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  1. miaa

    Pink Lace

    In bottle: In the bottle Pink Lace smells like a cool version of Strawberry Moon with a bit more edge to it. I decided to do a review of the scent because I rarely do reviews as well as the fact that the other reviews I have read nearly scared me away from trying it in the first place. Many people have described it as a synthetic scent but I have to say that unlike The Kingdom of Sweets and Zombie Apocalypse this is not a synthetic scent in my opinion. On skin: This scent starts out as a very jelly-candy scent. But after a few minutes it fades to a more strawberry blended with cherry. At first I thought it was very much alike NGAGL5 but it really is not very much alike it anyway. I love NGALG5 because it is kind of sour in a good way and it smells a bit more like alcoholic candy, at least on my skin. Pink Lace on the other hand smells beautifully while blended into my skin and it becomes a more natural sweet scent as the time passes. The fading is faster that for instant The Kingdom of Sweets or NGALG5 but the process is beautiful. If you like NGAGL5, Candy Phoenix, The Kingdom of Sweets, Zombie Apocalypse or Sugar Plum Fairy you will love love love this one. It does not beat Black Lace but they are in opposite categories so who cares? The best candy blend I have smelled since Candy Phoenix.
  2. miaa

    Half Elf v5

    In bottle: O with party-pants on the rocks! On skin: Warmer than the final version. It has coconut in it, so on it´s a blend which reminds me of Tiki princes and O. 10 minutes in: Heavenly sunny musk. A skin scent. Totally different from the released version.
  3. miaa

    Leo Stellium

    In bottle: Wow! This perfume smells so fantastic in the bottle that I had to remind myself of the following. It IS a TAL oil, which as you know means that it is not a cosmetic perfume, but I would like to compare the smell of it to a mountain: there are layer upon layer upon layer. It has such a personality that I fell in love immediately. It is deep yet clean, spicy yet refreshing, and most of all; when you smell the bottle you get a feeling that it will work. On skin: A fantastic real perfume scent unlike BPAL oils which often smell either candy, earthy, fruity...you get the picture. This smells like an essential oil. A perfume. And boy boy boy boy boy boy, this is a miracle! I know this is not the topic to write about how it works, but it is a darn shame that there are no more bottles left. I am so glad that I got the last one on Etsy!
  4. miaa


    In the bottle: This beauty is so close to my heart that I have had to wait for weeks to review her, to give her justice. Both of these bottles came from sellers who reached out when I needed it the most. In the bottle... This is Raven moon´s sexy, older party sister. When I first took a whiff of this one I knew what a pbal soulmate should be like. This was such a beautiful perfume in the bottle that I started to cry. I´m not a rose person and I am not a leather person. But I do enjoy dark scents. And sniffing on this bottle takes me on a journey to Paris during Fashion Week. On skin:This scent is such a high for me. I imagine it is to me what Snake charmer is for those who really loves it: A sexy, dark, twisted blend, which makes you feel like a million bucks. I am a candy and fruit kind of girl, but oh my gosh, this is like a temple scent for me. For those sharing my beliefs, the know what it means.
  5. miaa

    Velvet Nudie

    In imp: O for party! On me: Lesd O more gloser but the skin is there! I lovethis.
  6. miaa


    In bottle: strong gummy berry bears On me I adore adore adore this. In my opinion there are three candy scents in the BPAL-world: The chocolate ones and heavy cream The ones supposed to smell candy, but ending up stinking plastic The one who shall smell synthetic with an edge and here is this one. Together with candy phoenix, plastic pink flamingo and the kingdom of sweets and the adult pink champagne. I love love love love love this!
  7. miaa

    Pink Champagne

    In bottle: Cleansing-soap? Second sniff: Apples? On me: At first it smelled like the above description. Then, bang! This smells like real strawberries with fresh cider. The pink aspect: Lately I have been trying some foodie blends which I never got around too in the first place. A lot of them are so plastic-pink. This is perfect. Adult pink
  8. miaa

    Beaver Moon 2010

    In bottle: Strawberry and vanilla. On me: The best beaver moon ever? The others is so filled with cake that the fruit is hidden. Did Beth get the inspiration to Kitty from this? It is not as evolved as Kitty but it is a simpler version. 10 minutes in: Plastic comes through... I get a Zombie apocalypse feeling to it. No no no.
  9. miaa


    Warm -sunny vanilla.. It reminds me of... Something.. Let´s put it on... On skin So warm So deep so sexy. Sexy as O with honeyed-vanilla. This has so many levels. I do not get Love´s philosophy at all. More grown-up,less sweet. Strong evolving.
  10. miaa


    In imp:( This took my imp-buying virginity!)I had huge hopes after getting enough to skin test elfv4... So explosive! It is like sniffing on the body spray of your dreams... S fantastically bright floral with a creamy undertone. On me: It starts out as it did in the imp, but evolves into a greener more natural scent. This is how I want to smell after a shower. Throw: This lasts! Unlike the proto, it is pressent this morning before I do my morning routine. Yum!
  11. miaa

    Eat Me v6

    Living in Norway proto´s and event oils are often hard to come by. However, this seemed like a cool bottle to get so when I found it on LJ I jumped on it. I have tested it three times before writing this. In bottle: My heart dropped... Cake smash. Which I adored when it came out, but after years of cake I was tired of it and swapped my backup of cake smash. Thank God I skin tested it. At first: Cake... Cream... Vanilla... On me: Five minutes in: Is this the same scent? I smell no cake, just a warm berry perfume. It is foody, but in a perfume way. We are not talking cakes but vanilla honey and fresh berries fantastic! Proto v.s. GC: I rarely if ever buy GC bottles or imps and usually I end up with a strange imp collection from the LAB. It is funny and exciting. What I mean is I have never been given the "best sellers" like Snake oil,Dorian,O,Eat me... You get the picture... In a swap years ago I got Eat me and Drink me. I remember liking Eat me, but thinking it was too creamy for a GC. This is so different I love it!
  12. miaa

    Desiccated Frostberry Pie Filling

    In bottle: Cake smash with fruit On me: A grown-up candy scents which evolves into layers of fruit heaven On a longer term: Lasts so long and smells so good that I almost cried. A cake scent I actually adore and the fruits... Oh my! Edit: Now on top ten. On my scale: 3/5
  13. miaa

    Anne Beany

    In bottle: Sugar skull. On me: mix sugar skull with Lilith´s tea party and the sweetness of cake smash. This does smell more of pepper than cake on me. Better give it a second try. It really has throw though. I only rubbed the cap and you can smell it very strongly.
  14. miaa

    Marshmallow Pumpkin

    In bottle: marshmallow straight from the fire. on me: Oh my Godliness!Uhm I mean Beth... this scent is a dream coming through. I have swapped away many of my cake-scents recently. Like Cake Smash, Lilith`s tea party. Those were not good on my skin so they remained unused. This scent is cake but in a perfume way, on me it is sweet as pink musk, but in a super-sophisticated way. I love it.
  15. miaa


    In bottle: I was a bit afraid to even sniff it after reading this topic, thankfully I listened to my heart. This is heavy so this has staying power. Even after one sniff. On me: A heavy galore! Snake charmer comes to mind, but this is more dry without all the levels... Wait! The plum in the background is not sweet at all, creating an exciting sexy layer. During the day: The plum comes up and I am not sure what to think about it, but the other notes are thankfully heavy. Creating one of my favorite blends ever.