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  1. holborne

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    If you like French Tobacco I would try Visions of Autumn VII, one of this year's Weenies. Once it dries down, I find it indistinguishable from French Tobacco.
  2. holborne

    Visions of Autumn VII

    This had kind of an unpleasant sharp note to me when I first tried it on my skin -- kind of like Tide. But when it dried down, it was warm and lovely. I actually thought it was indistinguishable from French Tobacco once it dried down. So yeah, this was a winner for me.
  3. holborne

    When recommending BPAL to newbies...

    Frankly, I don't think I've ever seen anyone making a recommendation for a LE without mentioning that it's a LE. Maybe it's happened once or twice that I've seen, but it certainly seems to be the convention to make a note that it might require hunting down. Certainly I don't think it happens so often that it's an occasion for a lecture about courtesy.
  4. Just FYI, Sprinklecake is quite easy to find for sale on the Forum. If you really want that particular oil, you should be able to pick up one or two bottles with no trouble at all.
  5. holborne

    Sweet Pea

    I will say that I'm not a huge fan of a lot of florals, although there are some I like a lot -- lily of the valley, peony, sweet pea, one or two others I'm not thinking of. So I snagged a bottle of this unsniffed. Alas, it does not work on me at all. Wet on my skin, it smells like sharp soap -- Tide detergent comes to mind. Dried down is pretty much more of the same. A shame, but I guess they can't all be winners. This will likely be going to a new home.
  6. holborne

    Sumatran Red Patchouli

    This is a very earthy scent, and also makes me think a bit of leather. It doesn't have that sort of hashish undertone that a lot of the patch scents have. I'm not a huge patchouli fan, so I was pleasantly surprised by this (I got a decant). I wouldn't buy a bottle of it, but I am glad I tried the decant.
  7. holborne


    Thorn-spiked vines, blood, and tears. Ok, I have to admit, I thought I'd hate this one (got it as a frimp). I generally dislike vetiver, and reading through the reviews didn't give me too much hope for it. But actually, it's quite nice. There is a definite vetiver note, especially sniffed directly from the imp, but once it's dry on my skin the vetiver fades to the background and it has a nice woody quality to it. I don't know that I'd wear this very often, but it would make a very nice scent in an oil burner. So, BPAL still has the capacity to surprise me, which is nice! Stuff like this is why I try to sniff things even if I think I probably won't like them.
  8. holborne

    Wild Dandelion

    Oh my god, I have the MAD LOVE for this. On my skin, it's mostly green, but not the really grassy kind of green that makes me think of lawn mowers; it's a gorgeous green that makes me think of the beginning of spring. And then a small note of floral creeps in -- just enough to make it beautiful without being sweet. I think there's a backup bottle in my future.
  9. holborne

    Whipped Cream and/or Marshmallows?

    Yup. Was almost straight cinnamon on me. I was crushed because I also love marshamallow, but I don't care for cinnamon scent.
  10. holborne


    ...Our ambergris accord is lightly balsamic, slightly woody, almost tobacco-like marine musk, and possesses a distinct salty animalic note that borders on sweet. The scent is extraordinarily versatile, and adds depth and complexity to a wide swath of fragrance families. On me, this was just straight up salty aquatic. I don't really care for aquatics, and I couldn't resist the urge to scrub it off. Not a winner for me.
  11. I had the same problem with Mouse Circus -- lovely but lasted on my skin for literally five minutes and then like that *poof* it was gone. Sticky Pillowcase is a sweet candy scent -- sugar and marshamallow, mostly. No foody or rosy notes.
  12. holborne


    Sigh. The Wanderlust scents just don't agree with me, it seems. This is just pure laundry detergent on me when it first goes on; in ten minutes, it disappears completely -- no in between stage whatsoever. Oh well -- they can't all be winners, I guess.
  13. holborne

    La Petite Mort

    I'd been wanting to try this for a long time and was finally able to get an imp. Wet on my skin, it starts out as kind of baby powdery. As it dries down, a lot more of the myrrh comes out, but it somehow blends seamlessly on my skin, as though it's organic. I don't get a lot of ylang ylang, but that's probably a good thing, as I find that scent somewhat sharp, and this isn't sharp at all. It doesn't have a ton of throw, and it fades somewhat quickly on me. However, it's a lovely scent, and very sexy; if I didn't prefer longer lasting oils I'd be ordering a bottle of this right now.
  14. holborne


    When I sniffed the imp of this, I have to say I smelled basically nothing. Wet on my skin, it was lemon lemon lemon. I don't really favor lemon scents, as even the nice ones remind me of either Pledge or Lemon Diet Coke. However, once it dried down, I was surprised how much I liked it. The lemon faded quite a bit, and it left a soft floral scent extremely reminiscent of "Pat the Bunny" (that's a good thing). So this turned out to be a nice floral, very good for people like me who don't care all that much for the overpowering florals. It's a little light for my taste, is the only thing. I probably won't buy a bottle, but certainly wouldn't turn one down in a swap.
  15. holborne


    Wet on my skin: I got sort of a weird resin-y, quasi-floral note and I didn't quite know what to make of it. Then I figured it out: ah, vetiver. Not my favorite. Dried down: smells precisely, and I do mean precisely, like the horseradish we use at the Passover seder. I'm sure there are some people who want to smell like horseradish, but alas, I am not one of them. Verdict: Nope.