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  1. Bambi Bloodlust

    Cave of Treasures

    Wild! At first this is 100% incredibly realistic straight-up lilacs! As it wears on my skin it brings out more sugary sweetness and I'm picturing a lilac encrusted in white sparkling sugar. ✨My nose can't pick up any distinct amber notes which I was kind of hoping for more of in this blend. I do get a nice lil' hint of spice from the cardamom and eventually honey notes come out to play on drydown. I think this one is slightly too floral for my personal taste but I must say it is objectively BEAUTIFUL. A sweet but fresh very true-to-life floral beauty!
  2. Bambi Bloodlust


    Holy WOW. That feeling when the pine scent I've been dreaming about has been sitting in my imp box all along... I remember something about this not working for me when I first got it (probably the leaves), but my oh my, 2 years aging has done wonders on this baby! Perfect clean, fresh, blue-smelling pine balanced with something delightfully sweet, fruity and fresh! The lab's leaves note is usually a big no from me dawg, but not here! The leaves smell fresh and green earthy, without any dreaded soapy-ness! The honey musk is doing something unexpected and delightful on me. It's very fruity and sweet, almost a sweet citrus smell. This reminds me of some of those Bath and Body sweet piney candles I shamefully hoard every holiday season. 🙈Dry down is a soft pine and gentle skin musk, drizzled with honey and topped with big juicy curl of orange zest. Need to track down a bottle for sure!
  3. Bambi Bloodlust

    Flickering Lantern

    In the imp this is a sweet creamy beeswax candy smell with just a hint of powdery rose. I get a very fancy powder room vibe. On the skin the beeswax really shines. The scent is round warm and sweet. I am normally not a big floral fan, but I really enjoy the way the rose plays in this blend. The rose scent is sophisticated and mature, I get the sweet earthiness of dried rose petals. The creamy beeswax sweetens and round out the rose so nicely. Drying down the beeswax just sweetens more and melts into a warm musky skin scent with just a hint of rose. I love this more and more as it settles into the skin. I have trouble picking out the tobacco leaf note, it's definitely not a deep chewy tobacco, or smokey tobacco, so if you are not a tobacco fan don't let that note turn you off. The whiff of smoke is exactly that, a barely distinguishable whiff. There is delicate mustiness that reminds me of a victorian home and the pages of old books. This perfume feels historical and elegant. Overall: Feminine, cozy, warm, sweet, sexy. I adore it. Medium throw and good wear length, that sweet creamy beeswax sticks around all day!
  4. Bambi Bloodlust

    Something sweet and STRONG? *newbie*

    I would check out Bordello, Elegba, and Dragons Milk (I know, I know, no dragons blood) but to me this is one of THE BEST sugar sweet vanilla blends BPAL has so I say it's worth trying an imp!
  5. Bambi Bloodlust

    Streets of Detroit

    Resinous, sweet, sticky, potent musk dancing with gritty motor oil. I definitely get whiffs of the place I get my oil changed at, but that fades after a while. It's incensy and amazing, the musks remind me a bit of Smut. If Smut is a sexy lady, Streets of Detriot is the bad boy she is dating. This isn't an everyday scent for me, it's potent and a bit rough around the edges. But it is gorgeous. And badass. Really badass.
  6. Bambi Bloodlust


    In the bottle it's a slightly sweet, slightly tart olive oil smell, very kitcheny indeed! On the skin it's strong and sharp at first and I'm not quite sure what I'm smelling. I get the pastry note peeking out from behind, it's warm and savory. I'm not getting any fruit or sweetness. After a bit it starts to soften and I get some kitchen spices. It's so so lovely in the background, warm, sweet, bakery air, but it's getting trampled by a dominating soapy note. There's something in here that doesn't like me. After a half hour the soapiness has backed off and it smells like a menagerie of kitchen smells. Dough, Oil, Fresh Citrus Soap, Something warm and spicy. To me this is not a foodie smell, but it smells like a foodie place!
  7. Bambi Bloodlust

    Egg'd Mailbox

    Hard to pick out any individual notes in the bottle, but it's definitely sweet, creamy, and slightly boozy. Reminds of eggnog (the real thing not the BPAL!). On the skin this starts out pure creamy vanilla custard, but as it dries it also has this warm sunshiny floral smell. My skin runs away with the floral aspects a bit taking it to a perfumey almost soapy place, but the sweet cream keeps it from being yuck. After a half hour I swear I'm smelling a hot metallic note peeking through. Overall this is a really pretty, very unique, sweet, girlish scent to me. Perfect for tea parties and sunny days.
  8. Bambi Bloodlust

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    That's how I apply all mine anyway. Haven't had a single one go ew from it or anything. I would assume most people use wand caps so they don't accidentally spill when they tip the bottle. I think those that are more worried about skin oils tend to use coffee stirrers or the such, which are easily one time use. Ok cool! Yeah, I've been doing the clean toothpick method for everything so far (I have the wrist splinters to prove it LOL!) but it's getting annoying for the ones I slather regularly Good to know! Thanks!
  9. Bambi Bloodlust

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Ok total newb question, but for 'slather worthy' oils (ones I definitely anticipate using up/not selling or hoarding) is it ok to cover the hole with your wrist and do a quick flip of the bottle for application? I know that skin contact with the oils chances changing them but this is just so much easier haha. Is it really any different than a wand cap in terms of possible 'damage' to the oil? (which also contacts the skin then goes back in the bottle)
  10. Bambi Bloodlust

    What smells like Orofluido Hair Oil?

    So an odd discovery... Perversion (although it smells NOTHING like it wet) after it's been on the skin for at least 4 hours it seems actually kind of similar to Orofluido. I need to side by side compare when I get home from work!
  11. Bambi Bloodlust

    What smells like Orofluido Hair Oil?

    Hmm I wouldn't say floral or fruity. Musky if anything. It's pretty simplistic smelling! It is a bit dusty dry and just BARELY sweet.
  12. Bambi Bloodlust

    What smells like Orofluido Hair Oil?

    I really love Mouses Long and Sad Tale and O but they are both really different than the smell of this hair oil. I will add the others you mentioned to my 'to sniff' list! Thanks! I'm still pretty new to perfume oils so I apologize for not being able to offer a better description!
  13. Bambi Bloodlust

    What smells like Orofluido Hair Oil?

    I absolutely LOVE the scent of OROFLUIDO - Beauty Elixir. Has anyone else ever used this product? I would love to find a BPAL oil that smells like this! The scent description they give is pretty vague... "Its delicious amber fragrance with a vanilla foundation will transport you into a fascinating world of oriental perfume." Any ideas?