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  1. quickdrawkiddo

    Unicorn Hunt

    I like the scent of this one a lot, but it left bright red blotches where I applied it and actually burned. Occasionally I've had the skin around my throat get a little red when I applied a scent with cinnamon or cubeb. But I've never had a reaction this strong before so I had to scrub it off. It's too bad - I like amber, currant, and vetiver a lot and they smell just as great together as I would have hoped.
  2. quickdrawkiddo

    Slippery Poppy Tincture

    Poppy flowers, acai berry, and honey. I know this has no pomegranate, but it always makes me think "THIS is what I wish pomegranate smelled like." Mainly this is a tart red fruit on me, more like red currant than anything else. It's neither sweet nor overly floral (in fact I can only pick out the floral notes now that I've had it on for several hours). Just crisp and tart. Lovely
  3. quickdrawkiddo

    Fairy Tales and Lies

    This went on as a pleasant amber-floral blend and then turned straight to baby wipes. It doesn't have any of my death notes so I'm not really sure what the issue is, but I finally had to scrub it off, which I rarely do.
  4. quickdrawkiddo

    The Waltz

    Very perfumey, in an old-timey, classic way. I think floral-amber blends always read as old-timey to me. As far as those go, this is very pretty and wearable, but still too powdery for me to want a full bottle.
  5. quickdrawkiddo

    The Sorceress

    I definitely agree with the "nighttime floral" description -- this is pretty heavy on the violet and moonflower. Violet always goes soapy/powdery on me so I'm not really feeling this.
  6. quickdrawkiddo

    Dia de los Muertos

    2015: this one morphed a lot over its long drydown. It went on as a soft, slightly powdery floral incense, a bit like Veil (which I've been wearing a lot lately in an effort to decide if I like it). I think there's some lily and gardenia in here, possibly violet as well. As it dries it becomes more smoky with just a whiff of cocoa, but it never reads as foody. I like the dry version more than I thought I would based on how it went on wet, but I still don't think this is a bottle purchase for me.
  7. quickdrawkiddo

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    2015 version! I'm normally not big on fruity or foody scents but I'm glad I went for the whole decant set so I could try stuff outside my comfort zone. This one worried me at first -- it went on very fruity and sharp with a weird musty undertone. But it softened as it dried into something really clean and fresh and invigorating. I'm not getting any floral notes at all, just bright citrus and a hint of zippy spice. It reminds me a bit of White Rabbit, which always reads as fruity to me for some reason. Very pleasant and bracing.
  8. quickdrawkiddo


    This actually feels kind of tingly on my inner elbows where I applied it, almost like Icy Hot. Not surprisingly, it's mint-dominant with hints of grape and citrus in the background. It's still hot as balls here in New York so I'm always glad to find a scent that isn't oppressive to wear in the summertime, since I usually go for more tobacco/leather/musk blends. The mint in this reminds me a bit of Cathode, but this is more fruity and less pencil-shavings-y. I think I prefer the woody mint of Cathode but this is still very pleasant and wearable.
  9. quickdrawkiddo


    I've tried Amsterdam a bunch of times -- for a long time I had it in the "not for every day but nice for a change" pile. But I finally had to accept that it just doesn't work on me. The description sounds pleasantly fresh and springy, but on my skin this is a damp, soapy floral. Nothing aquatic or grassy about it, which is too bad because those are notes I tend to enjoy. It's a very old-fashioned floral and those just don't work on me at all. Oh well!
  10. quickdrawkiddo


    I've been wearing this a lot lately and had come to think of it as a "green" scent -- imagine my surprise when I checked the description today and saw not one single green note (unless you count mullein, which is an herb). Now that I'm paying attention, it's more dark and sweet than green. I'll venture to guess that the three musks are black, brown, and red -- that's the order I can smell them in, from strongest to weakest. Those are the main notes I'm getting, along with a dash of myrrh. No vetiver, which is too bad. I'm not surprised this isn't a more popular scent -- it has a lot in common with Iago and Dracul, two of my favorites, but it's much less traditionally masculine than either of those, so don't be scared off of this one.
  11. quickdrawkiddo

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    I've got a decant of bottle 242 and it is BRACING. It's almost entirely ozone, with something soft and powdery underneath that's making it veer toward laundry detergent rather than rain. It's not exactly what I think of when I think "oriental," but it's pleasant. If your dream is to smell like laundry fresh off the line, this is the CT for you!
  12. quickdrawkiddo

    Chaos Theory VII: Fougere

    I got a decant of bottle 51 and I am really really into it. It's got a mossy undertone and there's something sweet on top, like honey or vanilla. Tons of staying power. <3
  13. quickdrawkiddo

    Chaos Theory VII: Animalic

    I got a decant from bottle 79 and it smells like leather and something sweet and resiny, similar to Mahogany Tree but with leather. Verrrry nice
  14. quickdrawkiddo

    Chaos Theory VII: Woods

    I got a decant of bottle #44 and it smells like... peach? I'm actually not getting much of a woodsy note at all. It's definitely fruity and I had a hard time pinning it down when it was still wet. But now that it's dried down a bit, I'm pretty sure it's peach. It's pleasant but I'm glad I only got a decant of this one. I also got a full bottle that I like MUCH better -- review to come.
  15. quickdrawkiddo

    Chaos Theory VII: Floral

    I was too scared to get a full bottle of florals but I plumped for a decant of bottle #57. It took me awhile to figure out what I was smelling, and then I realized: LILAC. Possibly some rose or carnation as well. But lots and lots of lilac. Luckily for me it's one of the few florals that I love unreservedly It's one of my earliest scent memories -- there was a lilac bush in front of my preschool! I'm *really* happy I got a decant of this and I will definitely be wearing it!