

    2016: This has aged well. It used to smell too chocolatey and too weak; now it's the right amount of chocolate and smells like Christmas coziness defined. The right amount of sweet and spice, and a little sexy. Date night-appropriate for this time of the year.
  3. evil_laugher

    Nevertheless, She Persisted

    Another one best let to sit for a while before using. I tried once when fresh--it was ungodly; tried again 9 months later, and it's a lovely, not simpering, floral. Apply lightly, and it takes an hour or so to calm down in intensity. It does feel like an appropriate homage to Joan of Arc. Update: My dad sniffed this on me and thought I had been around someone smoking weed. Huh? Whut? His sense of smell is warped by decades of cigar-smoking, so take that with a grain of salt. Anyway as I rose from bed, it smelled perfectly lovely and divine, with the frankincense becoming more prominent.
  4. evil_laugher

    Snake Skin

    I tried this soon after the package arrived, wore it to bed, and it was overpowering, probably extremely close to fresh Snake Oil. I could taste it. It was unpleasant. Trying it again for the first time in 9 months, and it felt like it had the right amount of throw and an appropriate balance. I felt like a sexy cupcake. The leather is an undercurrent. After about 6 hours, I didn't notice it anymore. Update: It reappeared hours later during appropriate nighttime amorous activity. I look forward to wearing it again!
  5. evil_laugher


    2017: After taking one overpowering musky whiff from the bottle, I let mine rest about 9 months before re-approaching. A just-the-right-amount-of-sweet cherry musk. Lasts throughout day. I felt very pleased every time I caught a hint of it.
  6. evil_laugher

    Le Miroir de la Coquetterie

    Tried one day after package arrival. I'm going to second the description of it being similar to classic perfumes. A gently powdery, feminine spiciness, with the right amount of throw (I can always smell it, but those around me aren't suffocated) and longevity.
  7. evil_laugher


    A warm, cozy, "spicy" masculine scent. Much greater sillage than I expected, which I only learned of from all the compliments I received when I wore it over a year after receiving it. Now I must find a bottle of something similar...
  8. evil_laugher

    Egg Nog

    2016: Smells exactly like eggnog in the bottle; on the skin, it's mostly just creamy and sweet. I definitely get the element of cherry mentioned above. I wish it were stronger. When I wear it for a day, I don't notice it once I leave the house. I wore it to bed last night and could smell it there and again when I showered the next day and a little in my hair, but it otherwise didn't last through the night. It would make a great lotion scent.
  9. evil_laugher

    Black Ice

    2016: I could not tell you what the individual notes are, but this is my go-to sexy scent during cold winter days. A figuratively-hot/literally-cold date night scent, if you will. It's intense and feels like it'll be too strong, but no one around me is ever bothered. I like combining it with chocolate scents as well.
  10. evil_laugher


    Mostly a lovely white floral with a touch of cinnamon at first. Sounds weird, but it works. Hours later it was mostly honey. I loved it the entire time and now need a bottle. More flirty, bombshell-sexy than intensely sexy like O or Snake Oil. Edit June 2017: Now smells creamy jasmine, never stinky toilet-jasmine. Elements of the vanilla and honey. I have no idea what the other florals smell like, so those could be in play. Very pleasant.
  11. evil_laugher

    Sherlock Holmes

    I'm such a fan of this. It never has that warm cozy library leather scent that I expect, but I always spend the day enjoying the whiff I catch of it whenever I've put it on (it's long-lasting). Surprisingly sweet (from the tobacco?), definitely clean, and appropriately masculine.
  12. evil_laugher

    Womb Furie

    2016: I bought it expecting a Snake Oil + O combo (which I used to do myself). It wasn't quite as sexy. But I think aging it has done wonders. It's definitely now all I wanted (and not as overwhelming as combining two, already strong, perfumes). I'm reluctant to go back to plain O or Snake Oil.
  13. evil_laugher

    Blood Rose

    Starts out like a rich fruity candy. After some time, you get a mustiness, almost a staleness. It never smells like rose to me, though I could imagine it providing that dusty element in the background.
  14. evil_laugher


    This is it: the wealthy old man scent I've spent the past few months looking for. It starts with the frankincense, sandalwood, and cedar, then brings in the leather. The smell of a former U.S. senator's personal library in his Kalorama home is complete. The attribution of the window-peeping gnome is appropriate, as I spend a lot of time peeping at these people's homes. I've smothered a fair amount of this on myself, and it isn't too strong. The labels on the Yule Boys bottles are beyond adorable. They also help me distinguish which is which, so I greatly appreciate them.
  15. evil_laugher


    It smells bad at first, but after a few minutes, it turns sexy. I didn't think I'd like it enough to keep it, but it's been my scent of the spring! I love it.