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  1. whipwaif

    Butterfly Dancer

    this is a naughty one. i'm oud obsessed so I may be biased, but I adore this. the benzoin and oud make this a little stanky, be warned. so beautiful though. very heady and woody. the "blush" rosy aspects of this blend really pop and the sandalwood helps to soften it out. one of the few oils where I can pick out each note, despite it blending so well together. very glad I picked up a full bottle of this sexy oil! it's mature, and certainly evokes images of "red."
  2. whipwaif

    #20 Love Oil

    sharp, green, and almond-y with a hint of roses. this one is....strangely beautiful. it has the essence of commercial perfume but there is a sinister underbelly to this. it is a love potion, afterall. this one goes on pretty strong but dries to down to a powdery feminine scent, and it does still retain a lot of the lush greens. let me be clear in that this is NOT my usual kind of blend, but may be bottle worthy for the conjure properties alone. I think a man of the poised and gentlemanly variety would swoon over this. someone who is especially into nature, because this blend is that.
  3. whipwaif


    2020 version: WINNER. absolute winner. everything I have ever wanted in an autumn scent. genuinely smells like fall and is so atmospheric. I may be in the minority but I find this to be straight up sexy. like "be my druidess" type o negative vibes. my skin is amping the crisp and damp woods, clove ciggie smell, and boozy apple cider. picking up some pine tar too which may be the dark patchouli. just....dreamy sigh. beautiful, evocative, naughty, and downright moody. will definitely be picking up any iterations of this scent that become available.
  4. whipwaif


    sigh. I definitely wanted this to be sexier than what it truly is. all I'm getting is sweet and spicy poison berries with a tiny hint of tar. no leather at all in this. that's it. honestly it is pretty wintery/medicinal and like carpet cleaner. will not be upgrading.
  5. whipwaif


    when I first applied, I was hit with an overwhelming sweetness that actually made me nauseous. like a mixture of a cinnamon broom and a gingerbread cookie. I love those two scents....but only on those specific items and not my skin, unfortunately. after awhile, it does morph into 100% dry cinnamon and nutmeg. I smell the tiniest hint of sandalwood which gives it a musky undertone, but this just doesn't work on me. would recommend if you want to smell like a winter spice blend though.
  6. whipwaif


    classically vintage and masculine scent. I would certainly want my man to wear this on a fancy cocktail date. it is also very evocative of, surprise, a worn leather jacket in the rain. the vetiver gives it a lush green smell which is simply irresistible, and I am not a huge fan of vetiver usually. probably won't be a bottle upgrade because it's simply too masculine for me. if you want a blend that smells like MAN though...go for it!
  7. whipwaif

    Pumpkin Smut

    buttery, spicy, boozy pumpkin! mmmm....I didn't know I needed this in my life so bad. I too am getting a whiff of honey under all of that dirty pumpkin and rum. absolutely f'in delicious. throw and longevity is great. I can't wait to wear this when the renn faire rolls around in autumn.
  8. whipwaif


    simply put, lemon-y and incense-y ozone. this one is not what I expected to be at ALL...it's much brighter. the description lead me to believe it would be more brooding than what it truly is. some sniffs I LOVE it. it makes me feel like a woodland nymph laying out during a summer thunderstorm. other sniffs I get...bathroom soap. the ozone really sets this apart from that for the most part, however. once/if it comes back in stock, I think I'll grab a full bottle to take when I go hiking. have to agree with other poster's that this would smell a lot better on my boyfriend too.
  9. whipwaif

    Black Phoenix

    all cherries and almonds. I wanted to love this, but I think I kind of hate it. to be honest I spent a lot of time thinking about why this scent was so familiar to my nose....and then there it was. WOOD CLEANER. it smells exactly like a type of spray wood cleaner I keep under my kitchen sink. it's too sickly sweet for me... alas, an imp I will not be upgrading to a full bottle. I typically like almond, but not to this degree. if you're a hardcore almond lover, I couldn't recommend it enough.
  10. whipwaif

    Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns

    yep. 100% gooey frosted cinnamon buns with a dash of pumpkin spice for that autumnal warmth. I have no regrets on testing this out on a hot spring day and it immediately makes me long for halloween.... if you're into foodie scents, just do eeeeeet. the throw is fantastic and has even penetrated the fabric of my jacket! it'll make you feel like a walking cinnabon store and you will love it. 10/10 and very glad I picked up a full bottle.
  11. whipwaif


    so much fig and frankincense! although I can pick out literally every single note in this blend if I sniff long enough. on the drydown, it all blends very well together despite this. those of you who dislike patchouli, fear not! it is so gentle you may not even notice it, imo. really wasn't expecting to like this one, but it grew on me. it's a cold and wintery masculine scent for sure. I will probably give this frimp to my boyfriend to wear as it would smell simply delectable on him. if I were to describe this as simply as I could: that slightly sweet incense smell that hits you upon walking into a metaphysical shop.
  12. whipwaif


    omg. spicy berry musk. and SO delicious too. immediate full bottle purchase. the merlot and sex-flushed musk are the dominant notes for me. i can pick up the slightest hint of floral, which is definitely a dark violet. the leather is pretty soft in this blend too. if you're afraid of leather notes typically, i don't think you have much to worry about. what can i say? i'm not sure it's the most complex scent i own, but it's easily one of the sexiest and none of the notes listed here clash (which i was afraid of with the florals). love it, love it, love it!
  13. whipwaif


    i wish i could bathe in this every day. or have it in a hair gloss at the very least! devious wet & earthy patchouli with a burst of apricot right in the kisser. seriously, it's delicious and i'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner. it may even replace my signature scent! immediate bottle upgrade. not much else to add besides that the description is perfect. i feel like a sexy bog nymph. wrestling with a handsome man in a concoction of mud and crushed fruits. that may not be your thing but it is certainly mine. this was promptly slathered on as soon as i sniffed the bottle, so the throw and lasting power is great. a little probably goes a long way as well.
  14. whipwaif


    warm and dry, sweet and spicy oriental musk. thankfully that exact description is typically my JAM when it comes to perfume blends. i'm a woody, spicy, sweet girl all the way. i am also picking up the carnation and some incense notes. it's pretty much the exact smell of walking past the luxury arabian perfume stores in the mall. yum! i do quite like this, and i might buy a full bottle, but i'm not sure if i'm in love yet. i saw another describe this as "flower scented baby oil" and tbqh they aren't entirely wrong....but that doesn't mean it smells bad. it's much gentler than i thought it would be and the throw isn't there for me, i was expecting HEAVY desert vibes. overall, if you like that toasty sandalwood/musky sweet scent then go for it.
  15. whipwaif

    Poisoned Apple Martini

    i picked this up on a whim from etsy. again thirding the description of a green apple jolly rancher paired with gin! pretty sweet with a little crispness. after awhile though it's going soapy kitchen cleaner on me. thankfully it's very light so not bothersome at all. not a fan of apple notes typically so i can't judge this the way i would like. probably won't reach for it often....perhaps if i'm sick and just need a little perfume boost without making me feel nauseated.