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    Just getting started, but I like warm, spicy, earthy, blends that are not too complex and not too sweet. A little twist of something weird or kinky doesn't hurt. Overtly feminine is OK, even innocent or naive, but never girly, or vulnerable. Hmmm. Did I just describe my personality?

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    Art - Northern European Renaissance, Rothko, Francis Bacon, Surrealism and Dada, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Traditional Tattoo Flash art and Tribal patterns, portraiture, allegory, 1970s Folk Art, really any Folk Art or DIY art. Midway art and vintage poster art (La Belle Epoch era).
    Fashion - Project Runway, Roberto Cavalli, Isaac Mizrahi, Indie designers. Vintage clothing 1920s to 1970s. Fetish Wear.
    Books - Neil Gaiman (#1 American Gods, #2 Stardust), Tom Robbins (Hmmm... Jitterbug Perfume? Another Roadside Attraction), His Dark Materials Trilogy, Clive Barker (#1 Abarat, #2 Imajica, #3 Weaveworld), Terry Pratchett (Any and all, but especially Discworld).

    I love Freak Shows and freaks of all kinds. I belive that you can't appreciate the sweet without a little bitter.
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  1. ih8perfume

    Maiko with Hair Unbound

    Oh yes. Salty, savory, creamy skin scent. A touch of sweetness swirling through layer upon layer of thick, warm cream.
  2. ih8perfume

    Honey, Sweet Orange, and Orange Blossom

    Oh guys. This is so delicious. This is the scent of a honey-dripping hive, rich and intimate with bee musk, almost salty. It’s no pale, flower-scented, tame honey. It’s the dark honey of wild honeybees. Floating on top is a zesty, pleasantly bitter orange, barely sweet and a swirl of heady orange blossom like it has blown in on a breeze.
  3. ih8perfume

    Cacao and Cubeb

    COCOA AND CUBEB IS SO FLIPPING GOOD. I love both and it’s even better than I imagined. It’s pretty straightforward, no hidden notes. What you see is what you get. The cocoa portion smells very brownie-like. Almost a dead ringer for Lump of Coal or Chad. In other words, a hyper sweet, fudgy chocolate or hot cocoa with marshmallow kind of scent. Addictively foody, liquid and sticky (artistically sticky, not actually physically sticky). Cubeb has a pleasantly dusty scent that’s mostly bright lemon zest with a hit of warm black pepper. I am assuming that this is Piper cubeba or Long-tailed pepper that’s used in some Indian Masala chai blends and has a sweet spice type flavor like allspice. It could also be Litsea cubeba or May Chang, but I am assuming it’s the first. These combine to make something like a chocolate covered lemon drop. Or chocolate cake with tart lemon glaze. It does carry a bit of that musty dusty undercurrent and pinch of warmth from the cubeb. It’s a delightfully weird little combo and I love it.
  4. ih8perfume


    Oh guys. This is so beautiful. My nose is very stuffy right now, so I will do a full review later, but it’s a gorgeous Palo Santo heavy resin. It is instantly calming.
  5. ih8perfume


    It’s a sweet, fruity, green floral. It’s almost impossible to pick out individual notes, but you can definitely pick up on each category- summer fruits, heady florals, and clean musks. This is the closest to a commercial fragrance house I’ve ever smelled from BPAL, although it is mostly top and middle notes without base notes. It’s like eating a cool juicy melon on a hot day and having the sticky juice drip down your chin.
  6. ih8perfume


    Shockingly pretty!! This is a perfect springtime fragrance. Very soft and green in a damp, misty kind of way. Fresh and verdant and just a bit earthy. Aside from the cool, powdery fern, the notes meld together into a harmonious and happy whole and I really can't pick one from another. I do get the occasional whiff of a resinous lavender floating around in the air, but I can't pick it up when I smell my skin. The scent does skew floral which makes it lean toward the feminine side of Unisex. It brings to mind a fresh faced Swede with blonde milkmaid braids and ruddy cheeks. While this isn't my usual scent style, I could see reaching for this during the Winter and early Spring when I'm longing for those first few green buds.
  7. Oh my! This is lovely! It has aged amazingly well. This is one of those "never say never" scents. I haven't had success with pomegranate, but it lends a dark, juicy undertone to what is otherwise a somewhat masculine, outdoorsy scent. The other "never" is Fossilized Amber, which I was not find of as an essential oil. But it is a standout in this blend and I enjoy it here immensely. It adds a luscious dry mustiness. The soaring beauty in this, though, is the balsam. It is absolutely magical. It is both the light and the shadow of the forest. Sunshine, green leaves and fir needles and evergreen sap and mouldering leaves. And while I am usually not a fan of alcohol based perfumes, the alcohol in this makes the scent swirl around me in a heady cloud and that seems less personal scent and more mobile personal atmosphere. I so wish this were a regular scent because I could smell like this for ages.
  8. ih8perfume

    Yucca Giant-Skipper

    Patchouli is definitely the dominant note in this blend. And I have an iffy relationship with patchouli. In this case, I find the patchouli amps like crazy when wet, swirling around my head in an oily kind of cloud. Just as I think I have overdone it... Poof! The patch settles down and the other notes begin to emerge. Dry, it is still patchouli dominant, but the pine-tinged balsam resin and slightly sour, rich, leathery Oude fence it in and hold it closer to the skin. Vanilla absolute has a surprisingly woodsy character and, while I can't pick it out individually, likely smooths the raspier edges and helps everything blend. I also can't pick out Champaca as a single note, which makes me a little sad as its a favorite. However, there's a kicky little exclamation point on the end, a little fruity and resinous, that could be Champaca. I haven't a clue what pepperwood smells like, but there is a strong woody flavor to the whole blend and I wouldn't be surprised to find that the pepperwood adds a wee hint of sour oakyness. Taken as a whole, this is an assertive, DARK scent that skews masculine. It smells EXPENSIVE and rich and calls to mind sweet, musky, well-worn suede and moon dappled, dry leaves on the forest floor.
  9. ih8perfume

    CD: Alley of Games v6

    Thanks Wren12 for giving me the chance to try this!! This one morphs like crazy! As others have said, it starts off with a sharp, but sweet fresh cut grass note that is absolutely gorgeous. Riding on its heels is an effervescent candied sweetness with a whiff of menthol and something resinous. It's a brighter resin, maybe myrrh? Up next is a bubbly, boozy, slosh of honeyed beer! It finally settles into smooshed grass with a hint of upturned earth; gooey, sticky remains of 1000 candied apples and cotton candies; and wafting over all, sweet, effervescent spilled beer. Unbelievable!
  10. ih8perfume

    Hollywood Babylon

    Several months ago, I managed to nab a few precious drops of a Snake Oil Chaos Theory with Heliotrope as the primary mixer. Thus began my current love affair with all things Heliotrope. Bpal's berry scents can be really problematic for as I tend to amp them like whoa and they often turn very waxy and artificial smelling like bad scented candles. But I've had a run of good luck with some cherry scents lately and Strawberry is usually pretty good, so I wanted to give HB a try. So glad that I did. While this is not a dupe of my beloved Chaos Theory, it does have the same dark, resinous vanilla, incense-y musk, and uplifting, golden heliotrope. The strawberry is more of a head shop strawberry incense than a -real- strawberry, as those tend to smell a little sour even when dead ripe. This is sweeter and richer. The cherry blends with the strawberry giving it a bit of dark juiciness. The amber and vanilla drift up to meet the fruity berries, giving the blend the most gorgeous resinous bottom note. Its a rich, warm, sticky amber with less of the dry, powdery notes that don't work so well for me with a creamy, lush vanilla that stays surprisingly subtle. The red musk NAILS this to my skin. It does not budge for HOURS. However, it also increases the throw by quite a lot. Just a few drops on my skin can fill an entire room with scent. That's wonderful when I'm alone, but I don't like to impose my scent on others against their will so I've got to be careful how much I apply. Laid over this whole wonderful melange is a haze of golden heliotrope. It makes the scent so much rounder and more complex. And it mellows the red musk, adding an air of innocence and playfulness to the blatant sexuality. I'll most definitely be buying a bottle of this scent. Love love love it.
  11. ih8perfume


    While the Lab's chocolate notes are to die for, Cherry is a bit problematic for me and Orange Blossom can either be lovely and fresh or a little screech-y. But lately, I've had a run of good luck with scents including cherry so I wanted to give this a try. Big fat cherries, restroom air freshener and burnt hair. wtf. I have never had the lab's chocolate note go so very very wrong. And it seems that berries and I don't often play well together. I amp them like whoa and they tend to smell very artificial and waxy like very bad scented candles. Boo. I'm in a terribly pissy mood right now and I thought this might soothe my ragged edges, but apparently not. I'm willing to give this another shot since I've never had the experience of a BPAL going so horribly wrong on my skin, but my hopes aren't high, what with the cherry ampage.
  12. ih8perfume


    The star jasmine and musk have always made me write off Vasilissa, but I got to test it as part of a traveling imp box and was surprised to find it very very lovely and soft. While I can somewhat pick out individual notes in this, the components blend so well together that the impression is more of a unified whole rather than a collection of notes. If that makes sense. The musks lend this blend the most luscious creamy almost coconut milk quality, while Star Jasmine swirls gently through the background adding a delicate sheen of humid tropical sweetness. The sandalwood and myrrh ground the more airy notes and give a smooth warm depth. And amber surrounds the whole with a hazy cloud of golden light. I usually prefer my blends a little grittier and a whole lot less delicate, but under the right circumstance I could see myself dabbing on a bit of Vasilissa. It would make a great first date scent... feminine and innocent with a hint of unconscious sexuality. Floral lovers will find enough breezy flowers to love while those on the fence about florals will not be overwhelmed by the Jasmine. Definitely worth a try. A lovely GC find!
  13. ih8perfume

    Black Forest

    oh. my. god. This is so good. For several years, we had these decrepit old White Pines in our front yard that towered menacingly over our house. The sap got all over EVERYTHING. My car, 3+ years later, still has spots of sap on it. The Dogs would get it in their fur, and god forbid you tried to sit in the courtyard under the pines. You'd most certainly get pine sap on your clothes and it never washes out. I hated those trees. But I loved the way the sap smelled. So gooey and resinous. Crisp and refreshing, joyous and comforting all at once. This is ~that~ pine. A little astringent, in a very very good way. Surrounding the pine is the ambergris, a luxurious cloud of sweet, golden light. I cannot actually pick out juniper or cypress in particular and suspect that they add a good measure of complexity to the pine. Unfortunately, that gorgeous pine and ambergris combo fades quickly and the black musk begins to dominate. To be fair, the black musk does evoke a certain inescapable, inevitable darkness. The shadowy, dangerous part of the forest where wolves lurk and curious children vanish. Black Forest calls to mind the sense of both elation and fear that being alone and small in a very large, very wild place brings. So glad this is GC!
  14. ih8perfume


    Oh my! What a fun, playful scent!! Grapefruit isn't always my favorite note. It can go quite astringent and bitter sometimes. But here it just adds a zingy zest. While the lime does jump out and mischeviously tweak your nose, the citrus in this is not sharp and puckery with an almost candied quality. Quite juicy and well grounded by the base notes. As it dries, the bergamot, sage, and musk mingle to create a more earthy scent. A bit soapy in a good way. It isn't something I would wear very often, but I'm so happy I got to try it!
  15. ih8perfume

    Has No Hanna

    As a personal fragrance, I'm not crazy about this. It has a musty smell to me. Someone mentioned "grandma soap" in another review, and BOOM! That's exactly what I get. Only it was lotion. It smells just like my grandmother's lotion. But really not in a good way. I get some heavy rose from this with hints of Jasmine in the background and something like indolic scent that elderly people sometimes get. Sorry, Has No Hanna. But smell-wise, you just don't work for me. I will have to report back on the voodoo effects. I could certainly use some good luck.