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  1. whitsunweddings

    Geisha in a State of Rumpled Annoyance

    In the imp: Ginger and lavender. Very fresh and herbal, both garden-y (not floral), and foody. Wet: The lavender is stronger, plum coming out a bit. Dry: Ooh, mostly ginger and lavender, but there are nice fruity notes in there too. It's bright and sparkly, tart without sour. I really like it, but I wore it to work and was gone within a few hours, so I think I'll pass on a bottle.
  2. whitsunweddings

    Arise, Lift Up Thine Eyes and See

    In the imp: Champaca dominant. Quite smokey and incensey, but also fairly floral. Nice, hippyish. Wet: Smoky, soapy, powdery mix of woods and incense. Dry: Just a bit of a hippyish soap, really. Nice but not my thing.
  3. whitsunweddings


    WHY ISN'T THIS MORE POPULAR?? In the imp: Amazing, like omg I'm going to die. Sweet orange, spicy bay and smoky tobacco. Wet: Like in the bottle, but moreso. Orange dominant, and there's a note that smells like clove. Dry: Sweet, lovely, spicy, amazing. I need a bottle.
  4. whitsunweddings


    In the imp: Talcum powdery aftershave. Wet: Is that supposed to be cat? IDK, something's funky with this one. Dry: A manly funk aftershave thing. Not a fan.
  5. whitsunweddings


    I: Sweet, coconutty butterscotch. Wet: The same sweet coconut but with strong tropical booziness coming through. Dry: Yup. Very sweet and foody coconut rum. Nice enough, but too boozy for me.
  6. whitsunweddings

    Gacela of the Dark Death

    I'm reviewing the 2012 version! In the imp: Oof. Sharp, fresh pine with hints of sweet clove underneath. Wet: That's really lovely. Sweet clove dominating quite quickly, with pine just underneath. Dry: Just what I was hoping for with this scent! Clove sharpened by pine, which I'm very happy with, as pine usually dominates on me. Would not be adverse to a bottle, particularly for use as a room scent.
  7. whitsunweddings

    El Nuevo Puritano

    I: Spicy woods with bay and clove. Wet: Amazing spices with hints of leather and lime. Dry: Sour manly lime, what a pity!
  8. whitsunweddings

    Fizzy Jack O' Lantern

    In the imp: Like pumpkin dish soap, pumpkin and booze. An interesting night perhaps! But not something I care to smell like. Wet: I don't want to be disgusting, but this is like pumpkin vomit and soap. Dry: There's a creamy sweetness that I feel could be nice, but it's drowned out by the aforementioned vom/soap combo. Groce.
  9. whitsunweddings

    Dia de los Muertos

    In the imp: Kind of like orris, actually. Some floral. And incense. Wet: Yeah. Sweet florals and incense. Dry: It's just a white floral on me. Not terribl exciting. An hour and a half later: Dried into something quite sweet and smoky. Nice enough.
  10. whitsunweddings


    In the imp: Kind of like sweet, cinnamonny olive oil? Wet: Cinnamon and sandalwood soap. Dry: Yeah. A nice, tasteful, spice scent.
  11. whitsunweddings


    In the imp: Intensely sweet creaminess. Wet: Yup, like sugar and linen. I'm imagining this as a cloud of pink sparkles emenating from my wrists. Dry: Sweet linen and cream. I can't decide if I like this or if it's sour saccrahine.
  12. whitsunweddings


    In the imp: I'm getting the Hana-Kimi theme going around my head. PEEEE-AAACH! Wet: Peach and amber. Dry: Pretty much just sweet peach on me. Quite a lot like Jack but without the spices. It's very pretty, but just not ~me. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a peach scent!
  13. whitsunweddings

    Zebra Heliconian

    In the imp: Mint? Maybe some woods. Wet: Kind of smells like flyspray :/ bu hao. Dry: Why did I buy this? IT HAS AMBERGRIS. Accordingly, this is ambergirs, flowers and coconut on me. Groce.
  14. whitsunweddings

    Young Pine Saplings

    In the bottle: Fizzy ginger, more like ginger root that you'd put in a curry than like, the powdered ginger you'd use in baking. There's a foody 'biscuity' note in the background that I assume to be honey? Wet: Whoa. STRONG ginger. It's like, medicinal, and it's mixing weirdly with the honey and cream. Dry: Fizzy ginger root with spoiled cream and biscuits. I'm so bummed, 'cause I adore all the notes, but this just didn't work on me
  15. whitsunweddings


    In the imp: Sweet, slightly spiced pine. Wet: Sweet clove, cumin and basil with a sharp piney edge. Dry: The spices are lovely, but one note has gone all sour and oddly... fishy? on me. Ick. Also, my chest went all itchy as soon as I put this on my wrists. Trolled indeed.