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    Some faves: Bakeneko, Beaver Moons, Dragon's Milk, Love's Philosophy, Mme Moriarty, Snake Oil, Snake Charmer, Strawberry Moon, Vixen Notes I love: berries, blue musk, cake, cherry blossom, currants, dragon's blood, honey, strawberry, vanilla Notes I am rediscovering: red musk, RED patchouli, mint Notes that can be iffy: lavender Notes I don't like: almond


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  1. heysunshine

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    On my flight yesterday they were offering Hello Kitty perfume in the duty free catalog for 12 pounds so I had to get it. The company that created it, Koto Parfums, blends perfume for kids which makes it super gentle to my alcohol sensitive nose. Description and notes: The english translation is a little funny but you get the idea. And... it smells like Snow White! As soon as I spritzed today I knew it smelled familiar and it's definitely Snow White-ish. My mom loved it which is good cause I bought her a bottle of SW for xmas.
  2. heysunshine

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Tarted imp I've never thought this before but I would buy the Yules for the label art alone. It looks like the ones I ordered/asked for xmas are the ones with my favorite labels. I love the matte look, too. So glad I'm getting some this year! Yeah in my four years of bpal I've never ever made an order from the big holiday releases, with the exception of decant sets of the Shungas.
  3. I just got my last BPAL order from my mom today (I had it sent to the states cause I wasn't sure about the turnaround time & my new address) and I've got a wrong bottle. I ordered Lawn Gnome and got Pinwheel instead. I searched through this thread...is the address to email this issue to still answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com?
  4. heysunshine

    Detestable Putrescence

    Shoutout to marsmomma who picked up a bottle for me at the event. My bottles are currently too far across the ocean to compare, but I'm fairly certain that this is the same vanilla from Love's Philosophy, and one of the vanillas from BiggerCritters. It is very very light - I get little to no throw on my skin or even in my hair. To me this is not vanilla ice cream, it's vanilla frosting. A big plastic tub of frosting waiting to smother some cupcakes. My mom, the baker, however says to her it's cream cheese frosting, which I can see as well. Basically it's just frosting. I was hoping for a more Snake Oil type vanilla; snake oil after many many hours on me, when the spices have subsided and all that is left is delicious vanilla, is actually pretty close to what melty ice cream smells like to me. LP without the cream. Not really my kind of vanilla but I'm going to hold on to it and see how it ages.
  5. Loves Lies Bleeding - Pink Phoenix
  6. heysunshine


    This scent is certainly velvet and lush. It smells like flower petals feel. It is first strongly reminiscent of old fashioned candy sticks. Slight hint of bubblegum for a second. Syrupy, sugary sweet. In my mind I see flowers made of sugar glass. But they are soft, velvet to the touch. Red but not in the traditional red smelling sense. More like the deepest pink. After a couple hours it settles to something musky and sweet. It feels like flowers but it is not floral. It smells exactly like Pink Phoenix does on me in its first stages but whispering, not screaming. You have to put your nose to your skin to smell it. This is a floral for foody lovers.
  7. heysunshine


    Giallo is definitely a perfume-y scent on my skin. For one because it is ridiculously complex; it has that feel of a high end perfume. Second there is something in it that hurts my nose the way alcohol in commercial perfumes does. A very floral blend, though a few times I caught some amazing wafts of something darker and more sinister coming off my wrists. Hours later if I really pressed my nose to my arm I smelled the red musk+patch+vanilla. Scent lasted all day + a shower and all there is now is still a complex flowery blend. Not my kind of scent but I appreciate the artistry.
  8. heysunshine


    Applies in a whoosh! of florals but that goes away shortly to leave all of the notes to mingle together. I am in love with this vanilla tea note and want to see it in more blends -- there is something about it that evokes a scent memory from my childhood; nothing specific but I remember this scent fondly. This smells like a commercial perfume scent to me, but it does stay very close to the skin, I have to stick my nose to my wrist to smell it unless I slather it. [i've just got and reapplied it as I was not intending to review it when I put it on earlier, just test to see if I liked it enough for a bottle - unfortunately I don't but it's still a lovely smell, just not something I need]. The vanilla tea sticks out for me as well as a hint of cool coconut and the lilac, which is a pleasant floral scent and not overwhelming. After it dries this scent smells exactly like a Lush bath bomb to me. I just dug through my stash and cannot pinpoint exactly but something small and sparkly definitely.
  9. heysunshine

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    # DCCCVIII: 808 aka the "Snow Fairy Chaos Theory" origin: herkissofshame This is strong! when sniffed straight from the bottle. Yes, it is Snow Fairy, all banana cream berry vanilla bubblegum-ness. Wet it is still strong but there is not much throw detected, just bubblegum berry goodness. Think Bubbleicious, not Bazooka Joe. Past the initial wet stage it becomes a close to the skin scent. It is dry and faint. A dusty vanilla mixes in. It's not baby powdery but it smells dry and powdery. After burying my nose in my wrist my nose smells like vanilla soft serve ice cream. Vanilla with milk, not cream. herkissofshame mentioned that it is like the vanilla in Love's Philosophy and sniffing that I agree. This is a shortlived scent. After only an our or two it resembles the final, spicy drydown of Beaver Moon 07. Sniffing later, 808's final drydown is still spicy, but it's changed. I keep thinking it is carnation and upon further smelling, it definitely is; it has the same final drydown as Zarita the Doll Girl.
  10. heysunshine

    L'Estate Atmospheric Spray

    This smelled great in the bottle. Unfortunately as I have sprayed it, left my room for a while and come back, it is not agreeing with me. There is some spiced orange rind thing going on, and my sheets do have a warm amber glow beneath the rest of the scent, but there is this overwhelming cloud in my room that smells a little too much like marijuana. My mom really fell in love with the L'Autonno room spray at will call, crossing my fingers I can swap this for her or something. We'll see how I like this after I test the perfume oil.
  11. heysunshine


    Shub again proves that my skin amps the cinnamon. This is the scent of a badass sexy gingerbread man.
  12. heysunshine


    This is the tropical version of Midnight on the Midway. Lightest incense makes it dusky and lots of florals are on the forefront. On me this is mainly gardenia scent. The vanilla orchid is peeking out from under everything else and if I bury my nose deep enough in my arm I can smell it. Not a keeper bottle for me, but I may try to acquire an imp down the road just in case I ever need anther flowers+incense blend and it is a very pretty scent. eta: and once the gardenia faded the drydown was a pleasant, tiare, vanilla and incense-y scent. But still a drydown I can accomplish with other oils.
  13. heysunshine

    Snake Oil

    I am an addict. I will mention that I cracked open my first bottle (shocking, I know, that I had never tried it before) less than two weeks ago (I estimate the date to be Sunday June 15) as soon as I got back to New York. It was around two months aged; I ordered it with my Tikis when I was on a vanilla kick. I now have only half a bottle left. I kept in mind the rule that if you don't like Snake Oil on your first try, try it again (if at first you don't succeed, try try again). I got a lot of powder on the first wear. Second was still powdery but improving. I will mention that I was testing these times during my monthly so my chemistry was definitely different. I next put it in my hair and that is when Snake Oil Changed My Life. I was out in the garden, sweating in the hot sun and the most magnificent scents were wafting around me. How can it be? I put this on hours ago! It just gets better by the minute. So yes, Snake Oil smells absolutely fantastic in my hair, which is where I usually wear oils. Since I was starting to love it and wear it obsessively I began applying it to my skin. But that wasn't enough! I put some in an imp roller bottle (which is sadly MIA at the moment) and rolled it all over my skin. This scent is beyond slatherable. I now get how, as she tells it, Shelldoo uses up a whole bottle a week and applies her SO in a deodorant roll on bottle. Because I didn't have any pipettes on me I made a little funnel out of card to get the oil into the roller bottle. Covered in excess oil, the card made a perfect cone shape that fit right over the top of my bedroom lamp to give off scent for the room. It still wasn't enough. I got out a mini spray bottle and added some droplets to water and sprayed my bed linens. Finally I am followed everywhere I go by this scent and I couldn't be happier. Snake Oil proves that it is possible to crave scent, like pizza, ice cream, sex, water. I am positively thirsty for it. x Oh yeah, I invariably get scents of patchouli, which for once I can stand, dragon's blood and naturally, "exotic oils". And the creamiest, smokiest vanilla on the planet.
  14. heysunshine

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    quickslvr posted photos of Steampunk bottles on flickr from will call
  15. heysunshine


    A bright, glowing white scent; definitely of the stars and "glittery, cool, vast." The embodiment of Urania. White flowers with a slight of musk. The ozone makes it extra cool and space sky-like. Slightly soapy when wet but fades on the drydown.